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u/D_M_L · 1 pointr/disabledgamers

Greetings fellow bendy person! (I have EDS).

My hands are pretty messed and I can't do much with them so I try to have a billion input devices to switch it up. Vertical mice did not help me at all! Seemed like the wrong size for my hand or something though.

Most recently got the Logitech G600 ( but haven't got a chance to use it yet because winter makes me not able to use anything. Heh. But it's wider with support for the pinky finger which I think will help me a lot as I often get MCP dislocations on both ends on that pinky from mice. Also LOTS OF BUTTONS!!

I also have a Kensington trackball mouse ( I read you said trackballs mess up your thumb but I don't use my thumb for it, just my whole hand or my index and middle finger together or whatever feels best at the moment. I use my thumb for the left bottom button only. It comes with a wrist rest but I try to just hover above it to not mess with my wrist. Moving it in the middle of my desk right in front of me helps wrist and arm posture otherwise I end up wanting to rip off my arm from the pain.

I used to have a RollerMouse ( which I loved for a lot of stuff but it ended up breaking... I think I ate over it too much and the crumbs messed it up and then I tried to take it apart to fix it and for the first time ever fully broke something. Oops. Heh. But seriously, having the option to easily mouse with the left hand or just differently on the right hand was really nice. I might have to get another one at some point. They have lots of models now so maybe I can find one that handles crumbs better. :P

I actually like controllers for some gaming. But if I have to do fine movements it doesn't have the same control as a mouse and ends up tweaking out my nerve pain or something. It just helps having my wrist turned rather than flat on a mouse (again the vert mouse didn't work for me though!). But it does hurt my thumb more.

Uhm... I'm probably forgetting something so will comment again if I can think of anything else. Mostly I've been waiting for laser eye tracking stuff to get better. Can't use the kind where you turn your head or anything because my neck is so messed.

Good luck and please let me know if you find anything good! Having to give up my hobbies and work and everything because of EDS has been rather annoying so anything to get me back on the computer as much as possible is a life saver.

(In too much pain to be super coherent. Hopefully this is readable!)

u/Fourtytwoish · 1 pointr/disabledgamers

Those are all gaming headsets which are rarely ever worth the price, especially from those brands.

You'll get far superior audio quality (especially at high volume), comfort and value out of a decent normal pair of headphones + clip-on mic.

For headphones, check the Head-Fi list of recommended cans by price range over here, pick the best you can afford or just ask over at /r/headphones.

As a cheap and pretty good clip-on mic, pretty much everyone recommends this one.

If you want to use it on a PS4, which has - I think - only the 4 pole mic+audio combined port, just use something like this.

Also, take care that your audio output has enough power. I think the Dualshock 4 can drive headphones up to 32Ω? You might to read up on that.


This doesn't only apply to gaming and consoles, ofc. Never buy gaming headsets or soundbars or prebuilt PCs etc. There's always a better DIY solution unless you're really lazy.

u/Joeythesaint · 1 pointr/disabledgamers

I can't speak to a jar opener, but this: is the can opener we have and my seven year old son (full left hand amputee) can operate it very successfully. The magnet at the front is perfect for lifting the lid out of the can and frankly I never want another can opener now that we've got this one and I currently have two functioning hands.

Something similar for jars would be awesome, though.

u/tehgimpage · 3 pointsr/disabledgamers

so, i found this one by accident the other day when i was browsing "naga hex" replacements... it's not one of the big 12 button mice, but i could never use those comfortably because it felt like button gloat, and my thumb would always misclick when i'd move the mouse, so this was more what i would use: Anker High Precision Gaming Mouse

seems like it has good reviews, and looks small and comfortable. and for only 20 bucks, it's worth a try. i might actually get one as a backup next paycheck cuz i really like the button layout.

EDIT: can't seem to get the link to work right

EDIT 2: if there's not enough buttons on the mouse , i found this gamepad that isn't specifically right handed, but it looks like it's balanced enough it could be ambidextrous, and it's under 30! Deluxe 79-46key Singlehanded Wired Keyboard

u/bookchaser · 2 pointsr/disabledgamers

Crosspost to /r/boardgames/ for a ton of answers. Emphasize you want party and 'gateway' games that require no reading. Note that Apples to Apples was too much reading for him. This will hit home that you really do mean you need games that contain no words.


Coloretto -- No word card game. Fun, replayable.

Zombie Dice a press-your-luck dice game with pictures on the dice. It's a very quick game, what we call a "filler game" to sandwich between two longer games. Buy a couple bags of brains for scoring instead of writing down scores each turn.

Drop It -- abstract Tetris-looking game where you're dropping shapes, scoring points based on how they land.

Toc Toc Woodman -- a Jenga-type dexterity game. Ignore that the reviewer has his daughter in the review. Jenga can be played by all ages, just like Toc Toc Woodman.

Dixit or one of its variations. One player issues a clue -- a sound, a word, a sentence, or whatever, and places one of his cards (that matches the clue) face down. Then, everyone else selects a card from their hand that best matches the clue, placing it face down in the center of the table. The clue giver then mixes up the cards, turns them over, and everyone bets on which card they think was owned by the clue giver. Requires 4 players to be fun. Ignore the scoring as it only gets in the way of fun.

Codenames Pictures requires no reading. It's a lateral thinking game that either clicks with people, or doesn't. Watch the DiceTower review of the original worded version, and then the picture version review. It requires 4 players.

Loony Quest -- A video game-themed drawing game. If video games aren't his thing, look at its earlier cousin Doodle Quest.

u/Nousagi · 1 pointr/disabledgamers

I did end up going with a MadCatz Fightstick Alpha.

I like it very much. It's small, but I'm small, and the stick toggle switch is exactly what I needed. I've been playing my ARPGs with it for the past few days, and it's very comfortable! Thank you so much for the stick control toggle switch revelation!

u/magisterium · 3 pointsr/disabledgamers

It is a madcatz brawlstick, from the 360 days. I added my own joystick bat to it and changed the inside to be 8way restrictor way instead of 4. It has Sanwa inputs so much better than mayflash. They are like 70 used on Amazon. that is more than I paid back in the day. If you are into modding you can buy a cheap joystick case and change the parts out for better responsiveness. I get all my parts from Focus Attack

u/Two-Tone- · 1 pointr/disabledgamers

Mostly right side (use to be everything, but I was able to regain some minimal control) here! Can I ask if you've always been hemiplegic or is this recent?

Game wise, can I suggest Gunpoint? You'd need to swap between keyboard (movement) and mouse (everything else), but you won't be pressed to quickly switch between them.

Oh, and have you heard of the Stinky Board? It's basically WASD for your foot.

u/benwhittaker25 · 1 pointr/disabledgamers

Try air keyboard, maybe you can make a custom layout that would suit her.

This is what I use to control my pc L-Trac Glow Backlit Trackball

Good luck

u/multilogue · 2 pointsr/disabledgamers

I play world of warcraft with a left palm(no fingers) and a normal right hand on mouse using this keyboard:

u/impablomations · 1 pointr/disabledgamers

Looks like you can get n Apex RAW which seems to be identical to the 300, for £50 on Amazon. Couldn't you and another family member club together and buy it as a joint present to him?

u/djk316 · 1 pointr/disabledgamers

You could try something like the Razer Naga.

u/B1narypwny · 3 pointsr/disabledgamers

Try this Keyboard, You can program actions (like a space bar double tap) and put them on one of the macro key at the top.

u/Biblos_Geek · 2 pointsr/disabledgamers

Would you be able to use your feet?

Fragpedal Dual PC Gaming Footpedal