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u/theManOfLeisure · 2 pointsr/djiphantom

I got

  • This Vid Rx/Tx set
  • This Camera
  • This Gimbal
  • This control lever
  • This landing gear
  • This video tx mount

    From a range perspective I haven't taken it past 1,200' away. When I got out that far with the stock antennas I started getting static/snow in the picture. I plan on replacing the tx antenna with a skew plannar antenna. I recently purchased a 200mw 1.3Ghz tx for a 250mm FPV quad which I put this skew plannar antenna on. I'm going to evaluate that setup and decide what to do with my phantom. I think I may replace the 800mw tx on my Phantom with a 200mw instead and upgrade the antenna. I want to do this for 2 reasons, the 200mw is much much smaller and it draws less power. I noticed a dramatic decrease in flight time (12 minutes down to 5 minutes), which i attribute to power draw and additional weight. I'm hoping to get flight times back up to between 7-10 minutes (running 2200-3000mah batteries) with a new tx.

    Gimbal works well after some tweaking in the software and the camera takes superb video.

    Good luck!
u/Blitzsturm · 2 pointsr/djiphantom

I originally bought my Phantom 1.1.1 off Woot when it was on sale for $399 so I got a bit lucky. But I've spent over $1k getting upgrades and accessories.

The stock P1 batteries are 2200mAh and cost about $23, but you can find different brands for better prices and some for 2700+ mAh to extend flight time and you can get mounts to attach multiple batteries simultaneously. You can also use standard rapid chargers to recharge them faster.

The stock P2 batteries are 5200mAh and cost about $160. There are no generic brands, upgrades or multi-mounts available.

If you get a Phantom 1 It will run you about $480. Just make sure it's the 1.1.1 version and has the Naza V2 flight controller upgrade. I'd also recomend installing an upgraded motherboard ($69) so it'll end up costing about $549 all together. This motherboard has a built in Power Management Unit (PMU) and Gimbal Control Unit (GCU) which makes your overall rig lighter and less cramped inside not having to add separate black boxes for the PMU and GCU; enoguh so I actually installed my video transmitter inside the body of the phantom with the antenna protruding from a small hole. Be warned though you will have to use a soldering iron if you go this rout, although it's not as hard as it sounds to some people. You just have to be willing to read instructions and be careful.

If you get a Phantom 2 it will run you about $680 to get started and I'd suggest avoiding the "Vision" models that include inferior camera or gimbals.

I have my preferences but you have to weigh what features are important to you. If you decide you'd like to take the path I took I can put together a shopping list of the parts you'll want and provide tips on how to install everything. You'll need to own a soldering iron and know how to use it. This will now only allow you to install an upgraded motherboard but the best way to connect wires to a transmitter is by soldering the wires together then heat-shrinking them. I'd also make some recommendations for upgraded propellers and batteries, I typically get about 12 minutes of flight time per battery in full FPV setup with aggressive flight.

No matter what direction you go I'd recommend starting with just the Phantom + GoPro. With this you can be in the air recording the same day your stuff arrives and you can crash into walls, trees, etc without freaking out about your delicate electrons getting bashed up. Once you're convinced your a certified badass drop a fat stack of benjamins on the the extra expensive video equipment, pop the case open, take a look inside and get familiar with how it all works.

u/itschaseman · 2 pointsr/djiphantom

That's the setup I have, except I have a GoPro Hero 3. Return to home function put my P2 in a tree and then the fall to the ground bent the gimbal so I can't use my FPV right now but when I had it it worked great. I'd recommend buying a plug n play cable so you don't have to solder anything.

u/Iwantmorelife · 1 pointr/djiphantom

The location of more open fields.

  1. Set-up was not bad, but it took me awhile to find a nice way of toting everything around.

  2. With the Phantom, at first it was just trying to keep in mind all of the procedures and 'what-to-do-ifs' it's quite a lot to take in at first. Flying smoothly in general took practice. I learned to fly on a very tiny Estes Proto X and crashed it about 500 times. It's so small and unstable that it's a really tricky quadrotor to learn on, but it's so lightweight that it can generally take a beating. When i was good at flying it in nice smooth figure-8s, jumping to the Phantom was a piece of cake.

  3. Learning to fly low, and be a better camera-man. Every shot should have a focal point and tell a story. Learning to pan left/right slowly enough took time too. Quick turns are pretty vomit-inducing in video!
u/YYCmax · 1 pointr/djiphantom

I'd go with one of the GoProfessional hard cases. [This] ( one for a regular P2 (with or without gimbal) or [this] ( one if you have a Vision. I'm not being paid by GoProfessional to say this but their cases are hands down the best out there. I've seen and checked out pretty much every hard case on your list and something that I immediately disliked about all of them was that the foam wasn't hard enough. It was mushy and the phantom would rock around in the case. The GoProfessional foam is rock solid but still provides protection for the phantom.

u/theprez98 · 2 pointsr/djiphantom

I have this one, which seems to be rather popular. It works fine, although I wish it had more support on the sides.

u/mcdade · 1 pointr/djiphantom

Yes.. get the iOSD mini, gives you info like distance, height, battery levels, and flight modes. It helped alot with flying, esp. knowing how much battery you have with out using a stopwatch or bringing it back to you to check the level. I would suggest the Black Pearl monitor for viewing : and getting a ImmersionRC sender: There is even a cable you can get pre-made on Ebay from people that will hook up the P2 to the iOSD to the Immersion, making it easy to setup (on amazon - ). I had pretty much that setup. I put the iOSD mini inside the shell and left the ImmersionRC outside hanging off the back. If you do get it, never power up the ImmersionRC without an antenna on it, it will fry the transmitter chip. This sort of setup only gives you SD resolution though.

As for the H3-3D, if you poke it a little does it stop making the noises? You should never start that thing without a GoPro installed. It's weighed to very specific values, mine complained when i tried to use a hairband to secure the GoPro instead of the plastic retainer and screws. Seems the plastic added the right amount of weight.

u/PussyWagon6969 · 1 pointr/djiphantom

I learned on on one of these. They fit in the palm of your hand and are extremely responsive. A bit scary in any sort of wind but excellent to learn on to get the feel of movement...there are cheaper ones available that have cameras without FPV and even cheaper ones without cameras around $36. Once you master this moving to DJI Phantom will be quite a breeze because of the weight and overall stability of the craft!

u/CoryOBrien · 1 pointr/djiphantom

If you REALLY want to use the GoPro, then the 3D Robotics Solo w/ Gimbal is the way to go. The Solo was designed specifically for using a GoPro, so you get features like FPV, camera control, and stabilization right out of the box.

The problem with using a GoPro on a drone is that to get good photos or videos, you want to be able to see what the camera is seeing, and ideally control the camera settings from the ground. Otherwise, you're basically flying blind. And to do that, you need a First Person View system, or FPV, which typically adds another $100 or more to the cost of your drone setup if it's not already built-in. Plus, if it's not built-in, you're piecing together a lot of different systems, which introduces the chance for compatibility issues.

The reason people don't recommend a Phantom for flying a GoPro is that the cost of a Phantom 2, plus everything you'd need to connect the GoPro, is going to cost a lot more than a more current Phantom 3, and the features of the drone and camera aren't going to be as good.

DJI dropped the prices on the Phantom 3 so much when the Phantom 4 came out that it don't make sense to piece it all together yourself when you can just get a high quality drone, high quality camera, and FPV setup for less than $500. The Phantom 3 Standard for < $500 will outperform anything you can mount a GoPro to for less than $1,000 and the Phantom 3 Professional for ~ $850 has a camera that will outperform basically every GoPro on the market, and you won't have to post-process out the fisheye effect from the final video.

Basically, it comes down to budget:

u/FivePtFiveSix · 2 pointsr/djiphantom

it's possible, but the amount of extra equipment you'd need would outweigh and outprice the cheaper LCD option i mentioned earlier. You can get a 7" lcd on amazon prime for like <$25 like this and hook it up to the boscam reciever. Power everything with a 3s lipo.

u/Route66_LANparty · 4 pointsr/djiphantom

If you have a GoPro4 you might want the one with the H4-3D ... They are almost the same, but the GoPro4 has a slightly different balance on the gimbal and some cut out for a new side button on the GoPro4. You can reconfigure the H3-3D in software to compensate for the balance, but might need to put in a shim to prevent the side button from being hit. Some people have no issue with GP4 on the H3 gimbal, others do. Some people don't mind tinkering ... other's want turnkey simplicity.

Other than that for time delay photography or basic video, you are set.

Only if you also want a live preview feed to frame your shots will you need to do anything else. If not, just turn on the camera, take it up in the air and point it at your subject.

For live SD preview:

u/AboveViewAerials · 1 pointr/djiphantom

The phantom comes with some wires coming out of the bottom that you can solder to the TX cable, I just spent 8 bucks and got an all in one cable that ties in the iOSD, and immersionrc TX. So it goes Zenmuse cable provides video out to the Phantom, Phantom out to TX.
Like this, but found it cheaper, don't recall where.

u/phantomfour · 1 pointr/djiphantom

If you're happy with it then it's a good deal.

That said, it's hard to say anything objectively without knowing the state of the p3p. Are there problems with it? Are there cracks in the shell? etc, etc?

But, cheap batteries go for [around 112]
( on Amazon at the moment while the cheapest P3P there is (new) about 831 (plus shipping), (links are aff links).

u/gl21133 · 3 pointsr/djiphantom

I picked up one of the generic ebay hard backpacks that fit the phantom 3 for <$40 last week. It fits everything really well and looking at it compared to pictures of the DJI official one, I think it's actually just a rebadge. They're identical.

Amazon links to compare, the difference I see is very slight in the outer casing:
Off Brand -

u/mbk911 · 1 pointr/djiphantom

I highly recommend this as its lightweight and very subtle. Not obvious at all that you have a drone, which I appreciate. However, you would have to remove the props.

Atomik RC Universal Drone Backpack Case Fits: 200/250/350/DJI Phantom/FPV Quadcopters

u/StrategicP · 0 pointsr/djiphantom

here it is
the video goes from the gopro up the zenmuse cable, into the phantom, and back out the plug n play cable to the tx. You don't actually plug anything into the gopro, it just goes through the zenmuse

u/Jourei · 1 pointr/djiphantom

Ahh, nice to see one of the older models once for a while here.

I would toss out the receiver part and look for a display which includes the receiver and antennas, this one is merely an example, the one I used. As per transmitter antenna, those should do fine. I don't know much of the specifics though.

I also recommend something to mount the screen with.

Regarding the CAN, I have no clue.

u/Jonas2295 · 1 pointr/djiphantom

thanks. I ordered this one an hour ago:
this one should connnect the iosd and the transmitter fine without soldering. I prefer the plug way over the soldering.

u/321Ben · 1 pointr/djiphantom

I soldered 6 wires together. There is a cable on amazon Like this that makes it solder free.
Monitor Mount Not happy with it though. With stock antennas I'm getting 200m. The upgraded antennas will be here by thursday and I can report back then.

u/jacksonroe93 · 1 pointr/djiphantom

And if portability is a concern look at the atomic backpack. Got this for my advanced and it's incredibly portable and looks like your carrying a bag around for school while protecting your drone

u/BeefSupreme5000 · 2 pointsr/djiphantom

Finally, something I have the answer to!

These changed my video abilities completely:

Hobbypower Tall Landing Gear for DJI Phantom 1 2 Vision Quadcopter Wide & High

u/Bad-Science · 1 pointr/djiphantom

> How high can I fly it exactly? I flew 50m and was scared to go any higher..

I think it is limited in the software. I got mine up to 400' and it wouldn't go higher. The display on my phone said 'Maximum altitude reached'. I believe you can set that higher (800'?) but I haven't checked into it yet.

> Is anyone else having problems with removing the battery? I have to pull like crazy and then it still doesn't go smoothly, I don't like applying much pressure to the phantom.

Same here. I have to pull hard enough that I'm afraid I'm abou8t to break something.

> Carrying it around: any tips? At first I thought I'd just unscrew the propellers and carry it in the original box, but that doesn't quite work when there's a gimbal hanging under it..

I got a $200 case on Amazon, with pre-cut foam for the drone and all its parts. I still have to take off the props every time I store it, but that just takes a minute. The thing I like about this box is that it is a bit tight, but it DOES fall under the requirements to be able to carry on to an airplane. Some boxes made for the Phantom do not.

The one thing I dind't think about ahead of time what that it will NOT fit in the box with the prop protectors on, and they aren't quite so easy to take on and off... so I really won't be using the box much until I can safely fly without the prop guards!

u/blackt12 · 1 pointr/djiphantom

Take a look at this £35 amazon basics backpack.

It's not designed for a drone in the slightest but I can tell you that the P3S will fit. Check out the customer review images for one I put up of my P3A inside of it.

u/nickolove11xk · 2 pointsr/djiphantom

The picture does, not you. The the Turnigy is about 65 bucks and the DJI is $120. The turnigy is twice the voltage and same amperage. and thus twice the size. Pretty much when you throw everything together it turns out to be 4x as much per watt.

u/DB1616 · 1 pointr/djiphantom

What is a wind surfer exactly ?

I got this guy SKYREAT Copper Parabolic Antenna Range Booster for DJI Phantom 3 Standard Controller Transmitter Signal Extend and it seems to be working well

u/westside3773 · 1 pointr/djiphantom

Are they class 10 UHS-1 U1? I had the same problem with a 64GB card and had to go to a faster U3 rated card. Here is the card I ended up buying, which works great in my P3S.

u/woodyear99 · 1 pointr/djiphantom

I was going with no solder option, specifically this cable -
but some reviews about defective cables shorting out/burning gopro got me scared....

Though if I buy that cable then I wouldn't need to solder?

@theprez98 yeah I saw that package you mentioned but I'd prefer to stick with Amazon as it is easier to buy things from them as I am outside the USA, some sites don't accept my CC.

u/redhotsedative · 1 pointr/djiphantom

not really, the built in FPV on the vision is crap, and the camera isn't that great, you made the right choice setting up your own rig and getting a go pro that you can actually use without your phantom. this is the monitor and i have it wired up to this battery pack. I spent about 170 total and have 3x the range and better quality than a vision or vision+

u/raven12456 · 1 pointr/djiphantom

Hardshell backpack is on Amazon for $103:

Carries everything including the charger, extra props, and three batteries (four if you have one loaded).

u/LDXIV · 1 pointr/djiphantom

I bought this one from Amazon. Its their own DSLR backpack but there is plenty of room in there for the P3S and all its accessories. Even space for a laptop/tablet! and its only $40 AmazonBasics Backpack

If you take a look at the pictures there are a few people who posted how they store their drone inside.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/djiphantom

Search amazon for hubson. They have a range cheap quads.

This one is a bit more pricey than their entry level mini quads but it has FPV so it might be more apples to apples training.

u/yellowfin35 · 1 pointr/djiphantom

I was thinking

But then I stumbled upon this beauty. - $600 for the full setup, can that be right?

u/DrStemSell · 1 pointr/djiphantom

I read through this book twice and passed first try with an 88%. Probably 30 hours total studying:

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/djiphantom


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/CryptoAnthony · 1 pointr/djiphantom

I have a few of these PNY MicroSD cards They're cheaper than the SanDisk Extreme and my speed tests on them get 92Mb/s read and 62Mb/s write. Which is just enough for the Phantom's bitrate.

u/curtisa21384 · 1 pointr/djiphantom

FlySight 7 Ch Black Pearl 5.8Ghz 7" Diversity Monitor with Integrated Battery (RC801)

This is the one I purchased. I can check the LED in the morning.

u/Tacomaguy24 · 2 pointsr/djiphantom

Mine is copper...really no idea if there's a difference between the 2.

Edit - I have this one