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u/EvilToaster0ven · 2 pointsr/dogemining

I'm not suggesting you add a secondary support. Rather, just a piece of aluminum angle bar mounted on the front support, at the same height as the rear support. This will allow the front of the GPU's PCI I/O shield to rest against a solid surface, effectively holding up the attached PCB even if it can't rest on a rear support. In fact, you could probably reduce your costs if you used this same angle-bar for the top portion of the front-support as well. It would allow you to thread the mounting points just the same as using tubing, but would eliminate any issues with DVI ports placed within 1 inch of the top of the PCI I/O shield (which would otherwise prevent you from being able to mount the PCI I/O shield flush against the tubing). It will also eliminate the issue someone else mentioned regarding obstruction of the I/O shield vents on reference GPUs that exhaust out the I/O shield. Lastly, using the angle bar in the secondary, lower position on the front support structure allows for the addition of ASIC-supporting-sheets for future expansion, effectively making your chassis more relevant because of its upgradability (another made up word).

If I've still failed to explain myself clearly, just try this: Attach a second, horizontal cross-bar to the front support structure at the same height as the rear support's horizontal bar. This sorts out support issues for short cards, and adds a level mounting surface for ASIC-supporting acrylic sheets. And if that front-support horizontal bar is aluminum angle rather than tubing, it should cost less. And if the top horizontal bar of the front support is also aluminum angle rather than tubing, you've further reduced your costs, and eliminated any compatibility issues with DVI ports or exhaust vents.

u/Workdawg · 2 pointsr/dogemining

I have a couple of these:

Since my rig is in a mostly unused bedroom, I simply went for the highest CFM I could find. They're not even that loud really either. I've only been running them for a few days now, but they seem like they're pretty high quality. Got good reviews on both amazon and newegg. They also come with a molex adapter, if you need that and self-tapping screws.

u/1stGenRex · 1 pointr/dogemining

This one however, it's not a direct swap. I left the plate the holds the fan just a little loose and used a molex adapter that's included with the fan to power it. It's far from "silent" but it provides enough airflow to keep things cool. I was unable to find a quieter fan that provided that much airflow.

u/alfiepates · 2 pointsr/dogemining

Remotely controllable power sockets are a godsend.

EDIT: Before anyone else asks, I'd recommend these in conjunction with Wake on LAN to reboot remotely if/when you break something.

They work fabulously for home server setups, too.

u/tekmine · 2 pointsr/dogemining

I looked at each based on my findings. I have two PCs that I build/use for gaming/streaming/etc. My old PC with a GTX 750TI and my new one with a R9 290X so those power numbers are base on to the wall numbers got using a Kill a Watt meter. Also prices were what I got them for.

I will update add the Gridseed numbers from GAWMiner as well. Thanks for the input shibe.

u/pipernga · 3 pointsr/dogemining

^ Just bought one of these to have on hand. Thanks to the people who suggested this to me. I didn't even think about getting one.

Edit: And for anyone wondering, no that is not a referral link.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/dogemining

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u/LTalionis · 1 pointr/dogemining

Different brand cards can be somewhat different, but with mine, they blow a good amount of hot air from the front and a bit less from the rear. With that config, they would be sucking in a ton of hot air from their neighbors.

I used zip ties to to make a block of 5 120mm fans lengthwise and have them on top blowing down as close to the VRMs as possible. In my case, no external fans including box fans make much difference, the cards tend to run at 70C.

I used these. Silent compared to the GPU fans, but a lot less air movement than a box fan.

u/a_nun_mouse · 2 pointsr/dogemining

Someone recommended this once.

So I'm assuming it's the right connector.

u/mmm_tacos · 1 pointr/dogemining

MSI at Amazon is $185 too:

:Edit: and out of stock for a week.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/dogemining

I see. Well, thats $60 or a new motherboard or a new WiFi card then. Sorry that i don't have better news.

Amazon has WiFi USB stick for $10...

u/indigoreality · 1 pointr/dogemining

Oh, I used one of these shelving units.
You can get them from Target/Walmart for about the same price.

u/erlionwere · 2 pointsr/dogemining

I've undervolted MSI, Sapphire, and Gigabyte cards but not your specific one. Looks like your run at 1.256 out of the box and might not have a GPU BIOS switch? Usually you'll want to switch that over so you have a failsafe BIOS to go back to just in case flashing fails.

If it does not have a switch I think that cgminer may just detect the max voltage for the card so the change might not be apparent on the screen, but if you have a kill-a-watt meter for your plug you will be able to see the difference in the power draw from the wall after rebooting.

There's a decent walkthrough here, although it's not specific to ASUS.

You will have to hack around with it or ask someone with your specific card though. Looking around online I see posts about people running with 1.084, 1.087, 1.2, 1.1 volts, so maybe start at 1.2 and work your way down?

u/crashoverride8 · 1 pointr/dogemining

Question on these USB ports, I am looking at making that my main rig. So I assume getting a USB port and adding some DUAL Miner USB 2 Gridseed.

Since I am new would this work? Thanks for any advice!

u/alienstout · 2 pointsr/dogemining

One of my machines doesn't like the auto-turn-on after power loss so I stuck one of these on it:

u/Teriophage · 2 pointsr/dogemining

People do use air compressors on PCs fairly frequently, but there is some risk in doing it, particularly in the fact that most, if not all, air compressors tend to have condensation/water vapor that sprays out when you use them, so you run the risk of a small amount of water on your PC components.

I personally use this:

Although I didnt spend $60 on it.