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u/Apollokubitz · 1 pointr/dogpictures


You can also get it here Signature K-9

It isn't cheap, but how we saw it, is that it will last a very long time, so we can use it on any GSD we get in the future.

The harness is awesome and military grade I definitely recommend it! I need to buy the strap extensions it just barely fits around Apollo at the moment. They sell those on Signature K-9 The bag on his left and the canteen he caries i found at a local military surplus store, they are MOLLE, and hook right up to his harness. Let me know if you have any more questions... I am working on a detailed review of the harness system

u/Commod0re · 8 pointsr/dogpictures

looks like she needs something more engaging to do. I'd suggest some interactive toys, or possibly a dog sport (even out in the yard; something like disc dog or fly ball) during your free time.

EDIT: it looks like you can buy replacement bottoms:

u/kalimashookdeday · 2 pointsr/dogpictures

I did some quick research on those documentaries and noticed 2 that kept coming up.

War Dogs: America's Forgotten Heroes - 1999


Walking Point: Vietnam Scout Dogs.

The second video I'm not sure what it says cuz I'm at work but it seems like it's pretty decent based on comments.

u/hiyosilver64 · 2 pointsr/dogpictures

That's adorable!

I found the comments on Amazon for a different one ($3200 lol) to be hilarious though:

u/[deleted] · 0 pointsr/dogpictures

I let Otto's fur grow out for the winter time, Nebraska winters suck.

I did use that type of comb for a while, but then I discovered this, which I find to work much better. It does a much better job grabbing the fur that doesn't shed.

u/goots · 2 pointsr/dogpictures

My god, he's my first dog and I can't stop thinking about him. My wife doesn't like the typical schnauzer cut, so I think little Oscar may be looking like Otto soon enough.

BTW, we just got this for him and I used it yesterday. It's awesome. Highly suggest to get one if you don't have one already.

u/Jigsaw02 · 1 pointr/dogpictures

We cook for our dogs. That has greatly reduced the flatulence and bathing him in a benzoyl peroxide shampoo has helped his coat.

The link below is the book that our vet recommended. The recipes are easy and can be prepared in large batches and be frozen. We have five dogs and have found it to be quite economical.

u/BlueBG82 · 1 pointr/dogpictures

She is tiny! I read this book called Sweetwater Creek and ever since than I've loved Boykins.

u/bugdog · 2 pointsr/dogpictures

I have always loved that cartoon, but had no idea it was based on a book until my husband mentioned it. We initially were arguing over what Pongo's wife's name was (we have the best arguments). I insisted it was Perdita and he insisted that it was Missis (as in Mrs. Pongo). We were both right because in the book, they adopt Perdita as a wet nurse for Missis' 15 puppies.

u/Traceyt715 · 1 pointr/dogpictures

Yes! I was so taken aback by it at first. Her parents of course bought it for her, and it's to make her lunging/pulling habit more comfortable for her and the walker. They work a lot so her manners are lacking, but I've been training her.

this is what it is.

u/Windex_is_Blue · 6 pointsr/dogpictures

It reminds me of this book I read when I was little Henry and Mudge

u/Ciph3r_ · 2 pointsr/dogpictures

My doxies absolutely refuse to leave these guys in the log.

Edit: context