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u/WumFan64 · 2 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

I cannot attest to the quality of Mayflash fight sticks. If you're looking at something like this then I'll say I bought something very similar for the PS2, I'm talking probably the same stick even, and the build quality was very poor. The buttons specifically were so stiff they were hard to press. I bought it and a converter to play a Wii fighting game, but the stick's quality bummed me out enough to quit. If I had played the game as much as I wanted, maybe the buttons would have loosened up... or maybe I would have accidentally broken the thing.

However a stick like that would work on PC. I mean, it would plug in, and the buttons and stick would function. It'd just be a cheap, potentially crappy/easily broken stick. I bought my PS2 stick like 6 years ago so maybe the build quality is better now.

If you want my recommendatiom, I'd buy a regular pad like the PS3/PS4 pad or 360/One pad. The idea that fighting games are best played on sticks is a myth; many pro players in every game use pad and dominate. Many theorize that pads are actually superior overall to sticks. In fact, the penultimate controller for fighters seems to be something called a "Hit Box" which replaces the stick entirely with buttons (very similar to a keyboard at that point). What it boils down to is using something comfortable... which I worry the mayflash stick won't be.

Anyways, I'd recommend a pad because they're just as good as sticks, if not better, and they can be used for multiple types of games. The best pad users seem to like the PS3 style pad, which would be the one I recommend since its the cheapest with a decent dpad... though, personally, when I use pad, I use the analog sticks. If you REALLY want a stick, the only quality ones I know of are in the $150 range... stuff like this. It's possible to buy a cheapo stick and upgrade it with nicer parts, and its not necessarily all that hard, but that's a lot of hoops to jump through to play DBZ.

u/StaticSh0T · 2 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

The Mayflash F300 is super cheap and really durable and comes with great parts- nothing beats this within that price range and many people start off w/ the F300 due to these reasons; it's an overall great stick and has an amazing price.

The F300 has a newer version though which is the F500 it's about $30 more expensive, but the case itself is a bit bigger so it sits on the lap easier(also better for people with bigger hands) and has some metal plates on the top and bottom which means more durability and just feels more premium. It also includes more features than the F300 such as: a headphone jack(apple?) and a much easier artwork change option. Hopefully this helps, but you should also watch some YouTube vids about budget fightsticks as theres tons of content about those :)

u/Sbozart01 · 12 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

I just picked up the Qanba Drone fight stick. It’s cool for beginners. $60 but you can swap the stick and buttons when you want to upgrade. Takes some time getting used to it but once I got a button layout that worked for me, I prefer it to the DualShock.

That said, whatever is most comfortable to you is your best bet. The game’s default controls have a controller in mind so you’re set either way.

Tldr: Qanba Drone is a $60 beginner’s fightstick. Mod ready. Slight learning curve but I felt it was worth it. Do u tho.

Qanba Drone - PlayStation 4

u/UltimateUnknown · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

I have two fightsticks. The first one I bought was a cheap Hori one, which wasn't particularly that good. Then I got this bad boy and have never looked back:

It's not the flashiest fight stick with lots of extra buttons/functionalities, but it's rock solid and incredibly comfortable/responsive to play with. Plus it's pretty reasonably priced as well.

But yeah, I would suggest doing some research before you invest. See what others recommend and make a budget for how much you're willing to invest.

u/FredFries · 4 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

The RAP mini is okay but I wouldn't recommend it if you're going to upgrade. The buttons are small, not like all the other fightsticks. I would recommend the qanba drone instead :

It's the cheapest fightstick that is worth it for the money, its only $10 more than the hori mini. The qanba drone also uses regular sized buttons so if you ever feel the need to commit to a larger stick in the future, the transition will be easier since it'll be same button sizes and stick size. The hori mini is small and it would be uncomfortable to play on your lap since you'd have to balance it on one knee, on top of that it doesn't have a lot of space for your wrists and hands. The drone is much more comfortable and has a slope for your wrists.

u/chxsx · 0 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

I high suggest you look at either this fight pad by HORI or this MadCatz one not many people think about getting a pad but its a say cheaper alternative than buying a stick and a WAAAAYY better DPAD than yourre used to i bought the Mad Catz one and it was the best decision i have made. espcially if youre looking for something wto help with your inputs these definetly do the trick as an aleternative to the controller and as a form of a "good cheap" fight stick. i know you said you were looking for a stick but these a great other options that most people arent aware of . and if you are aware of them and you say frick that get this fight stick.

u/somuchqq · 9 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

If you're playing on pad, just use any USB game controller you already have. The most important thing is that you think it's comfortable.

If you want personal anecdotes, I'm currently using a HORI Fighting Commander, and it's pretty nice.

u/Str8Ripping · 3 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

Here's the link if you want to read more about it: LINK

Here is the amazon link: LINK
If you decide to buy it, make sure you update the firmware on the converter since they have said it will d/c after about 10min if you don't. I've never had any issues.

Hope you find what you're looking for!

u/Ganondorf_Is_God · 5 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

You're not going to have any issues if you're on 5ghz with a wireless N or AC router. They aren't even expensive.

A wireless AC router is just as good as plugging in an ethernet cable and should get you gigabit speeds.

The only caveat is the original PS4 doesn't support 5ghz iirc. The slim and the new one do though and every model of the Xbox One does.

EDIT: I also posted more info in this post too but some ignoramus' (including OP) just downvoted it out of sheer ignorance.

EDIT 2: Here's a link to a great and affordable gigabit wireless AC router. Only 90 bucks. ASUS makes one for about 65 that's almost as good (shittier management interface/options).

u/SkillCappa · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

If your PC literally only has one USB port, then yes. If you have multiple, or can make due by unplugging stuff (like unplugging a USB mouse or keyboard after launching the game), then no.

If you're using wireless controllers, you're also using an adapter, and a lot of them support multiple connections (the official XOne one supports 8), so you'd only need one USB port for the adapter.


It's possible that one party might be fine using the keyboard as their controller. There are some people who prefer it even. If that's the case (doubt it 😉), one port is fine.

Some older games even let you map half the keyboard to P1 and the other half to P2. I doubt DBFZ will allow this (the other games the devs have made haven't), but who knows lol

u/jackylegs99 · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

Personally I bought the Mayflash F500 and bought a replacement stick and buttons from here. I'm super happy with it. My only complaint is that the rubber pads on the bottom did fall off presumably to cheap glue, but that's easily fixed. Feels really solid for the price point of ~110, plus it's my own stick, ya know.

u/okifoxjl · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz this model right?
You sure you’re just not accustomed to flipping your motions? This is the model i use without issue. But controllers are all preference with comfortability. You may like the ds4 much more than i do. Xbox ones controllers dpad was pretty good too but not terribly comfy.

u/FB_PlayerB · 5 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

The fight pad frame has a thin indented line that you can run a xacto knife thru ( ill leave a amazon link below) so you layer it with the decals you can get the from amazon as well just type whaterver you want and the word "decals" after and you will see a few that sell 100count for $9.99.

The process

Layer the decals to fill space i suggest putting the ugly decals you dont want first and put the ones you do like last on top to show off the ugly ones are just to cover the area as the will become a background to the ones you put last. Then over lap the decals over the thin line around the frame of the fight stick and take the knife and run it down the gap to get that perfect cut and rinse and repeat.

As for the buttons just lay the decal over the button and the area you would like to place it then before peeling the back of the decal cut the round shape out of the decal then peal then place. Other than that be careful not to cut your self and have a trash can to throw the back of the decals aways smoke a blunt and have fun. And add fb_playerb on xbox so we can fight on a game good luck

X-ACTO #1 Knife, Z Series With Safety Cap

100 PCS Dragon Ball Z Stickers, CATTA DBZ Stickers Pack Waterproof Removable Vinyl Decals for Laptop, MacBook, Bottles, Skateboard

u/skyguy25 · 3 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

They have actual game pad controller which you actually could benefit off of. There pretty legit, here's one so you have an idea of what I mean.

u/vDeadbolt · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

This is the monitor I use and I'm currently satisfied with it. Might get a second one just to compliment my first one in general. If the price is too high, there might be one that is 50 bucks cheaper.

u/Barstool · 7 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

I don't know about that Madcatz one, but I love my Hori Fighting Commander.

u/Cureep · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

I don't know your setup, but I would go for something like this if you're far away from your router. I don't use this paticular model, go with whatever is cheaper and suits your needs.

With a few ethernet cords you can set up a wired connection anywhere in your house, provided you have outlet space.

u/SEMobster · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

If you get a stick for under $100, at the very least make sure it's easily modiable. I don't know much Xbox arcade sticks but I usually recomend a Qanba Drone but since you're on Xbox you'll have to use a Converter. There is also a Evo edition with Sanwa parts already installed

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

Do yourself a favor and get this.

HORI Fighting Commander for Xbox One Officially Licensed by Microsoft

u/imdabessmeng · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

I played on a pad but made the switch to an arcade stick about 8 years ago? I had only been playing fighters for a year on a pad at that point and it was a pretty difficult switch. Took me at least a couple months but personally I feel playing on a stick is a lot more fun!

That said, the cheapest option for a fight stick right now would be the HRAP4. You don't have to buy a stick any cheaper than this because they're really bad and not worth it.

u/Valway · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

> I'm pretty sure Hori RAP 4 is a PS4 controller.

It is not a PS4 controller, it is a brand and version of fight stick

That being said though, I can understand older sticks having problems.

u/Shougil · 2 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

I bought HRAP 4 Kai and I don't see myself switching anytime soon (it's considered low-mid range price, there are also more expensive). It was on discount on only 2 days ago for 99 euros.

u/AoD_Oni-Joe · 2 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

Get this

I got it about 2 weeks ago and its 0 lag
just make sure whenever ps4 has an system update, that you check the products website to see if theres a firmware update for it.

u/MazeGilliam · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

Turtle Beach - Ear Force Stealth 400 Fully Wireless Gaming Headset - (Certified Refurbished) - PS4

u/Neon_Citizen_Teal · 3 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

Here is the link I am referring to, however it is US.

If I were to guess in may just be a mistake on the part of, but if you are worried about it then I would say order it from local game store.

Edit: It was a mistake on my part to assume that the US and Canada uses the same amazon website.