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u/hitit213 · 27 pointsr/dubai

Throwaway time - yay. I feel so liberated with throwaways.

I can relate to this, went through a similar episode, schooled here, went abroad for uni, had the best 3 damn years of my life, and came back here feeling like I made a mistake coming back.

Also got my license late because of that moving around, so when I did come back I also found it hard to get around to meet friends, barely made it to the office (to a job I stopped liking or learning anything after 3 months). And also found it hard to reconnect with old friends as people mostly seem like here, out of sight, out of mind kind of nature. Saying no initially eventually meant you're forgotten. Can't blame them, gone for 3 years, back, and saying no to going out. Yeah I wouldn't talk to me either. But I also would never ever trade those 3 years abroad for doing them here, not only was it kick-ass awesome, it also taught me theres an entire planet and world out there.

Well that was 3 years ago, I've now changed jobs 3 times, started a company and closed it, on my 3rd job, got my license (obv), car that I like, etc.

Things can get better.

Here's the truth: there are 3 cornerstones in your life:

  1. Your job

  2. Your house (or apartment)

  3. Your relationships

    If you have those things in order, you can afford to take almost any "risk" you want.

    What got me through is this:

  • Always be pursuing your passion. Every year my passion and focus is a little different but in the same field, infact I realize its simply a career progression in a field that does not have clear 1-2-3 steps.

    So love what you do. If you don't, whatever you do, be the best at it. Or better yet, pursue what you love. Your career and job will lead your life, so make sure you absolutely have that one down right, otherwise your home and relationships will suffer.

  • Read. Read great blogs or books that focus on self-growth. The human brain develops its final phase of its personality in your 20's. By the time you hit early 30's your personality and future is completely directed by how you grow and what you do in these 20's. It's also very normal that people in their 20's to get so confused or lost specially getting out of grades and a clear track life of school to suddenly the work force where nothing is straight forward or graded. My personal recommendations are James Clear website, I could lose myself for hours reading his stuff, go to his best articles section. A simple good read is this article. There's also this book, and finally just sign up for the mailing list of this website, I know this site looks spammy as hell but trust me its got some solid content thats specifically relevant to people like you (and me).

  • If you live with family after living alone for a while, you probably want the get the furthest away as possible from them. If you can, find a way to live alone again. This might be tougher to do though depending on your family, and it might be one of those things you just have to haul it along.

  • Manage or clear your debts. There are many strategies out there, I like the clear the smallest debts first approach. Have a wants and needs list, wants make you poorer, needs (including investments) make your richer.

    I'm personally already drawing up my escape plan. Planning to move abroad for work in about a year once I settle stuff here and gain the right experience I need to do that. Let me know if you want me to share it.
u/DubaiCM · 2 pointsr/dubai

You are arriving at a nice time of year. I recommend getting a guide such as this one, which will help you to navigate through all the red tape once you get here. Good luck with the move!

u/AaronJoyVictor · 5 pointsr/dubai

Get the Acer Predator Helios, off Amazon. It ships here too, but the S&H and Import fees almost total up to 500 dirhams. Check SnS. The laptop's $1049 which is 4549 including the S&H and Import fees, and I don't think you'll get many good deals at GITEX, but it's worth checking out. :)

u/c_brizzle · 2 pointsr/dubai

Get yourself a copy of this

Everything is very simply laid out and easily explained. I follow this now and feel really comfortable with it.

Regarding tax, no, not taxable if you’re a non resident. You would be liable for tax if you returned home then sold your investments for a profit. But sell beforehand then you’re fine.

u/frillytotes · 2 pointsr/dubai

I recommend buying a guidebook such as this. It has all the interesting things to see and do, plus maps, info on getting around, etc. Then if you have any specific questions not covered in the guide, you are welcome to ask them here.

u/xyccah · 1 pointr/dubai

Ace, Crate and Barrel and I think Lakeland has them too.
I would recommend getting a carbon steel skillet instead since they heat up quite fast and you always end up getting a beautiful sear.

u/arz93 · 1 pointr/dubai

Dude, stahp.

save up a 1000 more and get an Acer predator helios 300 with the 1060, on amazon.
this one

u/FaisalKhatib · 2 pointsr/dubai

I use off the shelf products which in this case is Zymol ( They work well (my car is 8 years old so my expectations aren't high) on my car without leaving the seats shiny/slippery. I use them whenever I feel like washing my car thoroughly myself.

u/burksterdxb · 2 pointsr/dubai

Before you jump into the machine, do a bit of manual filtering first.

Get an Aeropress (my favourite), or else, just a good old French Press.

u/Cy001020 · 4 pointsr/dubai

Always better to use amazon. Com more options better prices. Slightly longer shipping time

Option 1 (newer model, capacitor based, no battery)

Option 2 (this is the older capacitor based model and what I use)

The suction cup mount is useless and total junk. Stick to 3m tape mount option or find a rear view mirror mount.

u/mukundh · 3 pointsr/dubai

What you should also look for is the fees they charge. They typically charge a fee on your monthly balance + the investment products they put your money carries a management and performance fee.

My advice - spend a few bucks and buy this book

This will help you make the right choice about your money.

u/ComicSonic · 1 pointr/dubai

Yes I use Saxobank.

No they don't tell you what to buy and sell. In fact as a "retail" customer you acknowledge a disclaimer advising that you understand the risks and know you could lose money.

Actually you don't need a broker to advise you. There is plenty of good advice online and in print.

I'd recommend reading this book.

u/Aby666 · 2 pointsr/dubai

If you have some cash and an Amazon account. purchase this e-book of Philip Kotler.


u/georgebaskharon · 1 pointr/dubai

buy this

i've had the worst roaches infestation in discovery gardens. now i barely see them. this thing kills them from the source. it's not gonna be very cheap with the delivery. but still cheaper than any solution here.

u/somethingworks · 1 pointr/dubai

I am considering this one with a hardwire kit bought separately so that it records while parking too. What do you say?

u/akcss · 1 pointr/dubai

Where can get an Aeropress from? Amazon has for 109 & 201 while noon has for 152.

How is it different from Ikea's Upphetta?

u/hardstripe · 3 pointsr/dubai



Or the overpriced one

Or if you really dont want to wait, try Park and Shop in Dubai Investment Park. They have everything there.

u/wabooya · 1 pointr/dubai

It's the most useless piece of shit ever. Bought 2 to take with me to the states, out of 6 hotels we were on, it hooked up to none of them.

There's a pet shower hose thingy that hooks up to the shower head, it's a safer bet..But it's a bit of a hassle to hookup and dismantle, so if you're going to move around a lot..It's no good

Like this

u/DaedalusMinion · -1 pointsr/dubai

> Based on what research?

You shouldn't really be asking 'based on what research' when you listed a bunch of bullshit as facts.

>The American Cancer Society notes that "available scientific evidence does not support claims that cupping has any health benefits" and also that the treatment carries a small risk of burns.^^4