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u/theonetheonly55 · 1 pointr/ducks

No he didn't invent the triple option. That's as old as football itself. The Zone-Read, running the option off the defensive end out of a shot gun formation, was "invented" by RichRod.

When he was a coach in something like D3, there was a blown play where his QB missed the hand off. Typically, the QB is instructed to follow the RB on that sort of thing, but instead took off the other way. Rich Rod asked why he went off the other end and the guy said something like, "the end followed the HB, so I went the other way". A light went off in RichRod's head and he used it to stampede through the coaching ranks.


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u/pkulak · 1 pointr/ducks

If you did cut the cord, you need to really invest some time and money in a nice antenna. Did you just stick some rabbit ears on your TV? Buy one of these and stick it on your roof:

Face to towards SW Portland and if you're within 80 miles (and not in a canyon) you'll be golden. Otherwise... I'd uncut that cord. :D