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u/thelastcookie · 3 pointsr/dufferscorner

Cool idea. I read a lot but haven't read many golf books... downloaded a lot of previews for my kindle but havent' been that taken with anything besides some old timey book by Harry Vardon (yep, the grip guy). Ha, he harbored a special disdain for people who weren't trying to improve their game. The opening line is "A great deal of unnecessarily bad golf played in this world." Ha, love it.

I find many golf books aren't available as ebooks which tends to put me off buying them. However, I did just order Annika Sorenstam's book in hardcover because besides her just being awesome and one of the least disputable GOATs in sports, even after 10 years of retirement, I've really liked the bits and piece of advice I've seen from her. She seems very self aware and thus able to see how things she does might apply to others.

u/dcmdva12 · 1 pointr/dufferscorner

Never tried the athlete foot spray, although ive been downwind of someone using it at the range. Seems easier, less messy, and possibly cheaper to just buy impact tape on amazon. Look for longshot oversized woods impact tape.