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u/bufu619 · 1 pointr/dustypcs

Vacuums are a big no because they do cause static. An electric leaf blower is safe as long as it hasn't been used for anything else, even better to have a filter on the intake to keep random debris from making its way through. If you don't want to use either(leaf blower or canned air) you can buy one of these but it's basically the same thing as the leaf blower but with a filter for debris.

It's all up to you to do your own research and at the end of the day it's your pc. And I'm open to anyone else that can chime in on the subject. I'm just speaking from personal experience here :)

In addition, the problem with air compressors is that they also condense the water in the air they intake. So even if you were to let it run for a bit to let out the visible water, you'd still have a high amount of humidity in the air afterwards.

u/g1mike · 0 pointsr/dustypcs

I highly suggest a DataVac Electroncs Duster if you do this often.