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u/TheBadGuyBelow · 3 pointsr/eBaySellerAdvice

Get yourself a box resizer and a good razor knife. Sometimes a half an ounce or less can make the difference between $5 shipping and $7+, and you will also save packaging material by not having to stuff half of a box with packing paper or bubble wrap.

Box Resizer tool On Amazon $16.99 - Free Shipping


I almost never pay more than $27 for 700ft of bubblewrap. I used to spend more than that on 250ft when I was buying it at Lowe's or Staples.

Bubblewrap on Amazon for $25.88 with free shipping

Keep an eye out for something like this at thrift stores, you can find them ALL THE TIME, usually for around $5 - $7, and they are GREAT for mounting your rolls of bubble wrap on to save space and make dispensing it easy.

Clothes rack with bar

For taking photos, I use something like this setup. I place the backdrop stand behind a dresser and drape the fabric backdrop over the top of it and tuck it into my top drawer for a seamless background that I can also lean items against since it's tucked in.

Backdrop + Stand Kit $36.90 on Amazon. Free Shipping

Photography Lighting Kit $52.10 On Amazon - Free Shipping

u/mcrov718 · 2 pointsr/eBaySellerAdvice

Rollo Amazon Link

Rollo Printer

I like it overall. I ship a lot of 1st class labels and this definitely comes in handy. It can misprint labels at times. Also, if doing a good amount make sure you get the stand for rolls. The rolls aren’t the cheapest either but so much better then laser printer. I only use it for shipping labels, not sure if it could be used for anything else, kind of interested now with what else I could print. Nonetheless, let me know if you have any questions. Completely worth it and never have to worry about ink again! As far as wireless I’m not sure what’s the best and haven’t heard of any good ones. The Rollo has power plug and usb into back of computer. I have a Mac and was really plug and play. It’s small overall but the stand and labels take up more room than anything.

u/ohiomensch · 1 pointr/eBaySellerAdvice

This is the one that I have. It’s economical and pretty versatile. If you have a larger item you can still see the weight.

u/hufferstl · 1 pointr/eBaySellerAdvice

Try something like this. It is essential unless you are selling a lot of really big stuff.

u/DoctorDooom · 2 pointsr/eBaySellerAdvice

Ship 1st class as long as under 1 pound and buy these boxes: Pratt PRA0022 Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Single Wall Standard Flat Box with C Flute, 9" Length x 6" Width x 3" Height, (Pack of 25)