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u/ReadingFromTheShittr · 5 pointsr/eagles

I'll go a different route than the other suggestions of jerseys/tickets (which are perfectly fine gifts) and ask is your BF a reader and does Eagles history interest him?

If so, you can always grab the Eagles Encyclopedia Championships Edition.

I bought a previous edition and read it myself and enjoyed it. It's full of cool info on just about everyone that was involved with the Eagles. I grabbed the Championship Edition today as a gift for my father for Christmas, and had Ray Didinger sign it.

I'd figure this might be something that might work since you said you're on the West Coast and getting something like tickets is more of an ordeal for you two.

u/carlosthejacket · 1 pointr/eagles

Awesome and sad, yep that kinda sums it up nicely :-) I'm sure the 1980 Super Bowl came up in that conversation. That was a tough one to watch.

On a different note, you mentioned above that you were born in 1992. Might I recommend picking up one of my all time favorite books about the Eagles. It's about the 1992 season called "Bringing The Heat" by Mark Bowden. Exciting and very well written.

u/copperbacala · 5 pointsr/eagles

I've always watched a lot of CFB and have a particular affinity for defensive players and the defensive side of the ball.

Last year I just kind of went off the games I had watched, combine, rumors and how Mayock felt about guys.

This year I am actually watching these guys snaps on youtube - usually 3-4 games per prospect. I've worked through the defnsive side of the ball over the past month top 7-8 guys at each position. It's pretty hard to see the cb snaps and deep safety play though.

March I am going to be watching a lot of the offensive players. It'll be interesting to see how my opinions on guys will actually pan out in the draft. I am hoping to watch 20-23 minutes of snaps for 4-5 rounds worth of players come draft day.

HAve also been reading Steve Belichik's Scouting Methods

u/I_REDDIT_ONE_TIME · 7 pointsr/eagles

Did the hard work for y’all. Only 5 more in stock, it’s a little bit tiny but still pretty cool:

Framed Philadelphia Eagles Jason Kelce Super Bowl 52 8.5X11 Art Print Limited Edition w/signed COA

u/nsjersey · 1 pointr/eagles

> For some reason the Polish immigrant was avoiding Philadelphia . . . The Poles' negative response to the city of Philadelphia invitation is best understood in terms of the city's positive attraction for the Jews and Italians . . . Italians and Poles, for example, often competed for the same jobs . . . Compared to her sister cities of the nation, Philadelphia was not receiving large numbers of immigrants, especially Polish immigrants. In contrast, Pennsylvania was receiving more Poles, Slovaks, Croatians, Slovenes, and Ukrainians than any other state in the Union - twice as many as New York and Illinois.

> There were over 110,000 Irish-born in the city in 1890, nearly 75,000 Germans born in the same year, over 90,000 Russian-born (my edit - many of these were Russian Jews) in 1910 and over 45,000 Italian-born in that year, but the proportions were less than in many of the other large cities.


I'd even argue that there is something very interesting in PA. I feel that if you're German, Dutch, etc, even if you live close to Philly, there's almost a cultural Pittsburgh pull, which could partially explain why so many Steelers fans close to Philly (of course considering their many Super Bowls), etc. I think the Irish, Italians and Jews have much more affinity for Philly. The Slavs seem to be all over the place, but I'm already drinking man.


EDIT: Slavs

u/Zachlisted · 4 pointsr/eagles

Here's the DVD, which also covers the whole season, for $5 on Amazon. I bought this out of a $5 bin at Wal-Mart a little while back. It's also available for 1 or 2 day shipping, which is great if you or someone has prime.

Hope that helps some, dude. Here's to a speedy recovery for your cousin.

u/bigh7609 · -6 pointsr/eagles

Best back? Almost undoubtedly the best back in the modern era, but I can see you're not a fan of history. You should ask Santa for this book for Christmas. But in case you get the expected lump of coal, you should probably look up the HOF back that lead the team to 2 championships. (Hint: SVB are his initials)

u/rwwman50 · 2 pointsr/eagles

Older book but very interesting read.

When everyone is a criminal, the people who decide who to pardon hold supreme power.

u/MIKEraphone · 5 pointsr/eagles

Not this super bowl, but when I was a little kid I had this childrens book that you put a picture of your kids face in it and the story is about them as an eagle leading them to a superbowl.

I still have mine in my closet with the news paper from when the eagles won.

Link to it on amazon below:

u/Tony_Blundetto · 32 pointsr/eagles my order it said they're only selling 25 of them so move quick!

Edit: I got the numbers wrong, with shipping it's more like $29. But it's good quality, definitely worth it

u/Mogilny89Leafs · 5 pointsr/eagles

I strongly suggest reading "Bringing the Heat" by Mark Bowden. It's a great book about the Buddy Ryan Eagles.
Amazon Link

RIP Wes.

u/J-C-A-N · 3 pointsr/eagles

Yes I’m sure. I just read it off the Blu-Ray version case that I own.

Look up THIS YEAR’S version on Amazon.

u/cmath89 · 1 pointr/eagles

I actually googled “eagles fly shirt” and found it on amazon. link. Thanks though!

u/Rsubs33 · 8 pointsr/eagles

I don't know about Super Bowl but there is an Eagles 101 book. It mentioned previous championships. Don't know if there is an updated one though.


u/IBlameMcNabb · 2 pointsr/eagles

This one right?

I'm probably gonna end up caving in and getting it as well. It's just a matter of time.

u/FlailingOctane · 2 pointsr/eagles

It’s been retired, so it’s a little harder to track down, but if you don’t mind paying premiums, Amazon has them.

u/MYGODWHATHAVEIDONE · 2 pointsr/eagles

One of our regular posters here wrote a book on Chip's philosophy: The Tao of Chip Kelly

u/nohpex · 1 pointr/eagles

Aw, I was just imagining you in your Eagles jersey, hugging one of these bad boys.

u/mramisuzuki · 4 pointsr/eagles

Great books. British writer, writing about vancian/lotr style spell casting, in steampunkish post Victorian England.

Fuck man, it sounds way worse after I described it that way.