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u/JTswift · 2 pointsr/eero

I know it has already been answered, but I'll double down and say, YES! Just to expand on the point:

I have a few devices that are wired-only, and the ports on the eeros allowed me to get rid of my Powerline Ethernet adapters. This freed up a power plug at my "main" area that has my modem, gateway eero, tv, and numerous other devices.

I have an OTA box (SimpleTV) that is ethernet-only, and it's in a completely different room, attached (now) to a leaf eero. Getting that thing off of powerline ethernet vastly increased the speed/quality when streaming from the SimpleTV.

Also, you're not limited to just two ports on the eero. You can get an ethernet switch/hub and expand it that way. Something like this, for example.

I have an 8-port on my gateway eero that has: TV, PS4, Xbox One, NAS, FireTV...and it works just fine.

u/pssiraj · 2 pointsr/eero

If you aren't comfortable spending $200 more but still want the better radios, getting the pack with one eero and two Beacons might be the way to go.

Plus, if you have an old networking device and a Best Buy around, you can recycle that there for an extra 15% discount.
Edit: another user mentioned that Best Buy matched the Amazon price on top of the 15%, so you could try that.

u/ILikePokemonGo101 · 2 pointsr/eero

Is it unstable? Or is just a bit lower than before. Also having it go through the modem from Fios may add latency, especially only about 4-6 miliseconds. Cheap switches work wonders. The CEO recommended this here. I also read that it may take up to 24-48 hours to learn its surroundings best.


I'd honestly recommend replacing the Fios solution entirely if possible. Hooking up directly to a ONT and see if that yields the performance you were looking for? I'd honestly call Eero. One of the best support lines out there with tons of knowledge about everything networking and wifi.

u/MrDoh · 1 pointr/eero

Well, for the "where should I connect stuff" question, I would put the FIOS modem/router (gateway) into bridge mode, and only connect the eero to it, nothing else. That's how I have my eero connected for AT&T fiber here, the fiber gateway is in IP Passthrough mode, which is a bridge mode. And only the "gateway" eero is plugged into it. Make sure that the eero is in router (not bridge) mode. The way that you connect more hard-wired devices to the eero is by connecting an unmanaged network switch to whichever eero node(s) is closest to the clients that you need to hard-wire. Here's the network switch that I've seen recommended and am using:

Then you can connect your hard-wired devices to that switch. Not very expensive, and is working well. This is a pretty flexible approach...I have the above 8-way switch connect to my gateway eero node, and another 5-way switch connected to the remote eero node located with our upstairs TV.

At this point, your eero system is doing all the routing and wireless mesh work, which is what you want.

No comment on the blinking yellow light, the eero person posting above said, call support :-).

u/Obliterous · 1 pointr/eero

An [eero and two beacons] ( will probably do a great job for you (and the beacons make great hallway night-lights as well!), OR you can get the three eero bundle if you need to extend ethernet from the leaf nodes.

u/nsweaves · 7 pointsr/eero

Only one Ethernet port on your gateway modem will work. Plug one eero into that. Plug the other port on that same eero into an Ethernet Switch. Then plug the other eeros into that Ethernet Switch.

Only one device (that first eero) should be plugged into the modem. Nothing else.

If you need a switch, here's a good one that'll ship in one day with Prime

If you need someone to walk you through it, call our support team tomorrow. They're great!

u/Marty_Mac_Fly · 1 pointr/eero

I am using this switch as a central point in my smart box for all the ethernet connections. It should be gigabit.

The ATT modem is wired directly to the switch and sits in the smart box. The Gateway Eero is connected to the switch but in another room using the Cat5e wire the builders used.

Like I said in OP the Eero app is reporting 700-800Mbps internet speeds but it seems like the eero itself isn't pushing that out.

My next test is to completely remove Eero from the network and test wired performance around the house.

u/jasonlitka · 1 pointr/eero

Ok, so right now I've got one sitting on top of a Cisco switch in the 25U rack in my basement.

If I add a shelf on top of the rack, which isn't metal, and isn't wood, what material would you actually suggest? HDPE, LDPE, ABS?

I'm thinking something like this?

Also, how do you feel about one sitting on top of a subwoofer?

u/6roybatty6 · 4 pointsr/eero

No, but there are cheap adapters available online. Search on your favorite e-commerce site for a rotatable surge protector adapter. They're about $9 a piece, and will protect your eero from power spikes into the bargain. for example.

u/blooooooooooooooop · -2 pointsr/eero

Sure it can. It just radiates from the top.

It’s not an eero product but it works if the guy wants to mount an eero.

Here’s one on amazon that is ‘Amazon’s Choice’. As amazon owns eero, this one seems to be approved by eero.

Wall Mount Bracket for Eero, for eero WiFi Wall Mount Holder by Mrount,Improve Your eero Pro Home WiFi System WiFi Signal,Simple Designed Accessories Bracket Stand (1 Pack)

u/lyoko37 · 3 pointsr/eero

I'd recommend getting an unmanaged switch because you still want the eero to be the brains.

This one works great:

u/chriswesty · 3 pointsr/eero

It’s already pretty well discounted. Current price on Amazon for one eero plus two beacons over $90 off.

u/pcbeard · 2 pointsr/eero

If you have ubiquitous cable coax receptacles, you can easily wire all your eeros together using MoCA:

I've got these in my home and they make a perfect backbone for my 3 eeros.

u/Raev_ · 2 pointsr/eero

I'm using three of these in my apartment and they are really great tbh.

u/wlburgess · 2 pointsr/eero

I use this switch and it works great.

edit: this was supposed to be a reply to the switch recommendation.

u/RUEHC · 6 pointsr/eero

Speaking of products, I can say these little adapters work well for those of you that have non-standard plugs and need to rotate your Beacons to the designed-for orientation. No association with Amazon or the product maker; just a customer.

The white color of the swivel adapter is an excellent match with the Eero Beacon and and the offset from the wall of maybe the thickness of the Beacon itself looks quite bespoke.

u/VegasWebDev · 1 pointr/eero

Yeah, I thought this was for eeros, but the comment would be the same for cameras.

Something like this.

u/nps-ca · 1 pointr/eero

Trendnet one /u/wiburgess suggested is good; I'm using these as I have two locations that have my house wiring

u/tsmartin123 · 1 pointr/eero

I use this $20 8 port switch with my Eero and have 0 issues:

TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch | Ethernet Splitter | Sturdy Metal w/ Shielded Ports | Plug-and-Play | Traffic Optimization | Unmanaged (TL-SG108)

u/alexslife · 2 pointsr/eero

It’s a dumb. Netgear gs105

3,100 amazon reviews at 4.5

Very well known stable switch. It’s even the newer v3

u/UnloadSeg · 2 pointsr/eero

You probably know this already, but Amazon sells eero gen 2 refurbs for ~$120 from time to time.

u/0r10z · 0 pointsr/eero

The latest released eeros are not same as original eeros. The insides are identical to eero beacon that is sold with eero pro.

Introducing Amazon eero mesh WiFi system - router for whole-home coverage (3-pack)

Manufacturer reference 53-023206
Date first listed on Amazon September 24, 2019

u/BillyZaneJr · 0 pointsr/eero

I got that number from the Amazon listing here

u/havaloc · 4 pointsr/eero

I have a Netgear GS105 and it works fine. Amazon

u/EntireOrchid · 2 pointsr/eero

How do you feel about those wall mounts that some companies are making? I could mount that on the wall above the rack, but I have this recollection that they are supposed to be flat / horizontal?

Right now all my network stuff is just in a pile on the floor so I need to do something.

u/dpeters11 · 6 pointsr/eero

The Netgears are rock solid.

I've got a 16 port plugged into my gateway eero, no issues whatsoever with anything plugged into it.

u/Jackarino · 2 pointsr/eero

Get the Netgear metal 5-port switch. Affordable and reliable.

NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS105NA) - Desktop, and ProSAFE Limited Lifetime Protection

u/ndfred · 5 pointsr/eero

From a regulatory standpoint, Eero complies to FCC / US specifications but in the UK channel 149 to 161 are DFS which Eero does not support, and I wouldn’t be surprised if power levels do not match either. You may not care, but this is a major reason why they don’t sell here. Recent UK devices would work though (149~161 got allowed in the UK a year-ish ago, in the rest of Europe that band is still disallowed) but again you would technically be breaking the law.

About aesthetics: you are going to have a hard time with beacons so I would recommend only regular Eeros. They have refurb where these are $120 (£95 plus tax I would assume) each and unsurprisingly do not ship to the UK (you would need someone to carry these over):

u/MisterSpak · 1 pointr/eero

Someone else mentioned using a rotating surge protector that goes between the beacon and the wall. Would using one of these interfere with the beacon, or be worse than putting in a new wall socket in the right orientation?

u/Toastbuns · 10 pointsr/eero

because it's linking through some BS referral.

Here is the pure no referral link to amazon:

This looks to be the lowest the price has been ever. The previous lowest price was 159 and it didn't last long.