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u/rubermnkey · 1 pointr/ejuice

if you grab a scale the lb-501 is probably the most popular, but people pick up the little dealer scales too. you just want to make sure it has .01 g accuracy and the ability to stay on without an auto-shutoff. people like to throw their VG and PG in condiment bottles you can get at the dollar store. transfer the nic into a brown glass bottle with an eyedropper, just use an old ejuice bottle you probably have laying around and leave it in the fridge, makes things a little easier. elr has tons of recipes and a good calculator plus lets you keep notes. defintely check out the other sub, people can even help you refine a recipe or help figure out clone recipes. here's a clip demoing by volume vs by weight, good luck man

u/FeIixBaumgartner · 1 pointr/ejuice

Sure. But I ordered via the German Amazon site and just couldn't find similar ones on the US site.
Anyway, here's the link to it:

This is from the UK site:

If shipping is too high to you (not knowing where you are in) try looking out for bottles with swing top or kilner like.

u/VapeItSmokeIt · 1 pointr/ejuice

Amazon has 113g(4oz) Menthol for $9

Milliard Menthol Crystals USP Grade - 4OZ Package

I picked up 946ml(32oz) of PG for $12.50

Propylene Glycol USP Grade - 32 OZ, 1 Quart. Excellent Solvent and Stabilizer, Use for moisturizers, antifreeze, detergents, shampoos etc. Essential Elements Brand

Dumped both into an empty 2L bottle of Pepsi and shook it up. I’m told it’s about a 13% mix.

I emptied most of it back in the original bottle and filled up 1 unicorn bottle with the rest.
Mmmmm menthol Juice for years

u/stoccolma · 1 pointr/ejuice

if it´s small scale just get a printer and some self adhesive labels
[like these] ( and just print whatever info you want on them.¨

the link is the first i found searching on google and i saw now that those were out of stock but you get the idea