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u/Im_regular_legs · 14 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam


I'd urge you to actively avoid any other videos attempting to explain him.

Books: This is extremely simple, clear, and accurate, which is very high praise when it comes to Derrida. Also look up "Deconstruction in a Nutshell", and his interview with Julia Kristeva in "Positions". This is really good and in-depth but difficult. For something by Derrida himself, everyone starts with "Structure Sign & Play". "Différance", "The Ends of Man" and "Signature Event Context" are also good, albeit difficult, as is all of his work.

For Foucault I find Stanford, Wikipedia, pretty much any lectures on youtube about him, PartiallyExaminedLife, to be fine before you jump straight into Discipline and Punish. It's difficult though. Or you could get The Foucault Reader by Paul Rabinow which collects a lot of his writings from various works as well as interviews, the latter obviously being a lot more accessible.

u/flengyel · 7 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

Concerning Nietzsche versus Peterson: Nietzsche is an anti-realist about value [see Brian Leiter, Nietzsche on Morality, 2nd Ed, section on metaethics, anti-realism about value, pages 119-121], whereas Peterson is a value realist who believes that “transcendent values genuinely exist; that they are in fact the most tangible realities of being.” This is a direct quote from Peterson's Patreon. In contrast, Leiter writes that "Nietzsche’s central argument for anti-realism about value is explanatory: moral facts don’t figure in the “best explanation” of experience, and so are not real constituents of the objective world. Moral values, in short, can be “explained away” [p 120, ibid].

u/Brdcktt · 8 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

No. Jung was conservative. That's pretty well documented. What else would call someone who says women have roles dictated by a combination of god and biology?

Even for his time, regardless of the very real Nazi sympathies, he was conservative.

>As for conservatism, he declared that for the Swiss a new idea was like an unknown dangerous animal which had to be either avoided or else approached with extreme caution -- which was why, in his view, the Swiss had such poor intuitive capacity. Their aristocratic posture revealed itself in indifference to the opinions of others. As for introversion, this was a function both of xenophobia and neutrality in the affairs of the world on one hand and the peculiar Swiss political culture on the other, where warlike instincts were channelled inwards into domestic political life.

>The peculiarity of Switzerland as geographical entity and political culture can scarcely be overemphasized in its influence on Jung. Geographically, the Swiss are predominantly a mountain people, and it is a commonplace of political science that such `highlanders' are deeply religious and politically conservative, with a strong sense of independence and self-reliance. Jung frequently referred to the Alps as the central collective image of Switzerland and suggested that a landscape where Nature was mightier than Man produced the characteristic Swiss mixture of obstinacy, doggedness, stolidity and innate pride.

u/MapsofScreaming · 14 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

It looks like this is the intended final product.

The author seems to have written a biography of James Mattis who is popular with Incels and Marines and of course

>He has been interviewed about the book on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” and “Fox and Friends” on the Fox News Network.

has various connections with Fox News. His creativity is apparently spent on a very alt-right friendly blog with titles that may well cause your eyes to roll back so far your optic nerves will be severed.

>Quit Your Whining

>Progressives Punked for Social Justice

>Black Lies Matter

>The Death of Free Speech: The West Veils Itself

u/devnulld2 · 2 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

So, uh, here's some fun supplementary reading for everybody.

>Internalized misogyny is very much a thing, unfortunately. It's very possible for a woman to conclude that if patriarchy is the only game in town, she's going to play to win.

Right-Wing Women, by Andrea Dworkin

>This is part of why we need to remember--and to reiterate to anyone else who doesn't get it--that what feminism stands against isn't men, it's patriarchy. Men are not universally evil, and women are not universally good. But a system that creates and reinforces inequalities between them definitely deserves destroying.

"Patriarchy, the System: An It, Not a He, a Them, or an Us" by Allan G. Johnson

u/Mr_Blonde0085 · 8 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (A Free Press Paperbacks Book)

u/samuelkeays · 2 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam It even has it's own Amazon page.

'Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.' - Tom Lehrer

u/Silverfox1984 · 12 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

It might be more salubrious to cite the personal correspondence of Orwell, and that of his closest associates.

>As to politics, I was only intermittently interested in the subject until about 1935, though I think I can say I was always more or less ‘left.’ In Wigan Pier I first tried to thrash out my ideas. I felt, as I still do, that there are huge deficiencies in the whole conception of Socialism, and I was still wondering whether there was any other way out. After having a fairly good look at British industrialism at its worst, ie. in the mining areas, I came to the conclusion that it is a duty to work for Socialism even if one is not emotionally drawn to it, because the continuance of present conditions is simply not tolerable, and no solution except some kind of collectivism is viable, because that is what the mass of the people want... I have been vaguely associated with Trotskyists and Anarchists, and more closely with the left wing of the Labour Party (the Bevan-Foot end of it). I was literary editor of Tribune, then Bevan’s paper, for about a year and a half (1943–5), and have written for it over a longer period than that. But I have never belonged to a political party, and I believe that even politically I am more valuable if I record what I believe to be true and refuse to toe a party line.
-Orwell in a letter to Richard Usborne, 26 August 1947


>The only thing I can be quite certain of is, that up to his last day George was a man of utter integrity; deeply kind,
and ready to sacrifice his last worldly possessions – he never had much – in the cause of democratic socialism. Part of his malaise was that he was not only a socialist but profoundly liberal. He hated regimentation wherever he found it, even in the socialist ranks.
-Letter from Jennie Lee to a Miss Margaret M. Goalby of Presteigne, 23 June 1950

u/str8baller · 8 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

Not the user you asked but here is a concise pamphlet and a comprehensive book that thoroughly refute what is commonly called 'sociobiology' or 'biological essentialism':

u/duffstoic · 10 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

The most famous book on screenwriting is called Story by Robert McKee. He teaches workshops in Hollywood to aspiring screenwriters, and his whole thing is based in Campbell's analysis of The Hero's Journey.

u/pordanbeejeeterson · 15 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

Seems like the brigadiers have already hit the Amazon page for the book. Reviews are almost all MGTOW and incel propaganda with no actual reference to the source material at all.

Which is a shame because if it really is about what they say it is, it should be really easy to prove.

u/Pie_Gun · 2 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

Manufacturing Consent by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky.

It's basically arguing that the profit motive of capitalism has caused the "free press" to act as state propagandists. It sounds crazy, but they go into a lot of detail proving their point.

It's not specifically about capitalism vs socialism, but I think anyone who reads it would come out a little bit more skeptical of the narratives about capitalism we've grown up with.

u/darkstout · 8 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

Paglia's magnum opus is Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson, a book hated by feminists as Paglia loves Freud and attempts to explain why men create art to sublimate their libido, and why the ancient Greeks fucked boys.

u/mrxulski · 1 pointr/enoughpetersonspam

Just curious, but how did you give them the test? Keep a close eye on those new age types. They are prone to syncretism. Jim Jones banked on that mysticism. Not saying your mom is that bad. My mom is into that stuff too. She likes Deepak Chopra. There's this really funny book I read by John Updike about cults called 'S'. When you talk about francophones and Quebec, I can't help but think of Megan Draper on Mad Men.

u/robsc_16 · 1 pointr/enoughpetersonspam

>And I really don't want to get into estimating how many will actually do it, as it doesn't matter to me.

I mean, it should.

>Books on how to do it exist

There are books on everything. Let me know if it makes it on the NY Times best sellers list and I'll be worried.

>a "real world" (chuckle) example is here.

And how did that end for Deborah and Joyce? They lost their jobs and their reputations were tarnished. The guy got his job back with a pay raise and back pay. Yes, that sucked he had to go through that, but do you think justice want served in the end?

>I can't quite follow "what if only minority of those women, who think you have harassed them report you to HR", let me chicken out.

You're free to do that. I've got a pretty successful career and I don't go around worrying I'll lose my job because of sexual harassment.

>I found it funny, for some reason, apologies if it sounds offensive, I didn't mean it.

Apology accepted. Its just hard to take someone seriously when they talk like that.

>How about you provide a quote or something.

>It's too long and I'm afraid of mishearing a word or two.

Then please understand that I reject your argument since you don't want to support your point.a

>If you seriously are still not sure he means heels/makeup could also be considered offensive in the follow up video, I'll dig 'em up.

I think he's just wrong about it all. The science behind what he is saying especially.

u/kartu3 · 1 pointr/enoughpetersonspam

> How is that not what you said?

OK, it's just not what the original argument was. And I really don't want to get into estimating how many will actually do it, as it doesn't matter to me.
Books on how to do it exist, a "real world" (chuckle) example is here. (I'd say, pretty horrifying)

I can't quite follow "what if only minority of those women, who think you have harassed them report you to HR", let me chicken out.

>Also, wth is up with all the "bruh" stuff? Are you being ironic or are you 17 or something?

I found it funny, for some reason, apologies if it sounds offensive, I didn't mean it.

>How about you provide a quote or something.

It's too long and I'm afraid of mishearing a word or two. If you seriously are still not sure he means heels/makeup could also be considered offensive in the follow up video, I'll dig 'em up.

u/yontev · 3 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

I managed to convince my parents to stop listening to Peterson by first exposing Peterson's blatant shilling and grifting behavior.

  • Show your friend how Peterson shills for the MLM pyramid scheme PHP Agency. No person who truly cares about personal responsibility or morality would sell out to such a disgusting scam company.

  • Show her Peterson's promotion of a dodgy, barely accredited diploma mill called the Acton MBA School, which is personally run by a far-right offshore oil billionaire named Jeff Sandefer. His mission in life is to undermine and defund public education, and his modus operandi is extremely shady. Again, no one who values morality or personal responsibility would shill for such a school.

  • Then there's the promotion of his daughter's insane all-beef fad diet, selling $2000 rugs, charging $74.07 for a shitty Kindle e-book, pricing tickets to his stupid lectures at over $150, etc.

    Conclusion: The only god Peterson worships is the Almighty Dollar. He is a con artist, a snake oil salesman.
u/Homerlncognito · 5 pointsr/enoughpetersonspam

Yep. It's the Amazon link OP posted:

The author also shared that on his LinkedIn:

If you still have any doubts, look at his twitter feed -

>Google is beyond a monopoly. It is a left-wing totalitarian organization.

>Leftist droogs continue to attack our children’s mental health.

>Collusion hoax, immigration hoax ( no problem at the border), economy hoax ( it’s Obama’s economic recovery), now the green new global warming hoax. #walkaway

>The Palestinians have received more economic aid than Japan did after World War II, yet still live in abject poverty. Why is that?

And a cherry on top:

>Here it is - this is what everyone is REALLY fighting about and it's not Donald Trump. He's just the representative of the real target - Western civilization.

With a link to

Edit - one more:

>Want to help me research my new book for St. Martin's Press called SAVAGE MESSIAH; HOW DR. JORDAN PETERSON IS SAVING WESTERN CIVILIZATION? If you are a classic open-minded...