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u/rollersnakes-twitch · 0 pointsr/essentialoils

Amazon has a great set of 10 and the price was just reduced to $35, they are all 1oz bottles and not the 10ml which you see overpriced in other sets. The brand is NOW, which I trust since they're one of the older brands out there. Since you're using them for migraines and essentially as aromatic medicine make sure you're getting a high quality oil. I'll link the set I just got as well as a video I found helpful when I first started. Also, the 10 set does come with jasmine which is NOT an EO since it would be ridiculously expensive, but it's one of the best value sets out there. Oh, and if you shop in Amazon I recommend the chrome install app called Honey, it instantly price compares all amazon products and alerts you when you can buy it for less.

PS: There is SO much disinformation out there, one of my friends is a naturopath and I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your information from a reputable source, ideally a doctor!!!

u/Girrlkitty · 1 pointr/essentialoils

I started with this set from Art Naturals -

They are "lower quality" from what you would get from some of the more pure brands, and I've started upgrading and switching as I learn more and find oils and applications I really love (Eden's Garden is my personal favorite, but I buy from a few brands depending on who is having a sale at any given moment). But this was a fantastic set to start with - it gave me a lot of options for things I could try, and served as my "gateway" into essential oils. And since it's not a big investment, it's a good way to see if you'll actually like and use them.

Good luck! I have fallen in love with oils and finding new ways to use them, so I hope you are able to find the same kinds of relief from your issues that I have!

EDIT: here are links to a few Eden's Garden sets on Amazon as well. They are more expensive, but still very reasonable (which is why they're my go-to brand). I figured I would add those so you have some other options if you decide to go that route:

Their Synergy Blends set:

Their Top 6 set:

u/katieanyone · 1 pointr/essentialoils

Now brands oils are honestly pretty good! I’m really happy with their lavender oil. You may want to check out Eden’s Garden, Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain Oils for some other options to compare prices and other starter kits.

You can also get a less expensive diffuser here . I have the older version and it has been going for about two years of regular use (5-7 times a week).

Just please do not consume essential oils. There are a lot of companies like Young Living and DoTerra that suggest this is okay (side note: stay away from them). Be careful using oils around pets as well. Tea tree oil can cause respiratory issues in dogs and cats. Essential oils are very potent.

u/Hellterskellter44 · 2 pointsr/essentialoils

This stuff is amazing.

The bottle is tiny but I made a roller ball perfume with it and some carrier oil. But honestly if you put a drop of this alone on your wrists and rub it all over yourself ITLL LAST ALL DAY!! Smells pretty dang close to incense imo :)

u/CarlVSam · 2 pointsr/essentialoils

The book I was referring to is this one, Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals. It is the go-to reference book on the effects various essential oils (the book contains information on 400) can have on the body, as well as any potential hazards from these substances and the individual chemicals that the oils are composed of.

u/YLCrisillaMikos · 0 pointsr/essentialoils

One of my favorites

Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: God's Love Manifest in Molecules

u/um_hi_there · 1 pointr/essentialoils

I have a small, cheapy one from Amazon, and it's perfect. It was maybe $15 on sale. I don't think you need to spend a lot on one, or get a big one. The small ones will go for hours on the intermittent setting, which is the way to go.

Mine is something like this, but like I said, whichever one it was, I didn't pay full price.

u/earthroma · 3 pointsr/essentialoils

I would recommend Modern Essentials 8th edition.

It lists each oil and gives the note with recommended percentage that should be used in a blend for that note.

u/SquirrelIsland · 5 pointsr/essentialoils

You could try something like this. I use it in my office. It's just pads and a small fan. No water involved.

u/niceclicks · 2 pointsr/essentialoils

This one can be a bit loud and it is more expensive than other options but it has a knob rather than a button to turn it on and off.

u/BlindAngel · 1 pointr/essentialoils

I forgot about the litterataure. I believe that anybody should have Tisserand and Young's Essential Oil Safety. The rest of the book that I use are mostly reference so they can't really be "red" like a book for information.

I have two other book that I know are usefull, sadly those are in french and don't have any translation available (that I know of):

u/lilac_meddow · 1 pointr/essentialoils

Thanks for all you guys do. I think we've sort of beat a dead horse with the MLM stuff so I'd love to see the Discussion about them sort of die off. If people want to use them cool. If they don't, also cool. Use the brands and blends that suit you and lets not argue over them. The TLDR there for me at least is that the mention of an MLM triggers some, if that's you try resist. From a mod standpoint I'd love to see posts arguing about MLM's removed. There's already a little blurb about that in the wiki so continuing that conversation doesn't really move our overall EO discussion forward.

One thing I'd love to see added to the WIKI is a section on books that get referenced here often. Books like Essential Oil Safety, and The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. Those are 2 that I see people reference back to fairly often. If there are others that the pros want to add here that would be cool too.