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u/MarriedLifter · 4 pointsr/fatlogic

I agree with u/loonie_toonie_rooney: If you want to look lean and athletic, your best bet at BMI 22 and 30%BF is almost certainly "recomp": You can remove fat and add muscle. This will make you look toned. And the easiest way to recomp is to lift weights.

Don't worry about looking "too muscley"—even men with their much higher testosterone levels have to work incredibly hard to get big (sigh, I have tiny little arms). Women who lift hard typically end up looking like fitness models instead. (Those bodybuilding women who look like guys are either using steroids, or they're 1-in-a-thousand genetic outliers.)

To learn more about weight training and recomp, see r/fitness, and especially their FAQ. A lot of women also say good things about Strong Curves, although you could get perfectly good results with something simpler. And it's possible to make some very nice progress in about 3 months with a good beginner program.

CICO is about looking good with your clothes on. Strength training and recomp is about looking good in less.

u/darling_lycosidae · 5 pointsr/fatlogic

Maybe a toy you put food in? Mine likes her food out all the time as well so she can pick at it, but if I put it in a toy she loves to knock it around and get little rewards. It's like a job, or a puzzle, it makes her feel accomplished and it's fun! I only mention it since she's making a lot of noise with one right now.

We have this and this and this and few ones with flippy little doors and whatnot that are good for holding a snack. It might be too stressful and frustrating for him at first, but if you stick with it and show him how it works he might take to it. Best wishes to your doggos!

u/fingerskin · 3 pointsr/fatlogic

There are a lot of scientists who get paid a lot of money to design processed foods such that people will eat them more often and eat more in a sitting. It's more than just "X ingredient is/isn't addictive," there is serious research being put into how to make people crave food, and that's happening because there's so much money to be made from selling those foods. It's not an excuse for being overweight, at the end of the day you're still a human with willpower and the ability to pay attention to what you eat and exercise, but junk food is absolutely designed to be addictive (keeping in mind that "addicted" doesn't necessarily mean "physically dependent.")

If interested (because it really is fascinating), I highly recommend "Salt, Sugar, Fat" by Michael Moss. Great read if you're interested in how that (figurative and sometimes literal) sausage gets made, or just want to have a better idea of the health aspects of processed foods.

u/ClaytonRayG · 18 pointsr/fatlogic

Found an old face picture a few days ago. The curious case of the slowly appearing jawline. 127lbs down.

Admittedly I've been having a rather rough time not giving into cravings over the last 6 months. I'm not gaining but rather fluctuating the same 5lbs over and over. It's how dieting has always been for me. I get around this weight and the habits that have been an issue my entire life come to the surface.

Thankfully, this time around I've got the information and knowledge to keep me from getting discouraged. I've learned about calories, know exactly what is going on, accept it, and am working towards a point where things will change. I might have to keep doing maintenance for a while and that's okay. I'm going to try to raise my calorie limit for a little while. I feel a bit suffocated by it at the moment so I'm now aiming for 1-1.5lbs a week instead of 2lbs. I think I'm burnt out on eating at 1500cals and need a bit of breathing room for a while.

Mildly irritated at myself though. All evening yesterday I conquered munchies like a boss. Partner went to grab food and asked if I wanted anything... Ended up going way over my calorie limit. Live and learn but it's still bugging me this morning. I've been getting better at managing cravings so I've got that going for me at least. It's helped me realize that I have issues feeling left out if I don't say yes.

Also thank you to a certain redditor for recommending The Beck Diet Solution. It has been invaluable in helping me to realize areas I need to work on. It's the working on them part that's taking so long right now.

Also now that my schedule has slowed down I plan to get back in the gym after work tomorrow. Been 3 months away, going to be so sore.

It'll break before I do. Not hopeless anymore, not by a long shot.

u/Gerkis · 1 pointr/fatlogic

>My lifts are with a 40 pound bar, started only able to do 6 reps, now I can do 20. The lifts are from [This Men's Health Book[( Also do 1 hour of cardio each day, and usually a 30 minute walk in the evening.

Your "lifts"? ALL of them are just the 40 lb bar? (I'm not checking out the book)
so you do "weight lifting", 3x a week and somehow you are "maxing out" doing only 40 lb lifts 3 times a week? I guess you did count walking as exercise so that all that logic kind of fits together.

>So it looks like I've been maxing out for 7 months... sounds like I'm doing the weight training right, then. And I'm probably about to slow down.

But you are not doing what a bodybuilder does, and wont get where you've convinced yourself you can by doing a fraction of what hard working bodybuilders do. Hopefully you just failed to mention how much weight you're putting on the bars, 40 lbs is a huge joke, especially if you've been doing the same weight for 7 months, that isn't the same as someone being stuck at 300 on bench.

Well, I guess since you bought a book you know better than anyone!

u/akawesomesauce · 3 pointsr/fatlogic

I'm in Canada, so I'm not 100% sure, but it does look like if all else fails, you can order it on Amazon.

Amazon also appears to have the hoosier hill farm powdered peanut butter, which is a LOT cheaper than the PB2 brand, but I haven't tried it so I can't speak to the quality, but it does have good reviews and unlike PB2 which has added salt and sugar, the hoosier hill farm stuff is literally just peanuts.

Both of those are fulfilled by amazon as well, so not some third party that advertises one price and then charges twice that much in shipping. - hoosier hill farm - pb2

u/fatalbinoninja · 1 pointr/fatlogic

Dooo it! It's such a fun thing to see yourself getting better at. I used this one for the longest time and really enjoyed it.

u/fitthrowaway42 · 4 pointsr/fatlogic

This EatSmart Scale is great. I sometimes have to "clear out" the scale (step on with one foot, step off), but is pretty consistant.

u/mangolover · 6 pointsr/fatlogic

That's the first thought I had, too-- even with a close friend, I think I'd feel uncomfortable pointing out the nutritional content of the peanut butter, because it means that you were paying close attention to what she's eating which is really her business...

I have an idea, though. There's this thing called PB2-- it's powdered peanut butter, so it does away with a lot (all?) of the oil that causes peanut butter to be so fatty. It's only 45 calories for 2 tbsp, that's only 25% of the calories!! They're stocking it more and more at grocery stores near where I live and they have chocolate-pb flavor, too. Maybe you could mention that you never realized how fatty peanut butter was, but you heard about this product called PB2 and ask her if she's seen it at the grocery store...? Just a thought. Regardless, though, it's really good!

u/SassyFacts · 17 pointsr/fatlogic

Everybody read this book it is the fatlogic reddit in book form, except nicer and everything is on one place.

I find it incredibly motivating.

u/diaboxical · 1 pointr/fatlogic

Good on you for stepping in and taking proper care of the poor thing! My chubby cat has about 2lbs to lose. I recently got a toy ball cat feeder that encourages my kitty to bat it around and shake the food out of it. Might be helpful for your cat too for some extra exercise. Found it on Amazon:

u/blubirdcake · 1 pointr/fatlogic

This one. Handy, light weight, and it's pretty neat.

u/jack_hazard · 6 pointsr/fatlogic

I have this one and I like it:

I also have a few kettlebells and resistance bands for home exercises. Both are easy to store and use. Check out r/bodyweightfitness for workout ideas too

u/rekarek · 2 pointsr/fatlogic

Something like this. But if you just search for "scale body fat" you'll get lots of results. Supposedly, the kind like the one I linked are better than just the floor scale type, because they send a current through the whole body since the hands are involved. YMMV.

u/Ranessin · 5 pointsr/fatlogic

Conquering Fatlogic by Nadja Hermann is the thing you want. It's basically /r/fatlogic in book form (she posted here a few years ago). Also great to give other people to get them started in the right direction.

u/gilb60 · 1 pointr/fatlogic

I suggested this to someone else in the thread, we often recommend food balls that the cat has to knock around to get the kibble to fall out. Usually helps!

u/irishchug · 3 pointsr/fatlogic

If you have a little space (garage or something) I suggest getting something like this:

I find the doorway ones very limiting because you are stuck with close grip and unless you are short you need to bend your knees a ton to not hit the floor.

Bonus for the one I linked, it lets you do dips.

u/bob_mcbob · 9 pointsr/fatlogic

Yes, she published the FA bible Fat!So? in 1998. It's currently ranked #625,649 in Amazon bestsellers, and she has never updated it.

u/SDJellyBean · 6 pointsr/fatlogic

I keep a flat digital scale on my counter that matches my backsplash. It's cute! For traveling, however, I carry this $10 pocket size scale. I weigh my coffee beans.

u/good_for_me · 6 pointsr/fatlogic

Look into getting one of these:

My cat has lost a bunch of weight with it. She hears the food as it rolls around, so she doesn't whine for more :)

u/Corricon · 2 pointsr/fatlogic

i'm sorry if that's true :( and feel free to take a break from exercise, but once you get back you might want to get the book Strong Curves, it's exercises designed to make a feminine body. Some ab exercises actually make the waist wider, so it avoids those. The sub is r/strongcurves

sleep comes first 100%

u/OrangeJuliusPage · 4 pointsr/fatlogic

Real Talk, son, I'd advise not going down that rabbit hole because within the scientific community, there isn't yet consensus on what role, if any, thermodynamics plays as causal to obesity.

On a fundamental level, of course, these laws of physics hold true, and we know fatties eat at a surplus and underestimate how much they eat while overestimating how much they burn off.

However, when examining the obesity epidemic as a whole, some would argue that thermodynamics doesn't tell us about the causality of obesity, with researchers pointing to other causal agents. For example, as an avowed keto dude, Taubes devotes two chapters in Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It to why merely spouting platitudes about thermodynamics doesn't tell us what actually causes people to become obese. Taubes points to carbohydrates, a sentiment that Dr. Peter Attia shares in his excellent TED Talk.

Point being, even within the scientific community, nobody disagrees that thermodynamics are real, but it's too easy for the fatties to obfuscate that point by claiming that science hasn't even achieved consensus on whether calories in vs. calories out or carbohydrates are the culprit for obesity.

TL,DR-They won't go to the effort of finding a peer-reviewed source to bolster their argument, but will instead muddle and pervert the research being done by the actual scientists to fit their agendas.

u/YottaWatts91 · 0 pointsr/fatlogic

Gary Taubes would like to strongly disagree with you.

u/JehannePower · 8 pointsr/fatlogic

I once knew someone (with a normal BMI) who used one of these butt-wiping sticks after he had surgery:

His range of motion was limited, but he REALLY did not want another person helping.

One of the top-rated reviews on this product is from a guy who weighs 500 pounds, so it apparently also works for the morbidly obese.

u/hitogokoro · 3 pointsr/fatlogic

Got mine for $90 on Amazon. This one, still the one I use today. I have nothing else.

u/[deleted] · 13 pointsr/fatlogic

Oh, my God. This is gold. I love the hypocrisy: raging against the pharmaceutical and weight loss industries (which is arguably a legitimate beef) while ignoring the fact that the food industry spends millions on lobbying and marketing to keep people in the dark about nutrition.

BBW BTW, if anyone wants a couple of fascinating reads on how the food industry operates, here are two of my favorites. Both are cheap on Amazon and will do terrible things to your jimmies.

u/kinkydiver · 2 pointsr/fatlogic

Turns out that isn't her first book.

But I find it interesting that this one is priced such that no one who isn't already delusional will buy it.

u/JazzyJarza · 2 pointsr/fatlogic

I have this scale

Been using it daily for 2 years. Haven't even needed to change the batteries on it yet.

u/Dustin_00 · -1 pointsr/fatlogic

I have this 10 pound flat tire around my belly, so I've got 30,000 calories right there. Seems massive enough to me.

My lifts are with a 40 pound bar, started only able to do 6 reps, now I can do 20. The lifts are from [This Men's Health Book[( Also do 1 hour of cardio each day, and usually a 30 minute walk in the evening.

Also just saw a personal trainer last week and he gave me some new things to work on.

I don't have any pics, but trying to get to being able to see my abs -- even when I was 4 I had a beer belly (horrible family beach pics). I tried dropping meat, dairy, and processed foods to get rid of my acid reflux a year ago and my weight started dropping (and now I can have a serving of alcohol and not need a 2 Tums chaser, woot!). So now I can eat salads and stick to exercise, so hopefully somewhere in the next 6 months I'll get to see my abs at long last.

u/harrick · 1 pointr/fatlogic

Someone mentioned CBT. I found this book rather helpful. While it doesn't really help you get to the "why" of self-sabotage, it does give specific tools to help stop the sabotage.

u/SwinginCrabWhacka · 1 pointr/fatlogic

So I know you said you can't afford a food scale, but this one is $12. It's what I have cause I get it, I work at a job that pays $10 an hour, I pay for school and my car, and I'm working a limited amount of hours. If you can afford this scale, I recommend it. It's the biggest contributor to my weight loss.

Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black

u/lilly1185 · 4 pointsr/fatlogic

They make puzzle toys for dogs that force them to work out how to get the food- have you tried those? I've had to pick one up for a cat to put treats in, because if I do not stimulate him intellectually, he'll pull apart the cabinets.
these or these.

u/Funfundfunfcig · 1 pointr/fatlogic

Also sedentary most of the time and I believe my number is somewhat correct. Of course I burn more on my training days, but 1600-1700 number is what my scale suggests. That number could be wrong (I have this scale), but it works for me and my daily calorie count since I don't lose or gain weight. But I admit I could easily be mistaken for cca. 10%, so...

u/beetus_wrangler · 11 pointsr/fatlogic

Oh, god damn. And the same bullshit headline about the weight loss "industry." Doesn't she know that food is also an industry? Like, a kajillion dollar industry?

u/colloidaloatmeal · 43 pointsr/fatlogic

Not to mention the fact that a lot of junk food is specifically designed to override those signals to stop eating. Food companies do NOT have our best interests in mind and their only objective is to sell more product. Add in some insidious marketing schemes that target us from childhood and you've got a recipe for disaster.

~Listening to your body~ is a great idea in theory but in practice it easily falls apart in the face of overwhelming social pressure to overeat high-calorie foods. People may think they're making intuitive decisions when they give in to their cravings but so many of these cravings are engineered by outside forces. Sugar Salt Fat is blowing my freaking mind right now (haven't finished it yet), highly recommend! Children are literally more sensitive to certain tastes (like sugar, obvs) and if you can get them accustomed to higher levels of it young, well of course they're going to think they've just always had a raging sweet tooth and they'll keep needing more, more, more.

It is absolutely every individual's responsibility to take care of their health. Nobody else can do it for you. But I do also think we need to lay some blame on Big Food, and recognize that going against everything you've been taught/sold is really freaking hard. I can't remember where I read the saying but it was somewhere along the lines of "it's not a diet, it's a protest." That's the kind of messaging that I think could really get through to some FA types. I know because I used to be one of them. They want to be angry at something/someone...fuck, get angry at these food giants for hijacking your bodies and your minds!

u/bigsol81 · 15 pointsr/fatlogic

I generally don't even post here or read this sub, but I got redirected from another sub and happened upon this. Being a guy that's overweight and actively taking steps (and succeeding) to lose weight, I felt like responding.

1. No shit. BMI is used as a baseline. If you look like Brock Lesner or Dwayne Johnson, you're not paying any attention to the BMI.

2. All? No, of course not. Nobody with a brain fails to acknowledge that there are several disorders and diseases that can cause obesity regardless of diet or activity level. However, it's reasonable to state that most obese people have poor diets and low activity levels.

3. Of course fat itself isn't unhealthy. Being obese is the symptom, not the illness. Excess body fat is simply a sign that you're leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

4. You're right, it doesn't. A lot of people simply don't give enough of a fuck to change anything. I know people that smoke, know it's unhealthy, and just don't care. There are smokers that have strong willpower, too. There's also a difference between being unable to quit an unhealthy habit and simply not wanting to.

5. Yeah, it is real. It's just as real as the negative impact of high obesity rates on the medical industry. Oh, and the poor hygiene thing? Yeah, well, they make ass wiping sticks for people that are so fat they can't wipe their own asses. I doubt those are as effective or as dexterous as the human hand wielding them.

6. There's a difference there, too. I don't shame people that are fat, I shame people that are fat by their own volition and act like it's not their fault. Look, if you're fat and you know why and don't care, good for you. It's your body. If you're fat and hate everyone that's not fat? Yeah, fuck you. The traffic flows both ways, bitch.

7. I'm not even sure this stereotype exists. Everyone over the age of twelve has heard the term "chubby chaser" once or twice.

8. No shit. See #4.

9. Context is everything. I'm pretty sure "Move your fat ass." is very much an insult directed at the size of the individual's posterior.