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u/ProdigiousSovereign · 3 pointsr/ferret

My elderly ferret did poorly with ramps so I removed all the ramps & replaced them with those stairs for small dogs. They're covered with fake lamb's-wool. As an added bonus they have a plastic frame making ideal hidey holes underneath. It's a little pricey & takes up allot of space, but totally worth it if they'll fit in your cage.

Here's a link on Amazon:

u/TheRealBigBoyRight · 2 pointsr/ferret

Marshall Pet Products Pet Deluxe Play Pen, Small

Marshall Ferret Small Animal Playpen Mat/Cover 11 18"-Panel, Colors Vary

u can do the math to find out the approximate diameter of a circle, of course it can be made into squares or shapes with concavity. i cant remember if i got mine off amazon or 1800petsupplies but the latter does 30 percent off and free shipping on orders over $70 i think so i do my semiannual food and toy hauls through them