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u/Hart2375 · 2 pointsr/festivals

FUCK YES to making festivals a larger part of your life. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made :) I don’t know about the best shoes for dancing, but I always wear Vans to shows and festivals and I’ve never had an issue with my feet hurting. I think they’re a great option :) As for things to take the night of or after partying I would recommend a multivitamin, tylenol and a smoothie. The best thing you can really do to help yourself out is to eat lots of fruits and veggies in the days leading up to an event (or all the time!). Also constantly drinking water. I’ve tried a lot of extra supplements and misc. vitamins but they all are kinda extra and not needed to me. Also I constantly eating Cliff bars at festivals even when I’m not hungry. I feel better usually when I really really load up on calories. Healthier ones though!

Just bought this air mattress this year so haven’t tested it longterm, only used it for one festival so far. It stayed inflated well for the first 2 days and then we just topped it off with some more air for the remaining days and it worked great for us. Super comfy and it’s nice being higher off the ground. We put the air mattress in the tent before we inflate it, way easier. No air pump needed we use a car plug adapter and an extension cord. Its super easy to run your car for 5 minutes to inflate it. Make sure you pay attention to the number of prongs on your plug so you don’t buy the wrong adapter or extension cord too! For camping without a car nearby this method won’t work obviously but we always have the car by us.

My boyfriend and I purchased this tent 2 years ago and its made it though a decent amount of festivals. No signs of wear or damage. I know you mentioned a black out tent. I’m assuming to help sleep once the suns up? The heat usually gets me out of the tent before the light, it gets so unbearably hot once the suns up. You said you’re not new at this though so I’m sure you already knew that! :)

For staying cool I would recommend a cooling towel. Get it wet in your cooler ice water and it’s great to keep around your neck. Also small hand fans are a GAME CHANGER for guys and girls. It’s shocking how much they help honestly. Sitting with your feet in a small pool, bucket, or cooler when you’re hanging out at the campsite is super nice too. Just fill with water and some ice cubes and it really helps cool your body down!

Hope this info helped you out!

u/phildo · 2 pointsr/festivals

Lots of good suggestions here. The best suggestions I could add would be things that help you get a good sleep. Being well-rested makes for an awesome festival experience. Bring a big battery operated fan (something like this is worth its weight in gold), an eye mask or blindfold, and some ear plugs, and you can sleep 'til noon even on the hottest days.

u/pheoxs · 4 pointsr/festivals

So basically you want to look for backpacking equipment. REI (US) / MEC (Canada) are really good starts but are on the pricey side. Mountain warehouse is really cheap and decent.

You want a basic 4 person dome tent like this:

Get a small thin air mattress like this. Skip the pump, you can either blow it up with your mouth (as a backup, takes 5 min) or just ask people around you and chances are someone will lend you a pump

Bring a minimal sleeping bag, it'll be warmer than a blanket:

For a pillow you can actually just stuff some of your clothes or a hoodie into the sleeping bag case and then use that as pillow. Maybe bring a pillow case so its softer against your face.

Thats about it, I usually skip the cooler and just accept I'll spent more $ on food that weekend but you can pickup a lot of food that doesn't need to stay cold. Pop tarts, nuts, PB&J sandwiches, fruits, etc can all be picked up when you land and get you through the weekend.

I usually skip the chair, just bring a nice little blanket and sit on the ground (though if its gonna rain thats not so much of an option)

u/rideincircles · 2 pointsr/festivals

If going custom, check out where you can find these off the Westone site. An audiologist visit is required. There are other options for custom than these, but I’m not sure what would be better.

For regular earplugs, this article goes through a bunch of options. Eargasm ranked high.

I always liked the etymotic er-20’s for my ears. Good quality, but minimal reduction in noise. They work better for smaller canals. The er-20xs is shorter, but is for bigger ears.

Searching amazon for hi-fi earplugs will land you a bunch of options.

u/PenguinGrin · 1 pointr/festivals

I don't think the hammocks are provided, but there are thousands of them. I'd definitely recommend getting one of your own. It looks like the price has gone up since I bought it (about $50) and don't forget the straps!

u/youphoric · 5 pointsr/festivals

I love my ETY ER20 Plugs. Inexpensive, comfortable and sound great. Just used them throughout Moogfest. Links below for folks not familiar.

The bigger question is, how do you avoid forgetting them?!

u/overstable · 2 pointsr/festivals

A coolie hat can save the day. The wide brim keeps that blazing festival sun off your face and neck (and maybe a shoulder or two), plus the internal headband support means there's a good flow of air around your dome.

The style stands out in the crowd too. It also draws looks from the neighbors while I'm mowing the lawn.

u/Psychedelic_soup · 2 pointsr/festivals

I second the cots. We bought two coleman cots this year and it's freaking amazing. I feel like I slept in a regular bed each night. plus when you push them together and make it up, it kind of looks like a little bed in your tent. It's one of the greatest camping/fest purchases I've made. I won't go without them anymore.

Here's a link to the ones we have. The "deluxe" model is worth the extra 10 bucks or whatever since it's about 6'2" instead of 5'7"
Coleman Deluxe Cot-Amazon

u/WyldCardBeaches · 1 pointr/festivals

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap (Link at bottom). You don't need much, its easy to wipe off with very little water, smells good, and is safe for the environment. You can order it online or find it at Whole Foods or Target (Target has little 2oz travel bottles). Bring a wash cloth for each day (unless want to scrub your face with the same towel that you cleaned your sweaty junk with) and one or two towels. You basically just take a sponge bath and wipe off with a wet towel. The peppermint scent is really refreshing!

u/AlwaysAtWork · 10 pointsr/festivals

Earplugs are essential if you go to shows or festivals often at all. I've used many different kinds over the years and I've kind of settled on Alpine Ear Plugs right now. Decent sound, comfortable, washable, and come with useful carrying case.

u/PaulaLoomisArt · 5 pointsr/festivals

Seconding bringing a bunch of foam plugs to give away. I also use foam plugs at really loud shows.

For music plugs I use these. They’re relatively cheap and — most importantly for me — they’re a good fit for my tiny ears.

u/sourgangbang · 1 pointr/festivals

I've had these for almost 3 years and they are the best 13$ I've ever spent. I forget I have them in, and they have never fallen out. Highly recommend.

u/dgapa · 2 pointsr/festivals

I've tried about 4 or 5 brands, and this is the best. I usually buy a new pair every year because I use them so much.

u/NoWorries13 · 1 pointr/festivals

I got one of these

Its a double so if theres other people in the tent it still leaves plenty of room for them. Its definitely not the best air mattress I've used, deflates as the night goes on but I just use the battery pump to re-up before going to sleep each night. Small and easy to transport, does the trick and lets me get much more sleep than I usually would on the ground

u/derpaperdhapley · 1 pointr/festivals

I've tried 3-4 different brands of ear plug and the best one I've found has been Westone. They're so good there has been a couple times where I forgot that I was wearing them and forgot to take them out after a set at a festival, go to put them on again at the next set and freak out thinking I lost them but they were still in my ears the entire team. No change in what you can hear for a set or even for casual conversation.

u/krazygamerhead · 3 pointsr/festivals

Two of these water bladders. They can provide drinking water, wash your feet and general cleaning purposes.

Also fest season isn't over until November! Come to Live Oak, FL for Bear Creek, one of the funkiest get downs ever!

u/zionstella · 3 pointsr/festivals

These are part of our essential show kit, they save your hearing during the occasional feed back screech and the horse scream from the drunk girl right by your ear.I have tried many through time, it all depends on personal preference really. Right now we are kicking it with the DUBS and they rock!

u/creator787 · 3 pointsr/festivals

Deep cycle boat battery yo.

And a battery box with external hookups.

Lasted me all Electric Forest 2016 and only lost 50% charge between 6 people.

u/ColeVirgilCole · 1 pointr/festivals

Westone TRU Universal WM16 Professional Hearing Protection Filter Ear Plugs - 16 dB Advanced Filter Technology

These were recommended by Bassnectar’s sound guy, Killer Kyle. I’ve been using for a couple months and have no complaints.