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u/aturing987 · 1 pointr/fiaustralia

Hi - how are you going.

The JL Collins is a great place to start:-

I also really like William Bernstein's books. I got this series for free a while back and it's great.

This book is good as well:-

There is some great information in the MMM forum.

I think it's actually pretty simple. Develop a portfolio of low cost index funds. You get to choose your asset allocation so I think it's about reading up and developing your own outlook. Then choose an asset allocation and start investing towards that.

u/SagaciousSteve · 3 pointsr/fiaustralia

First up take your time, a few months to get comfortable with what you'll be doing is well worth it now. Although 2.9% isn't a fantastic return, be thankful you've got the money and you're not losing money. If possible, treat the money as if you don't have it, don't dip into it to help out with this thing, or that thing.

I'll echo the below items that talk about learning. learn what shares and stocks are, the little book of common sense investing is a pretty good book to read about index investing.

(edit: removed barefoot investor link as you've already mentioned it)

u/PandDos · 2 pointsr/fiaustralia

fair point. maybe the quotes mean more if you have some context of his investment principles. i like the quotes because some of them are good reminders to keep you ontrack. if you're interested he is well worth looking into. i read two books on him a few years back that i found very interesting.

The Warren Buffett Way

The Warren Buffett Portfolio: Mastering the Power of the Focus Investment Strategy

one of them in particular (a cant remember which) went into a lot of detail about the criteria he used to select solid companies. if you want specific unique advice about his investment style, id recommend them to anyone that is looking to invest.

u/snrubovic · 15 pointsr/fiaustralia

Firstly, have a read of the investment order for new investors.

Then, if you have an emergency fund and no debts (besides HECS/HELP), then

u/Chubbeh · 6 pointsr/fiaustralia

FYI of you're starting out, and depending on your situation, you may not need a corporate trustee. An individual can be the trustee. This should save you a few hundred and you don't need to submit a tax return for the company. There's a great book on this that I would recommend. Family Trusts: A Plain English Guide for Australian Families 5E

u/JacobAldridge · 7 pointsr/fiaustralia

There's a wealth of information on the sidebars here and at r/financialindependence that I would recommend before I suggest buying any books - especially reading through some of the blogs that are linked.

There's a fundamental difference between Aussie Superannuation and American 401(k), in that we lack a backdoor option for accessing monies in these tax-beneficial structures. This means developing basically two pools of money - that which will fund retirement after 'preservation age', which you can grow via Super, and that which will fund you from RE to that age (which you'll need to invest outside of Super).

One of the FI community members (/u/graemeCPA iirc) has just published a getting started book Building Wealth and Being Happy, so if you definitely want something why not support a good guy (albeit in the US system) and grab it.

Edit: Amazon link

u/thefiexpl · 3 pointsr/fiaustralia

Indeed, still time for recovery for the monthly report, he said hopefully...!

You are right on the earnings point, I was curious about the stability of this, and recently went back and looked at the long-term history of my distributions. While there is some variation, it's really been driven by portfolio growth overall.

My only real concern with buy the dips is that it shades into market timing, which historically doesn't work out that great. Recently read a famous account of an investor in the Great Depression, by Benjamin Roth. He thought he was buying dips too.

u/fortis-in-arduis · 5 pointsr/fiaustralia

So you want /u/UtilitarianOutcomes to somehow summarise the hopes and dreams of the likely several billion people who could broadly be categorised as "optimists"?

Honestly what fucking answer do you expect?

u/inateclan · 3 pointsr/fiaustralia

Looking for this one too. For non-aus one, am planning to get this: The Simple Path to Wealth: Your road map to financial independence and a rich, free life

u/kylevee · 1 pointr/fiaustralia

If you're interested in investing, I recommend "Index Revolution" and "How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street".

Obviously both advocate index investing :)

u/capitan-garfio · 5 pointsr/fiaustralia

Check out this book if you're interested in learning more about many of the psychological pitfalls:

u/grebfar · 8 pointsr/fiaustralia

I think ETF Bloke does a decent job covering Australian specific ETFs.

In terms of books, for someone in your situation it may be worth reading Andrew Hallam's Expat Millionaire. It has very specific investment advice for expats who are living and investing overseas including model scenarios depending on which country you are in/from.

u/iplaymage · 3 pointsr/fiaustralia

Haven't read the above book, but along the same lines have a read of this:

Not just finance related, but life generally.