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u/freedomshocked · 3 pointsr/fibro

I was diagnosed about the same time as you (will be 27 in the spring): Around 22 and in college. I also have a fused spine (L4-S1). The anti-depressant route never worked for me. The worst drug I was ever put on was Lyrica. Granted, I was on a ridiculously high dose (300mg twice a day), but still. There's a whole almost 2 years of my life I literally do not remember. My husband and I can joke about it now, but I know be being a zombie for so long was terribly hard for him. The drug that saved my ass was Savella. Bless that medication. I am currently off of it as I am pregnant (which was a fight all on its own...). I read lots of studies that suggested that pregnancy can throw firbo into almost total remission, and thankfully, that's been true for me. It will come back after the birth, but there's a chance it won't ever be as bad again. (Not to say you should go get knocked up, just sharing my experience. ;) ) I have joined ever fibro support group I could find, read endless books (This one was the most helpful for me: Mostly I learned as much as I could so I could be an advocate for myself. I've learned not to be afraid of "firing" doctors. Pill pushers and pill scrooges make me equally angry. Try to be as informed as you can, but don't lose hope on bad days! My doctors finally convinced me to get a service dog almost 5 years ago, and that has made the single biggest difference in my life. We went to college together and he saved my butt many times. :) I'm happy to share any info on that front if you're interested. Best of luck!!!

EDIT: Forgot the companion book, it was also a wonderful resource when I was first diagnosed:

EDIT #2: It should be noted that neither book is the most up-to-date, however the majority of the info presented is still spot-on and worth the read. My copies are both shot to hell with notes and highlights. ;)

u/Purjinke_Shift · 6 pointsr/fibro

I'm currently trying to get over pretty much all the things you mentioned. This is a list of what's been working for me.

It's good that you're recognizing your limits and triggers for pain. That's been very important for me. I know what I'm capable of right now. If something comes up that I know I can't handle, I'm going to have to set boundaries.

Don't be so afraid of failure. So what if you get a job that you have to quit 2 weeks later? Now you know you can't handle that type of job. Try a different job when you feel up to it. It's ok to fall down. You will survive.

The same goes for hanging out with people. You can always try to socialize a bit, but if you feel tired remember, you are allowed to leave. Your friends should understand. I often feel selfish for turning down friends (even phone calls and texts), but I've realized that I need to set boundaries for myself so that I can feel my best.

As for meeting a partner or being a competent mother...I have a friend who tells me I worry too much about future things I can't conceive of or control. Stop worrying about nothing, he says. I say, take it one day at a time. If a day is too much to handle, take it hour by hour. Or less even. Just focus on your current, perceivable world. Practice mindfulness.

Above all, love. Learn how to love yourself in this pain-ridden state. If you can't achieve that, I feel that you won't be able to move on with your life. Yes, you are a person who has more to go through than the average human on a daily basis...but don't let your pain define you.

I feel like I could have been writing that to myself, so I apologize if it sounds condescending or bitchy. That's my brain kicking itself in the ass. Ah well. Take care, love. Here's an internet hug for you \o/

u/Anngel_ · 1 pointr/fibro

Excellent! Please do what you can in the mean time ✌ This is the corydalis I use if you want to buy some: Good luck! Feel free to message me if you need anything 😀

u/Hows_Your_Back · 2 pointsr/fibro

I have 2 memory foam pillows that I sleep on and while I don't have migraines I did notice a considerable change in my sleep quality. I still have a lot of neck and upper back pain, but I tend to wake up less and they just feel better to sleep on since mine are a little firmer. I sleep with 2 pillows and I wonder if maybe the extra height is part of the problem, might try just one for a while.

I had a friend recommend a water pillow she absolutely loves it, but I don't have personal experience.

u/CraigFL · 5 pointsr/fibro

From what I understand, if the meal plan is followed, the body will "forget" about the allergies in about a year or so and then you can get re-challenged one food at a time. Eventually you'd be able to enjoy all the things you love to eat. I highly recommend his book. While it discussed treating fibro with antiviral therapy (which has done wonders for me), it also has a section on delayed food allergies you may be interested in.

u/Beemorriscats · 2 pointsr/fibro

It all depends on your father's case if he'll be able to have a "regular" life again. The spinal cord implant could definitely be a big help. Give him time to heal and see how he does. The fact that he's already feeling better with having major back surgery last week could be a really good sign :) My brother's girlfriend had a lumbar fusion two years ago. It helped significantly, but it was a couple of months of healing. I think she was mostly functional about 3 months after surgery. It has overall helped with her pain a lot.

Advice for him? He should do what he can. Don't push it too hard, know your limits. Pushing it too hard can make a longer healing process (or permanent damage) / worse pain later down (related to fibro). If he has PT, make sure he goes!

Advice for you? Make sure you make time for yourself and your husband. Caring for a family member can be really stressful on you & your relationship. Plan time to spend with just the two of you. Date night maybe?

You should look into some small things that could help him around the house as he becomes more mobile. Things like a reacher. It'll both help his independence and give you some room to breath. See what kinds of stuff he has issues with and go from there!

u/michann00 · 1 pointr/fibro

moist heating pad - they're more expensive but oh so worth it. This is the one I have and I love it. They also last foreverª-Heating/dp/B004X1DUQ8/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1322344307&sr=8-9