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u/lovesmasher · 44 pointsr/fifthworldproblems

You mean you threw the manual away when you took the moon out of the box. Luckily moon manuals are available outline at moonmoonmoonmoonmoo.nmoon/moonmoonmoonmoonnoommoon/moon.manuals/

u/Jooshbag · 1 pointr/fifthworldproblems

Yeah, makes me want to read House of Leaves

u/Raze183 · 1 pointr/fifthworldproblems

perhaps arrange HUMAN DEVICE in a tesseract array so {barking} causes resonance in only d̺̺̯̞͖͠o͕̫̹g͓ detectable dimensionsss

u/PolarisDiB · 4 pointsr/fifthworldproblems

You forgot to download the automated interactive ebook with performance support. Here it is. WARNING: primer may cause revolution if handed to the marginalized or underrepresented.

u/ChloroformQT · 1 pointr/fifthworldproblems

Oh, my bad, forgive my ignorance. Have you tried this?