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u/Cilicious · 3 pointsr/florida

I enjoy Hiassen's non-fiction too, such as Team Rodent.

I just read Swamplandia, and really enjoyed it.

One of my favorite books about north Florida is Cross Creek, which is a sort of diary/memoir by author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, who wrote The Yearling. Rawlings lived in the back country out in a orange grove with few modern conveniences. She turned her wood closet into a bar, and made the best of it.

One of my favorite movies about Florida is John Sayles' Sunshine State.

u/bleeting_shard · 2 pointsr/florida

A little different vein but I really enjoyed Gainseville Punk by Matt Walker.

Really opened up a world I knew little about. Well written.

u/vask3000 · 1 pointr/florida

great video, that's something I would like to try one day!
I read this book recently, called "Pirate Hunters", blew my mind. It's a real account of a duo of treasure hunter scuba divers searching for lost pirate ships, check it out:

u/Aplos9 · 2 pointsr/florida

I picked Redneck Riviera up at a whim at the library. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's about a son who came to Florida to check out some land that his father had purchased only to find it had been taken over by the infamous Hunt Club. It's a true story he's retelling.

u/paulderev · 3 pointsr/florida

It's non-fiction so it's about Florida and it's a witty read.

Dream State by Diane Roberts

Roberts is a heckuva accomplished woman who's descended from many, many generations of notable Floridians.

Also try Susan Orlean's "The Orchid Thief."

u/ticktag · 2 pointsr/florida

Interesting article. I started on this book: The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World

u/optifrog · 1 pointr/florida

WaterBOB Bathtub Emergency Water Storage Container

Looks like it would be a big hastle to clean and dry from use to use ?

u/Orlando1701 · 5 pointsr/florida

There's a reason why Alas Babylon was one of my favorite books going to high school in this state.

u/Impudence · 1 pointr/florida

Check out solar camp showers. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. I have this one it takes a fairly long time during the day for the water to get warm and it will never be as hot as it would coming out of a water heater, but if you just want something for warmer water for soaking dishes or bathing, most of them will do just fine. btw- with the coleman one, the hose and "showerhead" are absolutely awful. Make sure you look at reviews.

Aside from that a camping stove or rigging up coffee cans or something over a fire.

u/kometes · 6 pointsr/florida

Here's the link for people who can't read the thumbnail that OP posted:

u/keyamb · 5 pointsr/florida

[Classic Cracker](Classic Cracker: Florida's Wood-Frame Vernacular Architecture

u/daretoeatapeach · 4 pointsr/florida

If you can't buy water you can buy a Water BOB and fill your tub before the storm.

u/GreatThingsTB · 3 pointsr/florida

There is rock deodorant. While it has a higher melting point than gel or the white stuff, it also doesn't work.

How about old school roll-on, powder, or undershirt combination?

u/Kasita_Aco · 1 pointr/florida

I have a cord for drawing power from the fuse box, but have yet to try to hook it up. From what I've read the instructions are to plug it into an always-on fuse (pardon the incorrect terminology). I'm not sure if the camera will draw power from the battery constantly, or if it will only draw power if parking mode is enabled (while the car is off). If it's the latter former, I was planning on checking to see if there's a fuse that only delivers power while the car is running.

u/Opheltes · 3 pointsr/florida

By one count, the average person in this county commits three felonies a day. By your logic, no one should be allowed to vote.

u/freshthrowaway1138 · 3 pointsr/florida

Uh this is my main account moron, notice how long/how often I've been using it? And what does it matter what account I use, it's not like any of us are using our real name. I do change accounts when too much personal information is in an account, don't want one of you nazi collaborators DOXing me.

As for walking through poor areas and gang filled areas, I have actually done that. And I wasn't jumped, do you want to know how? Because I smile and treat everyone as if they are human beings who deserve respect. I don't look at them as if they are animals that are going to attack, because I know that they are not animals waiting to attack. I have been around the world, I have been through parts of towns that look like warzones, and I have made it through. You think Compton is bad? How about West Oakland back in the day? Yeah, been there done that.

White people that get jumped are usually acting all skittish, which makes people think they are being looked at by a racist. No one, especially not folks that have felt systemic racism in their communities, wants to think they are being judged by the color of their skin. And black folks are going to be irritated by it because they have felt the impact of racism for generations! What, do you think that a lifetime of experiencing racism is just gonna disappear because a new law gets passed? Have you ever tried to understand what racism is like? And no, you've never experienced true racism if you're white and living in America.

Here, I'll give you a title that you should read, just to understand what people still alive today have experienced. It's called When Affirmative Action was White. The title will probably piss you off, but just read it. Or you can also read something by James Loewen that will put this world into perspective. Then head to your library because your librarian should have more information.