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u/Xxx1982xxX · 1 pointr/flygear

These are surprisingly great. Second pair, highly recommend. They are big, polarized, and hold up really well.

u/stu8319 · 3 pointsr/flygear

I bought this:


While it is a very cheap reel, the rod is actually fantastic (I have very little fly experience so take that with a grain of salt). I have a creek right next to work and I can catch sunfish all day on this thing. I am in Oklahoma so I haven't taken it anywhere for trout yet, but I'm sure it will work fine.

u/timarland · 1 pointr/flygear

Nice - thanks!

I just ordered this:

I like the idea of having the completely separate bottom part for wet waders and boots. Not sure how big the top really is, so I'll have to test it out this week when it arrives. I'll let you know.

u/rockso1 · 1 pointr/flygear

Handy Pak Net - Plastic Handle Vinyl Pouch (HPJN-30 Deep Knotted Netting)

This is the one that I bought. It's held up well, I've only had it a few months though. They have one with a wooden handle that's a bit more expensive, I like the plastic though.