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u/LordDeathDark · 1 pointr/forhonor

tl;dr, but as far as I'm concerned, this is still the de facto PC controller. Plug-and-play ready for systems as far back as Win XP (Service Pack 3 required), and it's the most widely "accepted" controller by games, many of them even recognizing it specifically and giving input commands based on its buttons.

I've seen a number of people, such as Oroboro and TrueTalent, playing on PC and they're playing with controllers and getting their prompts in that "language", so I'd recommend trying that. Sucks that the Steam Controller doesn't work, but XB360 controller is solid.

u/aNevikk · 3 pointsr/forhonor

It may be frustrating at first, but I think this game gave the most fun I've had on xbox in a long time. I payed 60 bucks at launch, but I can tell you that 20 dollars for this game is a STEAL. It's gonna get a shitload of improvements this year and I even have a link where you can get it Xbox for 15 bucks on Amazon. I highly encourage you try it out! "I want to FIGHT you on the battlefield!" - Luc Duchaine

Hope to see your choice soon!

Link to $15 For honor: For Honor - Xbox One

u/RDW_789 · 1 pointr/forhonor

I can link you the one I have, but other than that I don't know. I'm sure you can find a better one if your budget is 400 bucks. Maybe you can ask others on here, they surely know more than I do when it comes to good prices on good monitors.

u/Onefurrybanana · 2 pointsr/forhonor

That is pretty funny considering amazon doesn't release the codes till the 14th!

Edit: Link for anyone curious. It clearly states it won't be available until the 14th.

u/WholeNewAnimal · 2 pointsr/forhonor

I'd check Amazon for copies of the game. I bought my standard edition on the PS4 for £14. Also, don't forget about getting a second hand copy of the game from the local games shop. If you're just getting it to play with friends then you don't need to worry about dropping full price on it.

EDIT: I even did the heavy lifting for you:

u/Fatal-Feit · 1 pointr/forhonor

Do not, and I mean DO NOT, get a Scuf controller. They are overpriced and breaks insanely quickly. You'll be lucky to last even a couple months with one.

Razer are an okay product. I don't particularly like them. They are popular only in name alone, imo.

I'd say, even if you don't run Windows 10, still go for the X1 Elite controller. The default button mapping is fine and it's the only controller in the market that feels genuinely premium and will last at least a year.

But if you still refuse the X1 Elite controller, your best option are one of these.

u/tehbuggg · 2 pointsr/forhonor

Yeah, I bought it for ps4, have never used the 20% on a pc game, but it definitely has to be the physical copy:



Looks like this is unavailable

u/akai7 · 2 pointsr/forhonor

Okay, so I solved this issue like this: I've used my DS4 to play games not natively supported on Steam, so I turned on the 'DS4 configuration' in Big Picture Mode. It overrode the game's configuration; after I disabled it, it worked like a charm.

As for connecting wirelessly, I use this bluetooth adapter (I bought it for $4) without any drivers or third party programs or whatever... I only use DS4Windows sometimes, but I use Steam's configuration for basically everything.
Just plug in the wireless adapter, pair it via bluetooth menu in Windows, start Steam/uPlay and connect it, the light bar should be light blue. Then start the game and it should work.

u/theMAJORKANG · 1 pointr/forhonor

Interesting. That has never once happened to me. Sounds like you might need a new dongle.

u/Evolved_One · 5 pointsr/forhonor

I'm buying that $40 PS4 controller thing with paddles... getting decent reviews. I just want the paddles, really. No interest in the other features (that seem a bit like cheating) the thing does.

I'll edit a link in a few mins. Can't remember it's name atm.

Edit: strike pack I hear you can also buy these at gamestop.

u/Peach-pop · 28 pointsr/forhonor
  1. cup
  2. get some painter's tape and you can either lay down enough strips to cut out the pattern or just lay it on the cup itself to form the shape (it's all straight lines so it shouldn't be too bad)
  3. spray paint of your choice (i used a hammered black) and let dry
  4. some dishwasher safe modge podge, 2-3 coats should do it
  5. new cup!
u/EnderAtreides · 1 pointr/forhonor

A standard XBox 360 wired controller, like this one.

u/rockstar2012 · 2 pointsr/forhonor

If you don't want to drop 140+ bucks on a scuff you can always get this instead.