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u/decker12 · 5 pointsr/forza

Yes, the rumble triggers (oh, sorry, "Impulse Triggers") are amazing. It's not just ABS, it's the whole acceleration and driving experience in many games including Forza and F1 2017/2018. You can feel it in the trigger when you lose traction and you can ease off the gas in tune with the vibration. It's also not simply off/on - it has sensitivity to it and it's on a different motor than the rest of the controller.

Gears of War, Tomb Raider, and a bunch of other games also support the rumble triggers. Gears is especially cool because you get the "kick" of the guns when you shoot, and this is felt in the trigger. The chainsaw in that game vibrates slowly and then ramps up when you hit something with it.

I stuck with my X360 controller for years and years, and then a friend convinced me to get the XB1 controller. I used it for a couple of hours and was so impressed I literally gifted all my friends XB1 controllers for Christmas. It's that good. It's like when you finally bought a gaming mouse instead of a generic one. The controller itself feels great as well, much more precise, buttons are tighter feeling, and the finish on it is better than the slippery X360 controller.

This is the model I got from Amazon with the cable. I play with the cable plugged in (just a standard micro USB), not with Bluetooth, although it'll support both.

u/RustyRav · 1 pointr/forza

Get it from Amazon here! for $20 off at the moment digital copy with windows 10 and xbox one support great deal. Great game.
It will save your progress on Xbone and windows 10

u/twalker294 · 2 pointsr/forza

The Thrustmaster TX is another option. I think it's a bit better quality than the Logitech and the feedback is better. It's a bit cheaper at $299 BUT the pedal set doesn't have a clutch. If you want the 3 pedal set it's another $150. I love my TX and I've replaced the standard wheel with the VG leather wheel (also $150,) and it feels great. You can also get the TX with the VG wheel and the 3 pedal set for $469

There is also an addon H-pattern shifter available for $100. Yes you can spend a good bit of money on your setup but it's an absolute must for all but the most casual racing gamer.

u/Nawero · 3 pointsr/forza

Amazon link:
> Play Anywhere:
> Ability to play your same save progress on both Windows 10 and Xbox One - requires digital version
> Only need to purchase the game ONCE to play on all available platforms! (Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X & Windows 10)

As stated above, it should work with PC aswell. Since I will be adding a digital product on my xbox account and I should be able to play it anywhere.
Took 3 keys. Will see on 29th if those work:D

u/The-Shadowcatt · 2 pointsr/forza

If you can find the tx with the leather wheel and better pedals it makes it an even better setup. The price is generally much cheaper than buying everything separate but I don't think it's available in all regions. As a TX owner you will not regret buying this wheel.
Edit added link

u/binary_is_better · 1 pointr/forza

If you just want something cheap the Xbox 360 Wireless Speed wheel is a good choice. It's not as nice as the other wheels mentioned in this thread. But I like it much better than using a controller. It gives me more fine control than the thumb stick. The triggers are a bit bigger, which makes it easier to control throttle/breaking. There's no lag. The only issue with it is it's missing the LR bumpers.

Plus it's fun to use.

u/S0UNDH0UND · 1 pointr/forza

I preordered the Ultimate Edition on Amazon because they won't charge you until the day the game comes out, and I get that sweet, sweet Audi R8.

I'm hoping the way it works is that I can redeem the code in the Windows Store rather than having to go through

u/fleaver12 · 1 pointr/forza

This is the best deal at the moment, that I can find.

Force Feedback, and the ability to upgrade to a stick shift and/or 3 pedals. $286 USD. Normally $400.

u/GameStunts · 1 pointr/forza

After a quick google around, it seems Forza 4 Essentials is basically forza 4 without the second disc which has an extra few hundred cars. It's probably how Microsoft sold Turn 10 on the idea of it being bundled with XB360 was to cut out some content that people would then purchase.

The price of DLC cars is pretty expensive, I'd say your better option would be to look for a full version of Forza 4.

I'm sure you can find this game secondhand where ever you are less than it would cost you to get the DLC.

Amazon UK and US list prices.

u/tasetase · 1 pointr/forza

Yea, for the pre-order cars we have the luxury of being able to pick one for free, so might as well put all the options on the table and check them out.

This is the page I'm looking at for Amazon. That page has "digital" plastered all over it, I imagine it's probably digital.

Also 130$ CAD is 100$ USD, so I'dd expect to pay that amount at any store for the Ultimate edition. Buying in USD is probably cheaper too, since here I'dd get taxed 15%, so 130 would become 150.

u/candre23 · 7 pointsr/forza

The game has a few limitations that I don't like - specifically no night racing, no rain, no dirt/gravel, and no open-wheeled cars. I expect Horizon will correct at least a few of these limitations.

My only other gripe isn't so much with Forza as with Microsoft. Forza is the premier, exclusive racing sim on their system. You would think that when designing a racing wheel to go with it, it would be fully functional. Nope. I got one of these, and while it's a great wheel in many respects, the lack of LB and RB make painting impossible and several game menus difficult-to-impossible to access. You would hope that the MS team designing the wheel would work a bit more closely with the team distributing one of the biggest games for the system to ensure compatibility.

u/DrPurse · 2 pointsr/forza

Basically just bought it on Amazon through here: (change ultimate to standard). Make sure it's the digital version.

Bought with European VISA, received a code, redeemed it on Belgian Microsoft Store.

u/Pub_Raider · 1 pointr/forza

I recommend you buy the code from Amazon it's instant delivery but unfortunately you don't get the one month free Xbox Live.

u/Vithia · 1 pointr/forza

So with this link
As european i can bought Forza Horizon 3 PC standard edition for 59.99$ ?

I'm so lost with those Xbox/win10 registration codes ...

PS:OK nevermind there's a mention "Note: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States."
So i supposed i need US physical location, also US billing address and US gamertag account to activate it ?

u/starfishbfg · 2 pointsr/forza

This is a much better wheel than the logitech and in a sale at the moment ($300 currently) so it's only $50 over your budget.

You will have to do alot of upgrading if you ever plan to get a shifter for it though (T3PA pedals, TH8A shifter for a combined extra ~$200).

You can get it with a leather wheel trim and T3PA pedals as standard for $450:

Keep an eye out for it being reduced in the Black Friday sales next week.

If you can't afford that, the G920 with Driving Force shifter is a decent fallback.

u/Elllie · 1 pointr/forza

Yes, I think they provide the code immediately because the game is open for preload. That's the exact page I got the game;

u/zombipuppy · 1 pointr/forza

Wow, so I did a search for a Microsoft wheel, and I had no idea they unveiled a new wireless on at E3 this year:

u/v_klimov · 1 pointr/forza

You can buy a digital code on Amazon for example and then redeem it in the Windows store.

>>I go through the PayPal process and then it asks for an address but region locks it to the US...

I think Paypal is region locked to US and maybe some other countries, but I don't have a list of them. Just use a regular CC, if possible and it should be fine.

Edit: Amazon link for FH3. 39.99$ right now.

u/brettweir7539 · 2 pointsr/forza

Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel with Responsive Pedals for Xbox One

u/TheGudu · 1 pointr/forza

Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel with Responsive Pedals for Xbox One

u/nerdfulworld · 14 pointsr/forza

Ah yes, I printed to this sticker paper
and covered by
and 4 months past after pasted.

Idk they ship to overseas but these are general products. I think it's nothing different as you can buy at Staples.

u/Osumunbro · 1 pointr/forza

if it's Canadian it would be even more expensive...

price was reduced by $13

u/aab010799 · 3 pointsr/forza

the thrusmaster tx is compatible with pc and xbox one

u/Nafoon · 1 pointr/forza

The Ultimate Edition is getting a physical run (at least in the US, not sure elsewhere) this time around.


Microsoft Store (Good deal here actually):

Game Stop (They claim it's a steel book):

u/Psygnosis7 · 1 pointr/forza

Why not put the disc in and see?

And no the Essentials edition will not work with disc 2 content.