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u/endless_odyssey · 5 pointsr/freemagic

Dominaria has perhaps the *most* lore associated with it, given that it was the primary plane for most of Magic's history (pre-'mending'). There's a ton of books from those blocks (some are even good). I always thought the Rath and Storm anthology was the best MTG story/book money could buy, back when I was into that sort of thing. The Dark Horse graphic novel Gerrard's Quest covers the same ground and is also acceptable (and a much quicker read).

After that you can probably be forgiven for skipping the Mercadian Masques books (though I will defend the Nemesis book to my dying breath), but the 3 Invasion cycle books leading to the Apocalypse event were exciting as hell.

The Thran and Brothers War stories are worth checking out just to get the proper appreciation for Urza as a character (though the writing contained within the books aren't especially good).


This'll get you started, I suppose:

u/LawyersPlayDota · 7 pointsr/freemagic

Someone sounds a bit triggered. Here's an affiliate link for a waterproof keyboard you can cry into as you bash the fash and totally own people online, you wonderful freedom fighter!

u/Woohah-D · 3 pointsr/freemagic

If this is just a storage/stay-at-home binder, the cheap-ass Ultra pro is plenty serviceable: Ultra Pro PRO-Binder, 4-Pocket, Black

Alternatively, if this is something you’re frequently toting around, I’d advise something a little more robust, like the Ultimate Guard 4-Pocket: Ultimate Guard 4 Pocket Zipfolio Xenoskin Deck Case, Red

If you’re looking for comparisons, Tolarian Community College does binder reviews.

u/mnemosyne-0002 · 1 pointr/freemagic

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    I am Mnemosyne 2.1, Cause we're going to shout it loud, even if our words seem meaningless. It's like I'm carrying the weight of the world. ^^^^/r/botsrights ^^^^Contribute ^^^^message ^^^^me ^^^^suggestions ^^^^at ^^^^any ^^^^time ^^^^Opt ^^^^out ^^^^of ^^^^tracking ^^^^by ^^^^messaging ^^^^me ^^^^"Opt ^^^^Out" ^^^^at ^^^^any ^^^^time
u/Jfreak7 · 1 pointr/freemagic

You're so solid on adjectives, I assumed you knew how paragraphs work. Sorry for the assumption. Paragraphs group thoughts together. There is a second, a third and even a fourth sentence in that first reply.

You're still using kobe beef and water when they are terrible comparisons. You don't seem to have any kids (and I'm thinking you're really young). If a demographic uses something, they are most always a target for its marketing. Kids Water

Feminine hygiene products are specifically used for vaginas and periods. Soap isn't specifically used for that. Dial Soap is advertised as a women's product, though. It's also a pretty terrible comparison. You must be a fan.

If you want to assume adjectives mean more than they do, that's on you. I don't particularly care.

u/BracerCrane · 15 pointsr/freemagic

Product information here:

Twenty bucks for an art book about the dumbest fucking "faction" in MTG, from the period of worst art direction in MTG? Miss me with that gay shit.

The only good thing about this is in the description it says:

>The Gatewatch’s character histories, from their origins through their final confrontation with Nicol Bolas

I hope the final confrontation will be the final time we ever see one-dimensional goblin-face Nicky B and the Vanilla Squad face off. Please just yeet the gatewatch into the annals of history and never mention them again.

u/MikiSayaka33 · 1 pointr/freemagic

Oh, well, they are considered as training wheels and the official site said they're flashy stuff for beginners. What about rookie and intro decks can some of those cards transfer to other decks for things like tournaments? Also, what about toolkits? I was eyeing this one earlier, but got a bit freak out a tiny bit that I have to assemble a killer deck (considering that all the elements are there, that'll keep me busy at the library outings):

u/3bolts · 2 pointsr/freemagic

Kids understand the concept of murder a lot better than they would slow suicide by mental disorder, encouraged by losers who need someone to play victim, just so said losers can have some cause to shout about how much they are down with.