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u/TomahawkJackson · 1 pointr/fresno

Do something like this Reddit Games Night from Denver, and you'll have piqued my interest. You lost me at your list of "games".

I'm a grown-ass man, and I want some grown-ass games, like Catan, Splendor, Dominion, Power Grid, Puerto Rico, Werewolf, Bang! (which is amazing when you've got 20 drunken people around a table all slamming their cups'o'dice on the table at the same time every turn...), etc.

Find that in your heart, then...then you might entice me.

Oh, and the 15 year old needs to be welcome, too!

Oh, Oh! And more than 8 hours of notice would be good, too!

u/Kozmo_Arkanis · 2 pointsr/fresno

That is so funny! Stardew Valley helped me get enough courage to take up the hobby of growing. If you are limited on space in your apartment, I would recommend these planters:

They are perfect for herbs, green onions or strawberries. In between harvests you can play some Farm Together.

u/MoreGravyPls · 1 pointr/fresno

I got my standard Lodge 10" skillet for $14 at Walmart.

Amazon sells a reasonable Le Creuset alternative for b/w $38-50 depending on whether it's on sale or not (instead of ~$300) and IMO looks nicer and is a little bigger.

Edit: The reason I know the price variation for the dutch oven is that it's been stolen once so I had to replace it and I've bough 4 others for friends and family that have liked mine.

I don't really like stainless steel but Costco's cheap teflon and ceramic pans would be a good deal at double the price.

u/aburgin74 · 2 pointsr/fresno

This is a good reference book for plants, as far contactors go it will depend on what you want you want to do. Astro turf one contractor flower beds another.

u/reddit_affiliate · 4 pointsr/fresno

They don't dig too deep in my experience, but they'll remove anything obvious or opened.

You want some of these. Have used, can confirm makes opened bottles look legit. Also plenty of other fake packaging in the related items on same page.


u/Curururu · 3 pointsr/fresno

I was looking at some recently on Newegg and Amazon for about 1k but had second thoughts after the recent heat wave. Just use there in site search for '150cc scooter'. They did specify "street legal".


u/COSslacker · 2 pointsr/fresno

King of California. Covers the history of the JG Boswell Company and the draining of the Tulare Lake here in the South Valley.

u/edluv · 1 pointr/fresno

and i'm over here thinking this.

u/mikechella · 8 pointsr/fresno

That isn't true. I've had my bags for a few years and use them constantly. They aren't even close to ripping apart.

u/kingatrock · 1 pointr/fresno

Same lens but BRAND NEW goes for $719 on amazon (used for $659).

I'd consider changing the price unless you're actively trying to sucker people.

u/_salt86 · 8 pointsr/fresno

If anyone was as confused as i was



it's a spicy pickle. Not a pickle that you put in the microwave.