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u/baltikorean · 2 pointsr/galaxys4

Ordering this was one of the dumbest purchases I've made on Amazon. Since then the ratings had dropped significantly, but a year ago it looked like a good idea. POS was falling apart in a month.

I ended up getting the Belkin Slim Fit using Amazon Price Match at Best Buy. It's a snug fit on the phone, you definitely have to take the phone out of whatever case you're using, but I like it, and it still holds well.

u/DeadPlasmaCell · 2 pointsr/galaxys4

Howdy! I recently bought the charging kit and can tell you that the case I have ( Diztronic Matte Black ) works great with the thicker back plate. NFC works fine, the charging pad picks it up perfectly as well. In the end I wasn't a huge fan of the slight bulk the new back plate added, even though it was was very slight. I ended up giving this Wireless Charging Sticker a shot and I'm very impress with how well it works. My standard back plate fits fine over it and adds no extra bulk and that's what i'm currently using along with the Samsung charging pad. Here's a couple of pics of the Diztronic case with the "bulkier" Samsung charging plate installed:

Hope this info helps!

u/BlurryBigFoot · 1 pointr/galaxys4

i've had an s4 for over a year. Here's how I did my major functions:

  • HD Widgets, i paid for it and love it for a combined clock/weather app.

  • Up Next widget to display my calender on a screen.

  • Reddit Sync Dev - love this app for redditing

  • Waze - As /u/thejeninator said, use it every time you drive even if you know where your going. it will direct you around traffic (most of the time). Use this in combination with which gives you 3 ways to mount the phone in your car. I use it everyday.

  • MightyText - lets you send regular sms messages from android tablet or computer or gmail interface. i use it to text instead of AirDroid.

  • Nova Launcher - replace the stock launcher for a faster and lighter interface, and turn on the feature to enable "ok google" from any screen.

  • towelroot - use this to root, then make changes now available to you in nova launcher and install greenify to hibernate apps that want to run and waste your battery.

  • google keep and it's widget - quick note taking app, nice widget, i use it to store quick things.

  • titanium backup - once rooted, use it to freeze all the crap that's on there.

  • DiskUsage - lets you see what files are taking up space visually. light program, and useful for finding where all your space went.

  • I use dropbox to do camera uploads on wifi, faster and easier to manage that google+. i had issues with google+ uploading on 4G even when set to wifi only.

u/neuromonkey · 1 pointr/galaxys4

You could spend days reading stuff on Battery University, but it's probably best to just get a new one. I got a ZeroLemon, and it's been great. There are some high capacity versions available, but they cost a lot.

u/Applegravy · -1 pointsr/galaxys4

what I would get is something like this battery pack. I have an older one, and they work great. that battery pack will probably recharge your phone fully about 5 times from one charge. and you can charge multiple devices with something like that because of the 3 USB ports. that's the solution I go with because I have more than one device and the charger is useful for everything.

u/whatd_tha_fox_say · 3 pointsr/galaxys4

Get an Anker 7800 mAh battery ($20) and a zerolemon case ($20). They work fine together. Zerolemon cases are made to fit ALL extended and standard batteries on the market. I have a zerolemon battery and their case on mine and I love it. I ordered my parents the Anker batteries with the zl cases and I wish I had gone that route.

Edit: price is up $10 on the Ankers but still a great deal


u/Giggle_Drops · 1 pointr/galaxys4

This is what I ordered. I am more than happy with it....the clip is effective, and easy to slip out of to put the phone into the car dock that I bought.

u/moar_distractions · 2 pointsr/galaxys4

I can think of times this would be helpful, long road trips where everyone might be fighting over one charger, long flights, camping. I just can't see myself having it permanently on my phone. Here are some other options I found quick on Amazon just in case people are interested. For me personally, I think I'm going to get a 2 pack of standard batteries that come with their own external charger. I can keep those in my backpack (or one in my pocket) and between the regular one and backup I can't see myself needing more.

u/brotoss1 · 5 pointsr/galaxys4

I use these when I'm out and about and these when I'm at home. Turns out I can get the first pair to fit if I press down firmly and it sort of "locks" the headphones in place. Not surprised about the Grados not fitting, the jack on those is quite large, but I pretty much just use those at home so no big deal there. Might be able to keep the case without messing with it after all. I'll just have to give it a real-world test run to make sure my headphones stay in place when I'm actually moving around.

EDIT: Headphone cutout diameter is about 7mm for anyone worried about this issue.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/galaxys4

I use this one, it gives the perfect amount of grip but still keeps the phone sleek and not bulky. Plus the added kickstand is nice!

u/dineshrox · 1 pointr/galaxys4

I bought this and am very happy with it.. I consider myself lean but if you are a bulky guy, you have two fittings on this strap to fit both lean and muscular folks...

u/obryanlp · 1 pointr/galaxys4

I've been using this one for about a year on my s4 and just bought the bigger one for the s5. I like the mix of a soft and hard shell with a stand and it is pretty cheap.

u/CurlyHairedKid · 3 pointsr/galaxys4

I use the Anker 7800mah battery, and I consider it one of the best purchases that I've made lately. I get a few days per charge, and I got used to the added bulkiness of the phone very quickly.

u/McDaddyTree · 2 pointsr/galaxys4

Check this out...usually around $50 and it's a class 10 64GB SanDisk...they work great. I have one in my wife's S3 and I got one for when I get my S4...I've never had issues with SanDisk SD's.

u/scimit4r4563 · 5 pointsr/galaxys4

Don't get a battery case. Get an extended battery and a replacement cover. They are thinner, cheaper, with more capacity for the size.

Hyperion Samsung Galaxy S4 5200mAh Extended Battery + Black Back Co...

[180 days warranty] ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S4 7500mAh Extended Ba...

I personally reccomend the second link, I had it and loved it, it was just too thick for me. I didn't need the extra battery

u/clonetek · 1 pointr/galaxys4

go to the storage option on your phone and make sure the card is actually the size its supposed to be.

unlock the phone and swipe from the top down and click the gear icon

click on "more" and go to "storage"

scroll down and look under the SD card heading

I'm thinking it may be a smaller card than what you were told.
My 64GB card was $50 from amazon:

u/feufollets · 1 pointr/galaxys4

I can't find them on either and their website gives me 404 for their canada and US resellers maybe they are discontinued product? When I try to add to cart it bring me to a russian website lol.

this one or the Anker are both the same price. Would you just go with the anker ?

u/JRockSr · 1 pointr/galaxys4

This is the one I finally settled on. I like it very much.

u/PSBJ · 7 pointsr/galaxys4

None with Verizon. If you're looking for one, get one of these.

u/semi- · 2 pointsr/galaxys4

Or the zerolemon 7500mah s4 battery that also includes a case.

It's basically exactly like whats linked to except arguably a worse case, but half the price and a direct 7500mah battery upgrade instead of just charging the 2600mAh battery with a 2300mAh (so 7500mAh vs 4900mah)

u/Drogean · 1 pointr/galaxys4

I read the forums and many recommended SAMSUNG brand SD cards over Sandisk - due to the errors you're reading about right on this thread.

ZERO errors here

u/Cualer · 2 pointsr/galaxys4

I imagine you could use this external NFC antenna/booster. If it's not powerful enough, then taping it to the back of the batterypack with two leads going into the case to the NFC ports should work too.

Edit: Found the product on amazon. If it works as well as the first reviewer says, it would extend the NFC range by half an inch, which should be compatible with the Anker 7800mAH case, as it's not even a 0.5in thick. :)