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u/janeplow · 2 pointsr/genki

My coworker is getting me the genki books in Japan since he’s going there this week. More than happy to work with you when I get it.

I don’t know your level of Japanese but I’ve been using the below guide to get me through self studying. Not to the T because I discovered it after I started studying.

I used the below book for hiragana and katakana, although you could use free charts online

Right now I’m using to learn kanji. I’m on level 4. That guide says not to touch a text book till I’m on level 10, but I’m going to start early cause I’m hard headed and love to suffer...

I just dumped all this info lol And you probably don’t need it or already know

u/nguyen846 · 2 pointsr/genki if you're referring to this one, I'm not sure why it says Japanese edition in the title. In the description it does say Japanese/English. There is a few full Japanese pages at the beginning, which is like the introduction, but there's the english version after it. This book is surely both in Japanese and English as it is meant for english speakers to learn Japanese.

u/FloydiusMaximus · 3 pointsr/genki

I don't believe there is a 2017 version -- there is the old First Edition and the newer second edition. It is available on amazon for a reasonable price -- to my knowledge there is no legal pdf download.