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u/DigDugged · -83 pointsr/giantbomb

Found some extra items to add to his list:

  1. A book to help him use his biological voice instead of the chain-smoking Kermit the Frog voice he uses:

    (That Thanksgiving podcast where he skyped in and you could barely hear him was the best one yet - he didn't dominate the conversation with his droning monotone microphone-swallowing voice that happens on the rest of the podcasts.

  2. This next Amazon item would help Alex to stop making terrible jokes like "that's a thing" or others where he basically reduces creativity into a Jon Lovitz-style "It Stinks!" soundbyte which sounds hilarious to only him.

    Edit: Downvote away, I'm not joking. Alex ruins podcasts with his affected voice and endless pursuit of negativity. As Giant Bomb transitions into a source of entertainment from a source of information, these two books would help him with two areas where he detracts from entertainment. Take solace, Alex: In the words of the Beatles, it's a fool who plays it cool while making his world a little smaller. Rejecting 99% of everything doesn't make you more interesting.
u/fleshgolem · 1 pointr/giantbomb

You might know this already, but there is a really cool short-story collection and a sequel that deal with this topic.

Both great books, cannot recommend them enought

u/RhinestoneTaco · 2 pointsr/giantbomb

When I was working on my doctoral degree, I took a class called Video Game Analysis. It was fun, but ended up being a load of work.

The book we used was The Game Design Reader: A Rules of Play Anthology. It's good, but very anthropology-dense, if you're into that kind of thing.

u/TheLoyalTraitor · 89 pointsr/giantbomb

Dan Ryckert is a video game "journalist"/video content creator who works at the website (aka,,, He has had a very strange life filled with implausible events, often involving close contact with celebrities and companies which he has no business being in contact with. Many of his bizarre adventures have been chronicled here, though he has shared many other remarkable stories through the internet.

He loves Taco Bell more than anything that's not Metal Gear Solid or wrestling, and he has practically no reverence for the seriousness of a wedding, so the odds of him actually getting married in a Taco Bell are astoundingly high.

u/CrossXhunteR · 2 pointsr/giantbomb

I think we may have talked about it before, so correct me if I'm wrong, but did you know that the Kase-san And Morning Glories OVA is getting an English Blu-Ray release in like 3 weeks? It apparently will be both dubbed and subbed.

u/stordoff · 8 pointsr/giantbomb

Streaming the Theatrical Release

Amazon US - The version included with the Shudder channel add-on is the Theatrical Release (has a 7-day free trial, requires Prime which also has a trail available)

Amazon UK - The version included with the Shudder channel add-on is the Theatrical Release (has a 7-day free trial, requires Prime which also has a trail available)

Blu-Ray release

The Arrow Films releases in the UK has both the Theatrical and Director's Cut versions. The Theatrical Release is 114 minutes, and is the cheaper version.

u/Quietus_Heatwave · 3 pointsr/giantbomb

I upgraded from the Zojirushi to this about 6 months ago and it is better in every way.

u/sarcasimo · 2 pointsr/giantbomb

Huh, I just finished reading Singer's fictional take on WW3 -

It was an okay read.

u/jbick89 · 2 pointsr/giantbomb

The compact OED kinda blew my mind. Here is an unboxing I found for those curious

Every English word in one book, for the low price of $441.75

u/DC2600 · 3 pointsr/giantbomb

You either use some worktunes (Works fine for the smaller mowers, the big one is a little too loud), or you take some earbuds, and wear some earmuffs over that. You gotta get earbuds with a low profile so they don't push into your ears. I can hear podcasts on a regular volume fine with that set-up.

u/CellularArrest · 3 pointsr/giantbomb

I would recommend checking out Age of Surveillance-Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power.

It goes into detail about how companies use your data. Not Reddit specifically, but it's likely that many background checks will have any particularity spicy Reddit (or any other SM accounts they can tie you to) comments attached. You don't know what Reddit is selling.

u/zzax · 9 pointsr/giantbomb

Want to know more about Grand Canyon fatalities? I have a book recommendation for you.

Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon

u/Locclo · 2 pointsr/giantbomb

Can anyone confirm that this is the correct version to go for? The time seems wrong but someone in the thread on the GB forums said the time listed was wrong, and it actually was the correct theatrical version.