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u/The_Smurff · 3 pointsr/gif

Looks to me like Pentel GraphGear 500. It's not too expensive compared to others, but it's entry level for nice drafting pencils.

u/Benassi · 1 pointr/gif

Hahaha I actually ordered them off Amazon after the Home Depot brand blades turned out to be such crud. This is the blade here that I really like using. I feed that bandsaw pieces way too big for it but with that new blade is chews it right up!

u/NeptLudi · 1 pointr/gif

I have one of these, which is good and cheap.

Mine has a green handle, because at the time the green one was $16, so I went for the cheapest option.

u/VenomB · 2 pointsr/gif

Have you thought about getting a seat cover and putting plastic bags under it? Then just say you had to toss the seat cover and hope Uber charges the customer for it. Example

u/khamir-ubitch · 2 pointsr/gif

Mine used to puke all the time. Two things I found that caused it:

  1. Hair balls. This thing put an end to that. She's a long-haired kitty.
  2. Eating the dog's food. I had to put it away when we aren't home.

    She used to puke about 2x's a week regularly. Now it's more like Once every few weeks, if that.