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u/hi_lampworking · 1 pointr/glassheads

get yourself a small fire safe for $50 like this and keep it tucked away in a drawer or under a bed.

(fireproof is important because it helps keep things air-tight)

if anyone asks what is in it, just say your parents gave it to you for your paperwork (checkbook, passport, birth certificate, SS card, etc...) and you'll be fine.

Side note - feel free to PM me if you are looking for a small custom rig for college! I have some for-sale threads on /r/entexchange :-)

u/captaintrips420 · 4 pointsr/glassheads

Great Idea! If you happen to live anywhere close to earthquake country I would heavily recommend you get a jar of this for your glass.


u/Inconspicuous_User · 1 pointr/glassheads

These make great little mats for your pieces, as well as these.

u/Lucksack · 2 pointsr/glassheads

For smaller stuff like marbles and pendants I got one of these at a local sporting good store, I also cut the third not eggshell section they give you to fit a mini tube, torch and accessories I use to take to friends houses. I haven't purchased cases for my bigger pieces yet, but I'm looking at the Seahorse cases they seem like a decent, cheaper alternative to Pelicans, but then again I'm not super sure this is an area I want to skimp out on.

u/greet_the_sun · 4 pointsr/glassheads

For everyone using grunge off/simple green or any other household cleaner, next time you find yourself by a Home Depot do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle of this. 11$ for a massive bottle, this is the stuff grunge was modeled after, in fact they both use the exact same ingredient D-Limonene.

As to cleaning habits, I change the water 2-3 times a day on any non oil glass im using. I clean everything that's been used at all on wednesdays and saturdays. Tubes get washed out with hot water and then get plugged up and filled with degreaser for 20-30 minutes. Slides go in a bowl filled with the degreaser for about 10-15 and then the degreaser goes back in the bottle and everything gets a hot water wash again.

u/Dude_seriously_ · 1 pointr/glassheads

Dont listen to the post above. There's many people who teach themselves who can beat out people who take classes from the masters too early. The truth is getting your own studio set up is gunna cost a lot. Ventilation is huge so you dont fuck up your lungs. Then get some glasses and dont skimp. Get your torch after you have things set up safteywise or your gunna get that thing set up and hurt yourself in the long run. There's plenty of videos and books available. Get these books. They will help a bunch. is a great website to grab what you need and they have sales multiple times a month. You're gunna be churning out shit glass for awhile. Dont let it keep you down. Everyone starts somewhere. Go from dabbers to dishes to spoons to rigs or anywhere in between. What else do you want to know?

u/paperclouds412 · 4 pointsr/glassheads

Legit the best part of the picture.

Found them on Amazon

u/Icarus_Jones · 1 pointr/glassheads

Why not just use green welding filter plate?

Stop in to Airgas, Praxair or your local welding supplier and ask them about filter plates to go into a welding mask. You'd probably want something along the lines of shade 2 or 3.

Something like this, just a lower shade #.

u/ignitethis2112 · 3 pointsr/glassheads

Mobocrat707, meet Quakehold. Quakehold, meet Mobocrat 707

u/IAmRainbowDash · 1 pointr/glassheads

Are you talking this? How long does it take, and what do you have to do?

u/Stoned4days · 1 pointr/glassheads

Not quite the right sub, we deal predominantly with glass art however, there is something that may work if the scratches are not too deep. Cerium Oxide Powder can be used as demonstrated on This Page to polish glass. You don't necessarily need an expensive electric buffing tool if they arent deep it will just take some elbow grease. Alternatively if you have an electric drill you can get Buffing Wheels and Cerium oxide powder combos as well

All things considered though I'd first contact the manufacturer and ask about warranty options for a broken (smashed not scratched) jar or if they can supply you with a new one and at what cost. sometimes the manufacturers will really stand behind their products no questions asked. Had huntington Beach send me 2 new crockpots because mine went bad after only a year, never hurts to try.

u/puffin_trees · 3 pointsr/glassheads

Aside from the printing on top of the silicone, a practice I believe Oil Slick recently stopped by no fault of their own, but rather in response to the bad practices by some of their customers (Good Guy Company, amirite?), these should be identical to other silicone "baking mats" you can find at most stores that carry kitchen equipment.

In short: don't heat the mats too greatly (avoid hitting them with your torch, or with recently-torched equipment), and DO NOT BLAST onto them with solvent. Also, avoid scraping and poking the mat with tools & dabbers, as this can result in perforation and ultimately to tiny chunks of silicone in your oil. (/r/CannabisExtracts /r/BHOInfo)