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u/tylerrobb · 2 pointsr/grandrapids

I'm sleeping on a Casper currently. I used to sleep on a Sleep Number mattress but I honestly like this one a lot better.

When I worked at that mattress factory back in the day, I had to haul off a 1 month old $5000 Tempurpedic memory foam mattresses that this couple really didn't like. I was really surprised to find that people pay so much for a mattress that they end up hating. That memory foam absorbs body heat and doesn't breathe like latex does. You end up sinking into the mattress to the point where rolling over or moving in the middle of the night becomes frustrating.

Whatever mattress you end up with, buy a mattress cover to protect it. I got this highly rated one off of Amazon:

Nice pillows and pillow protectors are a good upgrade too. I ended up saving so much money from buying my mattress online that grabbing extras like new pillows and a really nice set of sheets didn't hurt my wallet so much. These pillows are super squishy and provide low-to-medium support:

Sheets make a big difference to me and when I first saw the price on the sets at Parachute, I chuckled at how ridiculously high they seemed. I asked around online and bit the bullet. I have never been so satisfied day after day with any purchase. (They talk about how they get softer after each wash and I thought that was total BS. It's actually true. The sheets get softer the longer you use them!)

Watch this video to learn more about what makes the Casper and Tuft and Needle mattresses different. It talks about what they're made of and who they're geared towards.

u/Crowing77 · 2 pointsr/grandrapids

Welcome to the area. Actually, I was just at the Pyramid Scheme a few days ago with a group of people for We Were Promised Jetpacks but it sounds like you had better opening bands for this show than we did. I know GR isn't as big, but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on how GR compares to Seattle for beer and nightlife :)

Oh yeah, and if you enjoy live music then something like these are a good investment--as long as you remember to bring them!

u/svideo · 3 pointsr/grandrapids

I'd recommend adding a decent burr grinder to your collection and you'll have everything required for first-rate coffee at home. It's not intuitively obvious, but the grinder might be the single most influential bit of coffee gear you buy. You'll never get a solid, consistent brew if your grinder cannot produce a consistent grind.

I've purchased 2 of these Capresso burr grinders to give to family and they work great, super easy to use (helpful for my mother-in-law), and are generally quiet, reliable, and consistent.

u/fullstep · 2 pointsr/grandrapids

Don't be intimidated. There are people of all different fitness levels and experience at any given time. Just put together a day-to-day workout plan so you know exactly what exercises you will be doing, and how many reps and sets of each workout, for any given day. Make sure to research proper form, too. If putting together a workout plan is a bit confusing for you, you can consult a fitness coach at the gym (most gyms have experts on staff that will give you guidance and teach you form for free).

I've recommended this book to others. I used it when I began to take weight lifting more seriously and it was fantastic. It's a quick read and easy to understand since it is targeted for beginners. It will guide you through the process or creating a workout plan for yourself.

Good luck!

u/claimed4all · 1 pointr/grandrapids

That lock can be cut with scissors or a pair of wire cutters pretty easily. I recommend a quality u-lock.

Abus mini 14 is nice

I purchased a HipLok and I am liking that U-Lock so far

Than pair that with a cable to connect your front wheel to the lock. A cable like this would work

A key with the ulock is don't buy a long/really wide one if you don't need it. I prefer the Mini U Locks as once my wheel/frame is in there and I am locked to an object there is almost zero room to put a jack in there.

Also look up proper locking techniques, such as the Sheldon Brown method or the Modified Sheldon Brown method.

ALL locks can be defeated. Locks are nothing more than a deterrent. Just be smart when locking up. I usually do my best to lock in a spot where I can keep an eye on my bike, or I just park inside whenever I get a chance. When parking inside, still use a lock if possible, as i know some people that have had randoms walk in off the street into their office, grab a bike and leave.

u/wildfire405 · 1 pointr/grandrapids

You're looking for the AC Adapter or "power brick" as the geeks end up calling it. Sorry about that.

That would do it, but it'd be better if you tracked down a used Nintendo brand AC adapter. The name brand stuff just works and fits better than these new things.

The AC adapter is the first thing to check because it's cheap and easy. If that doesn't fix it, then it's internal. Good news is that if you absolutely can't get anyone to fix it, you could probably replace the NES for 40 to 60.

u/Tyler-Swift · 4 pointsr/grandrapids

Do you have issues with WXMI (FOX) and/or WOOD (NBC)? Those two are fairly close to the WWMT tower so it would be odd if you are experiencing problems with one but not the others. Check with and see if your antenna is pointed in the right direction, or something.

Joining two antennas could cause issues as the "static" from one might combine with the perfectly good signal from the other. They do make filters for this, but they are now hard to find in stock. For example Channel Master CM 0578 JOIN-TENNA. These will pass a certain channel from one antenna, ch 8 (which is ch 3.x, WWMT; Slightly confusing), and everthing else from another antenna.

I use a small yagi in my attic, but I'm not in a wooded area and have a good line of sight.

u/Felesar · 2 pointsr/grandrapids

Propane blowtorch. Yes, really.

I use it year round. Burns weeds, melts ice, and really gets charcoal going quick on the grill. Connects to typical grill size tank. Fastest way to get rid of ice with zero physical effort. Light, point, melt. Win.

u/average_jay · 2 pointsr/grandrapids

I have this one that a friend got as a wedding gift even though she never drank coffee. Obviously everything I grind is coarse but it still kicks out quite a bit of fine powdery dust.

u/floatingdownstream · 2 pointsr/grandrapids

how am I wrong?

have you even been to the void?

its a blast. you walk thru different rooms grab items.. open doors

its what the entertainment vr section should be


you have vr that you can buy online

and have for yourself at home. the same system they try to get you to use at the mall.

you're a glorified ball kiosk only because you have six stations in a room in a mini mall..

you have a laser tag room with a tether.


you can your games at steam

you don't even have vive pro so you're behind on your

models you use oculus you can buy that on the cheaaaaap...

gaming laptops are cheap



the void has its own hardware. its an experience of all senses.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/grandrapids

Have you tried a bark collar? That might help.

u/sdipardnarg · 2 pointsr/grandrapids

Same exact thing happened to me 3 months after we bought our house on the NE side, same age too, it was caused by getting in our clay pipes. Our house was built in 49, you probably have clay pipes too.

I paid to have someone remove the roots and now I use this product every 6 months, haven't had any problems since then.

u/bsmall2006 · 2 pointsr/grandrapids

Dry red wine, cranberry juice, and mulling spice in a crock pot or pan.

u/doginglasses · 1 pointr/grandrapids

I have a hardly-used Nikon D40 digital camera with AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-35mm lens. Case, tripod, 2 batteries, charger, 3x32gb micro SD cards, 1x2gb micro SD card, 1x micro SD card adapter, 1x8gb SD card. Even have the original box.

I also have a hardly-used light-tent kit.

I'm asking $250 cash for the bundle, price is firm because the items are like new. Camera was $400 new, including lens.

u/GMOs-cause-cancer · -1 pointsr/grandrapids

Monsanto, and industry in general, manipulatively smear any study that shows their products lack efficiency or are dangerous to prevent financial loss. Parallel to real science, there is a for- profit, for-hire pseudo-science industry, cynically devoted to producing the critiques and research outcomes contractors expect.

Ultimately, the existence of criticism doesn't necessarily negate any given study.

These are articles on the GMO cancer studies, and its author's response to the attacks:

>"Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini [...]has been a victim of attacks for revealing that Monsanto products lead to health problems. In 2011, he won a libel case against the French Association for Plant Biotechnology and its president, Marc Fellous. Then, in September of 2012, Séralini demonstrated in a two-year study of rats fed with NK603 maize, that either with or without the use of the herbicide Roundup, a higher frequency of tumors, kidney and liver pathologies were detected. EFSA gave a green light to this maize based on studies over a 90-day period. Monsanto has since waged a heavy PR campaign in an effort to discredit Séralini's findings, although the French Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, has stressed that long term studies on GMOs are necessary and that evaluation and control at the European level should be improved."

These are more general sources about the undermining of science by profiteers:

"Attacks on Science and Scientists

If you're a scientist whose work is perceived as a threat by powerful corporate or political interests, you'd better have a thick skin—and a good lawyer"

A film on Monsanto's attack on scientists finding GMOs dangers: