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u/ungoogleable · 1 pointr/grilledcheese

From Amazon:

> Crisply toasted bread, gooey melted cheese and flavoursome relishes and pickles - the humble hot cheese sandwich is given the ultimate makeover in this book. Use this book to create the toastie with the mostie with the best ever recipe for Classic Grilled Cheese, as well as exciting variations. Serve up hearty yet Simple options such as the Montgomery Cheddar with Red Onion Chutney, Gruyere with Leek, and Smoked Provolone with Black Olives. Fancy your grilled cheese down and 'dirty'? Try Swiss Cheese with Chilli or Hot Dog with Sauerkraut and Mustard. Or bathe your grilled cheese in luxury with Gourmet recipes such as Tartiflette (reblochon and potato gratin with bacon) or Ricotta with Roasted Butternut Squash and Sage. Get the best out of your grilled cheese with the finest International flavours the world has to offer. Try the classic Croque Monsieur or Manchego with Chorizo and Padron Peppers. Crunchy, golden, gooey and satisfying, Grilled Cheese will keep you warm all winter.

tl;dr: Melts.

u/Bizarrmenian · 8 pointsr/grilledcheese

The crust on my photo is still there but I used a smaller sized toast. When you use larger sized toasts, you can easily pull the crusts off because of the sealing aspect of the machine.

The one I have seems to be discontinued, but I'm sure you can find more modern ones in the disney store or google.


This also looks pretty promising. similar to mine but not disney

u/mrpigfeed · 3 pointsr/grilledcheese


My girlfriend and I usually just kind of wing it and approximate the ratios. There's a lot of great recipes online, or you could check out places like r/breadit & this book

For this bread specifically we replaced the water with half water and half tomato sauce.

u/anomoly · 2 pointsr/grilledcheese

It's actually from the book Flour Water Salt Yeast. The methods the author uses makes it really easy to bake loaves like the one those slices came from.

u/ImClaytor · 3 pointsr/grilledcheese

Im pretty sure Everglades Seasoning is the name, the label is green and white with a heron or crane in a swamp on it.

u/beaujangles727 · 1 pointr/grilledcheese

Yessir. Excellent piece of Coffee table literature.


u/smithsknits · 2 pointsr/grilledcheese

Try a grill press. It'll ensure an even golden-brown crisp that we're all looking for.

I have done mayo and I don't care for it either. Personally, I like compound butters (and using real butter, not margarine) to jazz up the bread.

u/banana__phone · 4 pointsr/grilledcheese

Sure! That's the final product. Recipe follows:

I followed the Saturday White Bread in this book.

1000 grams of flour

780 grams of lukewarm water

4 grams of instant yeast

22 grams of sea salt.

Combine the water and flour loosely. Let sit for half an hour.
Then sprinkle the yeast and salt over it. Fold it gently three or four times.

Then let it rise for 5 hours, folding two more times during that time. Just make sure to not fold the last hour.

Then take the dough out. Divide and shape into two loaves. Throw those in proofing baskets. Let them proof for an hour and 15 minutes.

20 mins prior, preheat the oven to 475 with the dutch ovens in.

Once its ready, place the loafs into a dutch oven each. Bake for 30 minutes lid on, then 20 minutes lid off. Done!

EDIT: For those who are thinking of getting the book, be warned: it's not really for beginners. Which I am. So there were a lot of really frustrating loaves before I got the hang of it.

u/xlitawit · 6 pointsr/grilledcheese

Grab yoself a butter bell! It keep butter fresh and room temperature!

u/flynnguy · 1 pointr/grilledcheese

We use a butter bell and as long as you remember to change out the water fairly frequently when it's hot out, it works quite well.

u/cobalt503 · 1 pointr/grilledcheese

They make disposable reusable sandwich in a toaster bag things.. specifically for this.. here's a quick google for "grilled cheese toaster bags"

u/GhostMatter · 1 pointr/grilledcheese

That's a grilled-cheese/sandwich maker, not a wafflemaker. This is the one I have.

u/sigma722 · 7 pointsr/grilledcheese

Seemingly someone is

u/chadcf · 62 pointsr/grilledcheese

They look kinda dry, you gotta get them to buy you a butter wheel!

u/altayeo · 2 pointsr/grilledcheese

Not positive, but my mom bought me PoachPods.

I haven't tried them so I don't know how well they work.