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u/Nikon_Justus · 2 pointsr/gtaonline

Love having this but what would make it amazing would be the ability to assign a hot key to set off a solo lobby.

I would love to be able to buy a panic button and play in populated lobby's and if someone starts taking shots at me when selling a bunker load I can quickly smack the panic button and kick off a solo session.

u/acidargyle · 2 pointsr/gtaonline

Perfect timing for this: you get bonus 500k on PS4/Xbox shark cards right now via Amazon Smile 1M for $9.99 is nice.

u/navarone21 · 2 pointsr/gtaonline

I bought the game with the Criminal Enterprise pack and it was a huge jump start into the game. I played it a little on PlayStation back in the day, but this was a whole new start for me on xbox.

You can get the Premium online version for around $20 now. Same price as a shark card, but you get the game, a bunch of businesses, cash and cars.

u/ddownham · 6 pointsr/gtaonline

Best $5 (when I got mine) I've spent. Currently have some Miley Cyrus recorded on it.

u/Sage_of_spice · 1 pointr/gtaonline

But that's illegal.

However, there's nothing in the TOS that says that you can't let a tiny plastic bird play for you. ;)

u/Puptentjoe · 1 pointr/gtaonline

All my stuff is hard wired, not a fan of wireless, so everything near my tv is routed through a switch. You can disconnect the wire that connects the switch to the router and that will kick you out of your session into one with just you.

Here's a cheap switch if you want one.

u/Upgrayedd1337 · 2 pointsr/gtaonline

I'm running the game on fairly high but not ultra settings. I figure that my GPU can handle it. As for my hard drive, it's this drive, which appears to have an RPM of 7200. I do have Steam installed on the same HDD that GTA is running from, so that's the only thing I could think of that would be competing with GTA. What's strange though is that my task manager shows that the disk drive GTA is installed on isn't even showing much activity, it's just my CPU that fluctuates between 85-100% usage. As of right now GTA is taking up 65-70% of my CPU usage.

u/Perolito · 0 pointsr/gtaonline

Such anger and foul language, says a lot about you as person, I shouldn't, but Ill waste 5 minutes replying to you.

Killing, blowing up or running over another player in GRAND THEFT AUTO online is not harmful to other players' experiences, it's harmful to players that are playing the wrong game and/or the wrong mode.

Your example of stealing other players' cars permanently doesn't apply, that's what insurance is for, but lets say for the sake of argument that the GTA developers are not that smart, heck, lets say that YOU are a developer and you decide not to include insurance as an option and that you could, in fact, break into other players' garages and steal their cars, would I be ok with it? I'd think it was a stupid design decision and I wouldn't bother buying or modding cars, but I wouldn't cry over it.

Now, there is no need to make up hypothetical situations, lets use a real GTA example, lets say that you, a person with below average intelligence, gets a car, mods it and doesn't insure it, then another player attacks you and blows it up, would I be ok with that? 100%, you are playing GTA.

I do plenty of things in GTA that are not violent, but if a player attacks me while I'm doing them I don't start crying and calling them names, I fight back, if I don't want to fight then I go into an invite only session or into single player mode.

Here, I think that the problem is that you are playing the wrong game, try this:

The right game for you


u/jedderbob · 2 pointsr/gtaonline

You are so wrong about all of this. I suggest you educated yourself.

The South had every right to secede, it's a right granted to all states by the constitution. The North fired the first shots, needlessly starting a war that killed more North Americans than any other in history.

The North was occupying Fort Sumter, a Confederate fortress. The South asked them to leave and then they got shot.

Also, to say that they seceded for slavery is blindly stupid. They seceded for a multitude of reasons, slavery being one of the smaller ones. The only people in Antebellum South who owned slaves were the equivalent to the modern 1%'ers.

The vast majority of southerners were fighting for self determination on a wide variety of issues. Not just for slavery.

Read the following: "The Real Lincoln"

"The Un-Civil War, Shattering Historical Myths"

Educate yourself before you start calling people racist, elitists or traitorous. Your right that the flag represents things deeper than you can currently comprehend. I've got a reading list a lot longer than that for ya buddy, that's just the start.