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u/mynicknameisduck · 1 pointr/h3h3productions

I'm not big on posting, but it seems that a few people, including myself, want to know more about the woman. Now I'm not saying that I'm 100% certain this may be her book, but the author looks VERRRRRRY similar to her, and well.... Google matched the pictures. Maybe the book is about a boy that went on a Hugh Mungus adventure!

Anyway while I'm here, I enjoy your videos buds (Ethan and Hila). Hope you all have a great one!

u/CRAKZOR · 12 pointsr/h3h3productions

If you haven't already checked out, Prophet Joshua Holmes on Facebook. He and many of his followers claim him to be Jesus. Can you please expose him. Thank you

video 1:

video 2:


his new book:

i believe this would be a great subject for your next video. Please let me know thank you XDDD

u/RandomCrapDadOnABike · 9 pointsr/h3h3productions

Yes, it's a stencil cut with a Silhouette Portrait (
And I then bleached the shirt with a brand name chemical called Klorin.
Papa bless

u/larrythefatcat · 6 pointsr/h3h3productions

Dood? Only $7.39 to get all the pussy?

That's a fuckin' dope-ass bargain!

(Also: "Gibe da pusi, b0ss!")

u/Fa1alError · 3 pointsr/h3h3productions

Social engineering attacks are not unique to T-Mobile unfortunately. The person posing as an employee most likely did a lot of prep to be able to convince the person on the phone that they are actually an employee. Learning the company lingo, obtaining an employee ID by overhearing it somehow or perhaps coming up with an employee ID that is the correct format at least. Using a store number as an Identifier to legitimize their claim etc..

This is my favorite defcon talk on social engineering.

[Good book on social engineering] (

u/KingdomOfPurpleKush · 1 pointr/h3h3productions

This is the closest I can find. You can find more by searching "alien glasses".

u/yakuza941 · 1 pointr/h3h3productions

Thought maybe she had written a dialogue on The Hitchhiker's Guide, was very, verrrrry disappointed...Link

u/1lyke1africa · 3 pointsr/h3h3productions

You have to read the reviews on this book - they're just incredible.

u/nootyface · 10 pointsr/h3h3productions

I actually found it to be the cover of this book, which seems more fitting

u/DaReelEllenPao · 4 pointsr/h3h3productions

Oh god...

>MattyB is one of the most inspirational figures in today's hip pop scene. Combining soothing flows and sick beats, he creates songs that kick ass and take names. So who thought that this kid could write?
Marty's latest book, "That's a Rap", has a simple yet gripping message for the youth: follow your dreams unless they involve violence against minorities. Writing about his hard times on the streets of LA, Matty B has created something hard to read but even harder to put down. 8/8.