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u/MoodyStocking · 10 pointsr/hamsters

I'm not sure if you are the vloggers in this video, but I'm gonna assume you are and give you the standard 'new hamster advice' that we give a lot of people on here, as a community we're trying to improve hamster care, and as a youtuber, your community is so important for forwarding that :)

First off, it looks like you've got some good kids that will hopefully be good and responsible hamster owners! However, and this is a fault with the pet shops more than anything who often give out incorrect if well meaning advice for new owners, there are a few things you can do that'll make your hamster happier and a much better pet.

Firstly, the wheel needs to be replaced with one with a solid running base, a 12" one is perfect for syrian hamsters. Wired wheels lead to something called Bumblefoot (wiki article linked), which is very painful for hamster. The best wheels have a solid base, a solid back, and a semi-open front, something like this.

Also, the cage needs to be substantially bigger, although it's hard to tell what the dimensions are from the video, you should be aiming for 450 square inches of unbroken floor space. A 40gallon aquarium is perfect, or a bin cage - bin cages can be a really fun project for the kids to get involved with as well...and another huge benefit is that there is less opportunity for bar chewing!! The bedding in the cage should be deeper - a few inches for sure, but deeper is better, they love burrowing and in the wild will burrow many meters under the ground.

Studies have shown that hamsters in bigger cages are calmer, less stressed, and easier to handle (I can dig them up if you want), so a bigger cage is better for the hamster and better for you!

There's some great resources on the subreddit about good hamster care :)

edit: a very well put together thread about cage size/set up, including research sources

u/RazzBeryllium · 3 pointsr/hamsters

Awww. He's a cutie! And that playpen is AWESOME.

Usually I see advice to give them about a week to settle in. For an older hamster, it might take a bit longer.

I also got my dwarf as an older guy - and he did the same frantic running around thing! At first I thought he was excited, but like you I soon realized he was actually terrified.

I ended up doing something similar to what you have, where he could go in and out of his cage on his own terms. It still took about a week for him to feel confident doing that. And another week or two before he felt confident enough to roam around the room (once it was hamster proofed, of course).

What I found to be absolutely key was lighting -- he simply refused to emerge if the lights were on (which made monitoring him tricky). He'd tolerate very dim light, like the light from my laptop screen, but that's about it. It was about a month before he'd come out and play around his cage when the lights were on.

However to this day he refuses to get on his wheel if any lights are on. So if I accidentally fall asleep with a lamp on, he will go all night without running on his wheel.

(If this turns out to be the case with yours, I read somewhere that red light doesn't bother them. I now have some red LED Christmas lights hanging above his play area, and he seems to tolerate those just fine.)

Also keep in mind that hamsters are essentially blind - they navigate by smell, sound, and touch. Mine is totally comfortable with me now (although he'll probably never be hand-tamed), but he still doesn't respond to my voice. He knows me by my smell -- so if he's in his nest and I'm trying to get him to come out, I'll gently blow in the entrance. So maybe try doing something like that to help him get used to your scent.


Regarding his cage/play pen --

Hamsters are like any other pet in that they each have their own distinct little personalities and quirks. For example, mine hates those igloo things and hates wicker (but other dwarves seem totally content with theirs!) So he might not like the hideout you've given him, and is finding it difficult to relax.

I'd try placing more hideouts in his play pen to see what he likes. You don't have to go out and spend a bunch of money. For example, we finally figured out that mine loves his hideouts to be dark and low -- so like one of those smaller kleenex boxes cut down with a little hole for an entrance. One of his favorite nests was when we cut a hole in a clean cardboard sandwich box from Arby's! Then he likes to stuff the entrance with bedding, to the point where you wonder how he manages to get in or out. He likes this one a lot, but won't really go in the top half.

You'll also eventually want to replace that wheel. This one is pretty popular - I have it and mine loves it. I've seen others on here recommend it as well. This one is also popular. Giving him a good wheel is pretty essential. It's how they exercise and run off all their excess energy, which is key to managing stress. (To check if he's using his wheel, place a seed or something on top of it. If it's still there in the morning, you'll know he's not using it.)

You can also give him stuff to make his play area more interesting, which might entice him out a bit more. Again, it doesn't mean you have to go spend a bunch of money. The tubes from empty paper towel or toilet rolls make perfectly fine tunnels. Things for him to climb over or through or under. If you have some extra boxes lying around, you can make him a cardboard maze. More/deeper bedding to dig through. Things like that. Lots of it he'll probably ignore, but eventually you'll start to get a sense of what he likes and doesn't like.

"Hide" seeds or treats around for him to find. Hide seeds in his bedding, or maybe put bit of broccoli or apple in one of the tubes. Mine likes when I put seeds in the back of an empty cereal box. Find out what treats he likes. Mine is a pretty picky eater as it turns out, but lately he's been crazy about snow peas and likes to pull them out of their shell. So at night I'll open them half way up and place them around so he can hunt them down and tug them out.

Another piece of advice I don't see given very often is to try to have two water bottles. I know someone who's hamster's water bottle broke or got jammed or something and they didn't realize it. The hamster ended up being ok, but they had no idea he had been unable to drink and felt pretty terrible about it. I use ones like this since I don't have cage bars to hang one on.

u/ccxxv · 1 pointr/hamsters

no critter trail, no habitrail.
perfect cage for a single syrian hamster in my opinon:

i took one of the levels and houses off, and put a big silent wheel on the right side instead, and a small wooden maze on the ground level to the left. now, i have the happiest syrian ever.

-get a liter box! there's like little plastic bins that you attach to a corner of the cage and put critter litter on it (both can be find at any petco, petsmart, general pet store). they tend to always use the same corner for pooping, so instead of cleaning the cage every two weeks, you get to clean it every month or so. the litter box you change every few days, depending on how dirty it seems.

-the hamster must be given attention once a day. even if you don't have time to let her out for long, just hold her in your hand for a minute or two. this will help form a very strong bond. now, every time i come home, my boy tupac is always against his cage bars hoping to be pet a little. makes me so happy.

-now my number one trick in keeping a healthy hamster is a healthy, varied diet. i like to buy two different kinds of food and then alternate between those (or mixing) everytime i refill their bowl. i also make sure to get plenty of varied treats, such as honey seed clusters and yogurt drops. sometimes when i'm having something that i can give to them to eat safely, i'll also share some of my food(bread, fruits, vegetables, etc).

-8" wheel size minimum. like i said before, silent spinners are THE BEST.

-an outside-the-cage playpen would be amazing for her. it gives her the opportunity to run full speed and have some adventures.

-change her water bottle every 2 or 3 days, even if there is still water. it's good to keep it fresh for them :)

u/lizzi00 · 3 pointsr/hamsters

Love her color makes her look like a teeny Syrian! She’s a dwarf so I don’t think I need to say anything about a wheel just don’t go super tiny. Make sure she has a proper size cage. Big cages are the best make sure its atleast 24” length 12” width and 12” height. Clear bins are good for you too see her I’d recommend! Cut holes in her lit so she can breath and can’t escape, either cut 60+ half an inch holes or cut a big square off the lid (if you have a cat or curious dog do the hole lid) do not use pine or cedar bedding. Any paper bedding is good I recommend carefresh (Cheaper on Amazon) do not use mesh wheels!!! Your ham will get hurt and get bumble feet not good. No bathing in water. It’s not necessary but it’s highly recommend to get sand for your hamster to bathe in, she’ll either roll around in it herself or you can hold her and give her a sand bath. I like most plastic wheels, wouldn’t recommend wooden wheels for a dwarf since my friend has a wooden wheel for her ham and he can’t even move it so she had to pay for a plastic one. Chews are good for her teeth so they don’t grow too long. Clip her nails if you can, if you can’t go to a vet when you notice them getting long. Plastic tubes and empty paper tubes are good boredom breakers. Clean the cage fully once a month with a one part water one part vinegar solution and change the bedding monthly. Lastly a hideout so she can scurry away. I’ll leave some links, good luck!

hamster care video

bin cage tutorial

If she’s not tame here’s a taming vid

hamster dont’s





boredom breaker/hideout


bin for bin cage

mesh top for bin cage

zip ties for bin cage


u/omgpandas · 1 pointr/hamsters

A 20 gallon long aquarium at minimum is what I saw as the cheapest&easiest way to go (bin cages are hard work and not as aesthetically pleasing to me).

On amazon, though, I think this is the only cage I've lusted after that could maybe work but its pricey

^Also depends on the hamster's size. I have seen some massive syrian hamsters in pet stores, while mine was much smaller (but grew out of her 6" wheel pretty quickly so add in some growth as you decide and when you consider wheel size). I was always worried that the tubes would be too small for my syrian and she'd get stuck XD For a syrian it's usually 8" wheel minimum, though as I said some are larger and really need that 10" or 11" wheel.

A last comment is that a hamster is not a great pet for a four year old. They're crepuscular but seem to be mostlyy active at night in my experience. And they are fragile creatures. They can overstrain and basically break their back like rabbits. With that in mind, I would hope that this is mostly your/the adult's pet that the four year old can hopefully somewhat enjoy and participate with care

edit: just saw the shipping on that cage on amazon wow haha here's free shipping at ebay though

u/nopefruit · 4 pointsr/hamsters

Breeding can produce some very heavy-set and overall large syrians. It really depends on their genetics. Breeders that pump out for pet stores tend to produce small syrians, and breeders that sell out of a passion for hamsters instead of $ tend to give big chonky girls and boys. 141-180 grams is around average, but they can get up over 220 grams towards 300 grams. My smallest boy is 133 and my girl is at 183, whereas the other three boys are all around 160.

Fluffier syrians can also come off as massive chonks when they really aren't -- My long haired Boo Bear looks like a fuzzy sausage chonker even though he's the second skinniest weightwise, after my skinny Moose. He beats out the others for chonk appearance easy.

A good way how to tell if they're overweight is to watch their attitude and normal behavior during activities. A fat hamster tends to be lethargic, grumpy, and doesn't get much use in on their exercise objects. If they don't fit on their wheel, or the wheel is made out of an uncomfortable material like mesh, they can decide not to use it. Also one thing to keep in mind as hamsters get older they can also become arthritic, which can affect their interest in exercise.

Since you've said she's got a small cage and wheel, he could probably do with an upgrade. You can buy a 50 gallon sterilite bin for like 25 bucks from Walmart, and that's a nice spacious set up for a syrian. I supply mine with 12 inch wheels and they do just fine on them, even the little guy. You could also get a large saucer for him as a secondary activity/exercise toy.

If he's not a climber, you can get some rainbow playpens like these for him to have some free roam space in if you don't have any hamster proof areas for him to play in. If you can keep an eye on him and he's not the kind to immediately try to chew his way to freedom, folding playpens like these also work great. We stick our syrians in the folding playpen and they have more than enough room to have zoomies in while loading them up with toys and whatnot, and haven't had any issues with them trying to climb up the sides.

u/Vitensby · 1 pointr/hamsters

My Syrian hamster has been very happy in this cage for the entire first year of his life so far. After a few days of exploratory climbing he has not once chewed on his bars or ever acted stressed because he wants out of his home.

30.5 x 8.5 x 18.5 inches:

I recommend purchasing a Wodent Wheel 11inch

and Flying Saucer 12 inches :

Bathing and Natural Nail Trimming:
Also pick up some flat Reptile Rocks for underneath his water bottle so he will trim his nails naturally and a large ceramic bowl (needs to be deep not so much wide) filled with Repti Sand Desert White (No Calcium)

My hamster is a fan of these Apple Orchard sticks for teeth filing though his lab blocks are semi hard and also good for dental health trimming.

After you get those things pick up this item as a natural grass burrow for him to sleep in and clean his cage once every week. Plastic burrow are just awful for air circulation, and my hamster never liked them at all when i didnt know any better.

For food I feed my hamster Higgins Sunburst and Kaytee Forti Diet Lab blocks everyday with fresh fruit and veggies every two days. Remember your hamster stomach is the size of your pinky finger nail so portion small. He loves 3-4 lab blocks a day with a small spoonful of nuts, seeds and fruit from the Higgins. Remember though 3 Sunflower Seeds max a day or they will get fat and unhealthy.

Looks like this but for Hamster not rat and mice:

For bedding you want UNSCENTED (it messes with their respiratory system if its scented) this Kaytee Clean and Cozy is what I use. Absorbs liquid good and keeps the smell down if its close to cleaning day.

and last but not least. Buy TWO water bottles in case one of them jams overnight you DO NOT want your hamster to suffer from dehydration. They do not need much water, but when they need it, they need it fast or will get sick quick. The kaytee water bottles have issues with the spout pointing straight so buyer beware. They often dont align properly into the cage bars. But they do work and dont leak for me. Stick with GLASS water bottles, it just tastes better honestly. 6 ounces if you will change the water daily. 12 ounces if you are not as attentive.

It seems like a lot of money at first and it is but this hamster will be your new furry friend and relies on only you to care for it, so give it the best and longest life possible. You will have one happy hamster if you get all that and will never need to upgrade anything when your Syrian grows bigger.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/hamsters

Some basic hamster help for you, but do more research than what people are telling you! Go onto YouTube and make a playpen, a giant one, with tons of toys and enrichment. Way safer than a ball or car thing you said you have. A ball distorts their vision and stresses them out. Also doesn’t provide ventilation . Also is no enrichment at all just stress a giant playpen is way safer and he would enjoy it way more. This video shows a cheap east DIY play pen. I saw your post about looking into an upgrade but for some reference here’s some store bought cages of appropriate size of 450sq inches or above. Nite angel cage and prevue 528. Their is also bin cages, but a plastic tote and some metal mesh and make a giant cage for super cheap. I made a bin cage for my Roboroski hamster. Bin cage DIY. Munchies place on YouTube runs a hamster rescue and has done a ton of cage reviews telling why your cage is bad and the nite angel and prevue cage is good. Nite angel review and Prevue 528 review. Also your baby is a Syrian hamster and those cages come with a 6.5” wheel, and a Syrian needs a minimum of 10” wheel. he will get bad back problem if never upgraded they can cause a lot of suffering and pain for him. A hamsters back should be completely straight while on the wheel, if it curves at all it’s causes back problems, same goes for the hamster ball. I hope this helps and you do listen and upgrade soon. This cage does make a great travel cage tho so it’s not a waste of money! Some more links as well Why tiny cages are bad and hamster wheel basic knowledge . But Please listen and do what’s best for him. Don’t be overwhelmed do research and do what’s best, I don’t mean to be mean just trying to inform. I made the same mistake with my first hamsters but learned and know am happy to spread proper knowledge, it’s the pet stores fault for telling you this is correct, hamsters are one of the most abused animals out their so it’s our job to help provide proper knowledge to new hamster owners, please take in everything and do your own research and do what’s best!

u/HedwigMalfoy · 2 pointsr/hamsters

Thanks for taking good care of him. Too many people on here can't find or afford veterinary care for these little pets.
I use these seed logs for my hamsters and also the same hanging wood toys as the other commenter mentioned. Though my two hams do get bored so I have to switch them out with new toys from time to time. Occasionally I give them an unsalted peanut or walnut in the shell. It's fun to watch them break open the shells. But not too often! I don't know if overfeeding on nuts would be too good for them.
I also feed them from an edible timothy bowl which they seem to like and I give them apple wood sticks as well. I like the apple wood because it's pretty easy to tell when they have been chewing on it because the bark gets scraped off.

u/InfintySquared · 3 pointsr/hamsters

I can't recommend the Silent Spinner brand enough. They have a ball-bearing axle, so they really ARE silent. And they're in most pet stores. Here's the requested Amazon link.

Minor issue: If you have a cage that will hold the twelve-inch model, GET THAT ONE. It will be more comfortable for the larger Syrian. The 6.5" model isn't bad, but I'd prefer at least an 8" wheel so his back won't arch as much.

Wodent Wheel also makes a ball-bearing axled silent wheel that does come in an 8" size, which fits in most fishtank cages, but isn't in any local pet stores in my area. Though since /u/queserasera_ is specifically asking for Amazon links, it's worth mentioning.

I don't have direct experience with the Wodent Wheel brand, but I have friends who love it. I do have direct experience with Silent Spinners, and I love it. They work. Get the largest one that will fit in your cage.

u/giggleds · 1 pointr/hamsters

Hamsters, like chinchillas, roll around in sand to clean their fur! You can't bathe a hamster in water (unless something very bad happens, like them getting into something dangerous/toxic/very sticky and even then, it should be spot cleaned via water instead of a full bath)Although Chinchillas actually generally use dust, dust can be dangerous for a hamster's respiratory system, so it's better to use just plain sand.

You can really use any sort of sand, although I recommend Repti-sand or any sort of sand you can find at a pet store for reptiles. You could also just get sand from outside if you wanted to, but you'd have to put it on a tray and bake it to make sure no bugs or anything are in it when your hamster gets it.

As for where to put it, you can pretty much put it in anything the hamster can get in. A shallow bowl would be fine, but I'd definitely recommend some sort of container for easier cleaning. You can also either leave it in there permanently (in which case, you may have to clean it every now and again because some hamsters like using sand for their bathroom instead of the bedding), or put it in there for a day or so at a time.

u/jehknee · 2 pointsr/hamsters

Hello! I don't post a lot but I spent a long time looking for the most appropriate wheel for my hammy, so wanted to share what I found:

My hammy is currently using the Trixie exercise wheel (28cm) which he absolutely loves, it's not silent but the only sounds are his feet pattering and the wheel rocking slightly on its stand. You can fix the wheel to the bars of a cage if you prefer which would probably eliminate this noise. Link on Amazon UK.

When he was younger we used a 6.5 inch Kaytee silent spinner which was fantastic, but he quickly outgrew it. They do a 12 inch one so if you have a large enough home for your hammy then that's also a possibility. Hope that helps a little!

u/Amonette2012 · 1 pointr/hamsters

Just be careful with condensation in tanks.

Personally I recommend a deep bed wire cage like this:

You can fill the tray with sawdust for tunneling (I used to mix some food into it so they had some foraging to do) and they'll love climbing up and down the bars, even wearing down their teeth on them sometimes. They're more airy and offer more for hamsters to do than glass tanks. I modded mine to add another cage on top (I took the door off the top and wired the second cage over it, then covered the wires with cardboard so they didn't hurt their feet). The second cage was one of those ones with tunnel attachments. Those take some cleaning, but they LOVE them.

My cage was a bit of a behemoth but I housed some very happy hammies in it! At one point we had a rat tube with a hamster ball on the end with a bbq skewer ladder they could climb up, one of them used to nest in it.

u/snukb · -2 pointsr/hamsters

That cage is too small for two dwarf hamsters. That cage is too small for one dwarf hamster. What's important is floor space, and that cage has nearly none. It's very gimmicky and looks appealing to people, but it's not a good cage for the hamster.

See if getting a bigger cage helps--- it doesn't matter how tall it is, extra floors add play space, not cage space :) Look for a tank that's at least equivalent to a 10g fish tank, a 15g fish tank would be better for two boys. Boys especially need a large habitat so they have their own "space" in it if they need it.

I've never had a problem with ventilation in an aquarium tank, as long as you clean the habitat on a regular basis. Dwarf hamsters especially don't urinate as much as Syrians due to their being from desertlike areas where water is scarce. But if you prefer to go with a wire cage, just make sure it has enough floor space. This one is a good size, as is this. Please note that I am not saying those particular cages are good, I have no experience with them and do not like the half-floors as hamsters are dumb and will walk right off of them. But those cage sizes are good.

u/garbagepilequeen · 1 pointr/hamsters

I’ve had my wooden wheel for a couple weeks now and it’s still been super quite. It worked well with my all natural theme.

If you like plastic more, there’s also the silent runner which I have heard rave reviews but haven’t used myself. If you have a smaller hamster, the 9’ should do just fine, but you may need the 12’ to make sure he’s running safely.

I’m sorry to hear about your silent spinner! Hope this helps.

u/pshowers · 7 pointsr/hamsters

In all honesty, this cage looks way too small and the wire floorings along with the wire wheel is very dangerous for your little one.

A saucer wheel is a great option, but make sure it is wide enough. Your hamster shouldn’t have to arch his back at all in order to run on it...if it is arched, he could end up with permanent back damage.

For the time being, find some fleece and cover up any wired surfaces so your hamster cannot injure itself. When you are able, id recommend getting a giant storage big from the store (they are pretty inexpensive). If you look up “diy bin cages” online, you will find a bunch of ideas :) If funds are available this is a good option.

Edit: not sure why I was downvoted for providing my honest feedback on how to provide this hamster with the safest and most appropriate cage. Most people are misinformed from the people who work at pet stores because unfortunately, most of the employees themselves are not properly informed on almost every animal they market to apart from cats and dogs...

u/wickaman · 1 pointr/hamsters

Thanks for the advise, but she used to LOVE her ball.

The only thing we have changed is getting another hamster, but they're kept in totally different cages, opposite ends of the room (about 15 foot apart), and use different balls and are out at different times so they don't bang into each other.

And before questions are asked, the other hamster's eyes are absolutely fine.

Both hamsters are female golden syrians, the older one, with the eye problem is 7 month, the younger one without any problems is 16 weeks.

The vet normally takes about 3-4 minutes to get too but you have to book an appointment and one is not always available, and her eye can "calm down" within a minute of her cleaning herself or within 15 minutes, it depends, which is why a check-up at the vet is impractical, as it costs £15 to get her seen too, even if her eye is fine at the time or not, they could turn around and say literally "She's fine" and charge you, even if it took 10 seconds to see her.

We don't normally see her run in her wheel very often, my guess is that she does it during the night, but we have saw her once or twice and she certainly runs flat, no bending of the back.

Her cage is the biggest cage on the market so space isn't a problem at all.

Her cage:

Here are some photos, sorry if they aren't good enough as she kept moving but its better than nothing.

She normally spends anywhere from 15 minutes, half an hour to an hour, we let her roam around the whole house, no other animals are in the house apart from the other Syrian hamster which we get out at different times.

u/Hobbs4Lyfe · 3 pointsr/hamsters

Here are a couple decent options. I prefer the top one myself. Love your set up! Understandable with the bedding. It’s crazy how much bedding these can fit and for just changing her over, it’s clear you ran out. So happy for you both.

Silent Runner 9" - Exercise Wheel + Cage Attachment - for Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice and Other Small Pets

Mojetto Comfort Wheel

u/rxchell · 2 pointsr/hamsters

It’s the Trixie wheel that everyone in this thread recommends!! Do have to say it’s MASSIVE like way bigger than I was expecting but she loves it

It comes with a stand, or a clip that goes on bars and the stand is super quiet but when it clips in the bars it does rock slightly!

Trixie 61011 Rotating Ferris...

u/NortonCdJ · 4 pointsr/hamsters

I got it from Amazon as a add on item, Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen 40090 its good already by itself, but I bought 2 of these so I can go in with her :D its really big when you get 2 of the fences I'm 5'3" and I only took about 1/4 of the space there was! Hope that was a good review lol sorry

u/CheesyChips · 5 pointsr/hamsters

Oh my. The wheel is worse than I first thought!

8" is way too small, do you see his back is arched? It should be completely straight or he will get back problems.

This wheel is probably the worst on the market not just because of size!

The metal rungs and bad on hammys feet and can cause a condition called bumble foot, which gives the ham sore swollen feet. All wheels and all walking surfaces of a cage should be solid. No metal bars.
Also hammy could get his leg caught between the metal bars and might break his leg, at worst it might have to be amputated.

The way the stand goes though the middle and back and down on either side isn't so good either! Hammy can hurt himself there too! If he gets caught there while the wheel is spinning the metal side bars could cause real issues, even death.

Wheels should be 12" for Syrians (minimum!), it should be solid with a solid running area and have a back to it.

How much do you want to spend? You can buy a relatively large wheel for cheapish but it might get squeeky! Which really does get annoying. Believe me!
I spent around £25 on my hamster's 12" silent spinner. I know that sounds expensive, but to me it's worth it!


Let me link you some different wheels that will be ok, of varying price and quality, but all safe and suitable, It's up to you to pick which one you would like following the rules.

Kaytee 12" basic

I have this silent spinner 12"

Sorry it's a UK link, but this is an idea for a style of wheel

These ones from Etsy are available in the USA and people really like them

The right size silent spinner at PetSmart


So remember the three rules!

  1. Solid (no wire)

  2. Size (12")

  3. Safe (needs a solid back to the wheel and suitable stand)


    Hope this helps!
u/Avii_Jade · 5 pointsr/hamsters

If you want to stick with wire cages then this cage Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home, Dark Gray is acceptable.

There are some others that are good too. Victoria Raechel has a video on good wire cages for hammies.

Doing a diy bin cage is inexpensive too!

If you can find a used aquarium on fb or Craigslist then that is good as well. I'd suggest a 40gal breeder or larger. I keep my Syrian in a 75gal aquarium and my robo is in a 55gal aquarium.

u/Islanderrufus · 3 pointsr/hamsters

I had such a hard time trying to find a large wheel! What I did was go on Amazon. Com instead of ca and bought a Trixie wheel. The 29cm one. It was 18$ shipping but the wheel itself was only 9 which still made it cheaper then the ones I could find on the Canadian amazon (couldn't find any under 50).
Ill try to send link :

Also the strong brew hamstery in Ontario (? I think it was) makes really nice homemade ones but when I messaged she had a lot of orders already and there's a long wait list, not sure on the price. Just look up strong brew hamstery bucket wheels, they are on Facebook.

u/Artemis7797 · 2 pointsr/hamsters

My ham loves his ball, he hops right in as soon as I put it in his cage. As for other toys, I had a piece of PVC pipe left over from a project that I gave him, and he likes to hide his food in there. I also have a little ceramic thing with some bathing sand (not dust, important distinction) in the bottom, he likes to roll around in it and kicks it out of his cage when he wants a fresh batch. This is the sand I use, and it's Prime eligible!

u/I_Think_There4_I_Ham · 2 pointsr/hamsters

I love this playpen! Unsure if you can get it in the Netherlands. It is the only playpen my syrian can't climb out of! I liked it so much that I bought another and connect the two fences together to make a huge playpen that I can sit in with my ham :)

u/RobotPigOverlord · 3 pointsr/hamsters

Very cute! Look at that little face!

U should change the wheel, i have this one, works great

Kaytee Large Comfort Exercise Wheel, 8.5-Inch, Colors Vary

u/Franasaurus · 2 pointsr/hamsters

Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Chinchilla Bathing Sand, 52.8 fl. oz.

Always use things that are dust free.

u/panda0614 · 3 pointsr/hamsters

There's a lot of options! With a bigger cage, you'll definitely see an improvement in your hamster's behavior. It's recommended that the cage size be around 450 sq inches of uninterrupted floor space, so you'd prob want the cage size to be about 600 sq inches.

If you're feeling crafty:

  1. Bin cage (cheap) - take a cheap plastic storage bin, cut a large square out of the lid, add some wire mesh to the hole to provide fresh air for the hamster, and you've got a cage.

  2. Rabbit cage (this is what I did) - rabbit cages are generally a good size for hamsters, but the bars are often spaced too far apart so you'll need to add some mesh around the outside so the hamster can't escape.

    There's also fish tanks that you can use or some people buy an Ikea detolf cabinet (~$50) and lie it on its side. If you have some money to spend, there's a few (very few) hamster cages that are an adequate size for a hamster. This is the only one that I know of (and it's a little pricey), but maybe you can find something else:

    Also, for a syrian, it's recommended that you have an 11-12" wheel!!
u/Luvlitchi · 1 pointr/hamsters

This is definitely my favorite cage !! Congrats on your new little one ♡♡

u/AshleyAoki · 3 pointsr/hamsters

this is the exact playpen i used. the dimensions are perfect and each grid sits nicely on the metal bars of the detolf. i used a hammer to pull it apart into a 3-panel piece and a 1-panel piece

if you're not crafty like me and want a simpler lid than building a wood+wire mesh one, this is a super easy option!

u/m00nf1r3 · 1 pointr/hamsters

I ordered this and it's super quiet, and easy to clean.

u/yeldaba · 2 pointsr/hamsters

It is!
Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen 40090

I really like it. I obviously don’t put him it in when I’m not right there, so he hasn’t made a break for it yet. Though he could easily climb up and over if I wasn’t watching. But it’s been really helpful for bonding/taming time.

u/TheWickedApple · 3 pointsr/hamsters

I'll take it out then. This sand I got from amazon had great reviews and after looking for so long I thought it would be good, since reviews state it is decent for hamsters of all sizes. Let me know?

u/yummyicecream5 · 0 pointsr/hamsters

Ferplast Hamster Cage, Black

Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage, Small Animal Habitat

i searched online and it seems like those two are some of the best options.

u/eggyallanpoe · 1 pointr/hamsters

I use and I love it. Be sure to only leave it in for 12-24 hours at a time as sometimes hamsters will either over-bathe and dry their skin out or use it as a litter box and then a bath which isn't sanitary lol

u/HerbalGerbils · 3 pointsr/hamsters

A great wheel 11inch, very quiet. The front comes off for easy cleaning. Can be hung upside down if needed (mine is upside down because wheel stands don't work great in deep bedding).

u/niku31 · 2 pointsr/hamsters

your cage is very small and he is looking to escape also give him toys when you get this big cage

if you want my bin to cage its 660sq and was very cheap


which leaves a lot of money for toys and accessories

remember also to give him a lot of bedding like 10cm deep so he can dig in and sleep or make tunnels throughout the night

one more thing please buy him a bigger wheel since his back is probably curved and can resolver him not even using the wheel


if you can maybe try to get these things fast since your hamster is damaging his teeth and can hurt his nose

hopefully, this helps

Good luck!

u/Lostinlove678 · 3 pointsr/hamsters

We got this one.

Theres only 6 inches room in the bottom for bedding though. Its fine for our dwarf but there is still only 619 sq inches total floor space. Our dwarf is very happy in it, but for a syrian it still might not keep him/her happy. How long did you try the bigger bin cage and how large was it exactly?

u/iMoosker · 4 pointsr/hamsters

Oh so you can join them together easily? Might have to make that purchase this week too!

Here’s an Amazon link for the curious.

u/bhamgeo · 1 pointr/hamsters

That is a link from a /hamsters post a day or two ago, might find more silent spinner type options there if you don't go with kaytee brand (kaytee doesn't have amazing size options).

Otherwise there are tutorials for building your own wheel, or you can go for a wire mesh or something "wodent wheel" like, like:

Edits: my links are just examples, not endorsements. And, if you're worried about noise, either go by reviews, or get a wheel that gives you access to the axle so you can lube it up.

***Go to a local pet store and check out their wheels. For instance, a jump from 8-12 via kaytee silent spinners is quite huge. Not saying bigger than 8 wouldn't be great though :)

Edit 2: just realized you meant this in response to the person who responded to your other comment.

u/DJAlpacas · 1 pointr/hamsters

I brought this wheel here - - would definitely recommend, its so quite all you can hear is the pitter patter of hamster feet

u/knightfallzx2 · 1 pointr/hamsters

I have. $102 CAD at before shipping!

Apparently my best option is to just contact the manufacturer, which I've done and am awaiting a response.

u/19times · 1 pointr/hamsters

ah okay, best to stay away from them then. i'm assuming based on that that he's a robo? i had this: wheel, that while big, worked well for my campbell's dwarf. but if nibbles is very tiny then i'd be a little worried about his ability to get it moving

u/Fartmonger8 · 1 pointr/hamsters

Excuse the formatting I'm on mobile, but the Carolina Storm Express Wheels have a reputation for being quiet and large enough for syrian hamsters despite being marketed for hedgehogs. I don't think they sell on amazon, but.

The Silent Spinners work okay, they're sold in major pet stores, though they only come in either 6 inches or 13 inches.

The Wodent Wheel in my experience isn't too loud, though every one is different.

u/samson55430 · 1 pointr/hamsters

I use this for my hammy, she's a robo and runs nearly 24/7. You can also get them at Petco for pretty cheap, and they are nearly silent.

u/freak-of-the-week · 2 pointsr/hamsters

This is the cage I'm using for my winter white. I attached wire mesh on the outside to make sure she couldn't escape, but for a Syrian the bar spacing on this will be just fine.

u/SoonHexica · 11 pointsr/hamsters

Hamsters along with other rodents have teeth which continue to grow as they age. In the wild there teeth wear down over time from chewing through tough materials, so having teeth that continue to grow is beneficial. However, in captivity this can prove to be quite uncomfortable for the animal if not cared for properly.
I recommend you buy your hamster some specialist chew toys for their inclosure.

Perhaps something like this:

u/filmdavid · 2 pointsr/hamsters

I think this is the one we have -

We usually let him out of there after a few minutes and let him run around the hallway with the doors closed as its a nice L shaped room to build speed and also sniff everywhere.

u/Roketkitty · 1 pointr/hamsters

It's this! It's the best water bottle I've ever had. Hardly leaks at all and it's the perfect size for one hamster. I think the water capacity is a little small for more than one hamster.

My only concern with it is it has a hole cut in the side of the ceramic base so Robos won't get trapped under the hollow base. Which you'd think would be great, but Dandy spent an early morning with his head and shoulders stuck in the hole. :( He was too big for the hole.

I placed a paper tube inside the base so he can't stick his head in all the way anymore. It's worked flawlessly since.

u/LadyofNightsong · 3 pointsr/hamsters

Here is a common one:

You could also look into children's play sand, which is cheap and comes in bulk... you would need to sterilize it in the oven first though.

u/fracturednebula · 3 pointsr/hamsters

His cage is the Prevue Pet 528 Small Animal Home, Dark Gray from Amazon. The tapered bottom of the cage is roughly 29"x16" at approximately 464 square inches at the smallest dimensions. He has tons of space which is why we went with that specific cage. Plus the second level which is an added 170 square inches. Chompy does have a bigger food bowl now!

u/FrolicMeToHell · 1 pointr/hamsters

I used to have the same cage as you before I upgraded to a bin cage - a 12 or 13 inch wheel fits in fine, I have a free-standing one from amazon

u/notalegalist · 5 pointsr/hamsters

It looks like this one (yellow) and I think this one (grey). Exotic Nutrition Silent Runners are freaking fantastic. I use the 9in. one for my mouse, and it's so quiet, but it took just a little bit of olive oil on the screw in the back, at least for me.

u/ThinkHamster · 1 pointr/hamsters

Aquariums get really heavy at larger sizes and the brittle nature of glass makes it fragile. If you want a completely see-through cage, consider something from Ferplast or Savic.

Here is one example:

u/urbffcourtney · 1 pointr/hamsters

i was going to get this for them

u/windigooo · 1 pointr/hamsters

I use this Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand 1 kg

You can get it cheepest as an add on but it is available as an ordinary purchase. I've also seen it at Pets at Home

u/w0rldwith0ut · 1 pointr/hamsters

when i brought my hamster home from Petco (1.5 hour drive) i used the Living World carrier in size large. i just put a bunch of bedding in it with a couple of chew toys. he burrowed under and napped the entire way there.

here's a link to the carrier!

u/TheWishToLiveForever · 2 pointsr/hamsters

It’s this wheel , but he chewed the cork out of the inside - it’s smooth wood underneath

u/Fear_The_Rabbit · 3 pointsr/hamsters

My hammy has this one. It’s not too expensive, has smaller space between the bars and more floor area than the one you posted.

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home, Dark Gray

u/IWuvComputers · 1 pointr/hamsters

He has a ton of floor space. I have two of these cages attached back to back.

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal...

u/anxioushypochondriac · 1 pointr/hamsters

Favola Hamster Cage | Includes Free Water Bottle, Exercise Wheel, Food Dish & Hamster Hide-Out | Large Hamster Cage Measures 23.6L x 14.4W x 11.8H-Inches & Includes 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

This is exactly what I have - is it really necessary to get her a bigger cage? I don’t have any space for a bigger cage. I could also take her back if that’s in her best interest, but i don’t think it is and I would really hate to do that, but I’m overwhelmed

I don’t use that wheel I have a 7.5 inch diameter flying saucer wheel

u/theswedishtrex · 6 pointsr/hamsters

I had a hamster (RIP Mimmi :() that would do that. I freaked out the first time she did it. She was my first hamster and I was so scared something was wrong with her. But, nope. Just lazy.

But I really would suggest getting a larger wheel :) I use this for my hammy

u/citrinewarrior · 1 pointr/hamsters

here's the link to the cage I got: It comes with a little wire platform, but I took it out to avoid bumblefoot related issues.

u/Skulker_S · 3 pointsr/hamsters

A high quality chinchilla sand is totally fine in my experience! Just don't take a super cheap one with bad reviews and it shouldn't be a problem.

Edit: This one seems to be recommend by a lot of hamster owners in North America!
Basically no dust they say