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u/WillAdams · 8 pointsr/harborfreight

My needs/usages are a lot smaller scale than most folks. The things which I keep going back for and buying more of:

u/HH912 · 0 pointsr/harborfreight

Not a split beam style one. Never have to reset those when putting them away.

This one is a stellar buy - non branded snap on for a fraction of the cost. I love my hf stuff but this torque wrench is the best one I’ve ever had

Precision Instruments PREC3FR250F Silver 1/2" Drive Split Beam Torque Wrench with Flex Head

u/Ordinate1 · 4 pointsr/harborfreight

My rule of thumb at Harbor Freight is to buy the best version of whatever tool you are looking at, and read the reviews.

My experience with their power tools:

-Chicago Electric reciprocating saw: Decent, not quite as robust as a higher end unit, but for $20 and occasional use, it's fine.

-Drillmaster angle grinder: Used it several times a week for a year until it was stolen. $10 and pretty solid as long as you give it an occasional break under heavy use.

-Bauer cordless angle grinder: Replacement for the Drillmaster, and I would run two batteries out under heavy use without the tool itself appearing to break a sweat (e.g. cutting 1" notches out of 1/2" mild steel).

The table saw, in particular, does not have the best reputation, and the miter saw could be better.

I would spend a little extra to at least get the Admiral miter saw:

And then maybe this for a table saw:

u/Phearlosophy · 2 pointsr/harborfreight

It also looks like it has been pretty heavily used based on the guard plate scuffs and the motor housing. $65 new brand name vs $40 used HF w/o legit warranty... idk man. Splitting hairs at that point imo

edit: $55 Makita & $67 Dewalt searching amazon for like 30 seconds

u/ead617 · 2 pointsr/harborfreight

If you are working on things that get scratched easily, make sure to also buy a non-marring jaw cover for the vise! they're made out of some type of rubber or plastic and won't ruin your "stuff." Something like this.

u/unitconversion · 2 pointsr/harborfreight

Are you talking about this one: ? It is variable speed, you just have to stop and change the belt to a different pulley. (though that's not electronic like you said)

The best thing about this lathe is that it's the same lathe a handful of manufacturers sell so you can get parts and accessories pretty easily. For instance I got a bed extension so I can turn table legs on it now.

u/RobinDaHood88 · 2 pointsr/harborfreight

I have the same ones, they're awesome.

I paired them with one of these mag-clip trays that I use for all the specialty sockets, torx and driver heads and the like.

Triton Products 72422 MagClip Socket Caddy and 28 Interchangeable Pegs 3/8-Inch Drive 6-1/8-Inch by 10-1/4-Inch, Red

u/JamesRawles · 11 pointsr/harborfreight

The 150 is the better bet because it's clip on, instead of cigarette lighter. But if you're gonna pay retail prices, might as well just go this route

u/bratling · 5 pointsr/harborfreight

My little Makita is a “big bore” design, similar power to what the HF 21g claims. Nice and quiet. Under 80db from a few feet away.

I’ve been thinking about doing a bad thing… sticking the Makita’s pump & motor into the big cheap HF tank and throw away the noisy HF assembly.

Definitely interested in the new stuff from HF!

u/The_Phox · 1 pointr/harborfreight

Why that Precision Instruments wrench over a CDI torque wrench, which is who makes Snap-On's torque wrenches, last I checked?
I'm asking for research purposes, not criticism.

I have this saved in my tool wish list.

u/plc268 · 4 pointsr/harborfreight

The casing looks to be the same as the Komeleon tapes, just in red.

You can already get the Komeleon tapes for cheaper than what HF is listing their tapes for.

$6.97 for the 25 ft komeleon:

$4.77 for the 16ft

If you buy the hf tapes, you're just spending more for the same thing... unless you just really love red and hate green.

u/someguynamedjohn13 · 4 pointsr/harborfreight

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher 119.99 over at Amazon. It's the most/best rated.
PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher

u/subterfugeinc · 4 pointsr/harborfreight

No because drill doctor sharpens the tip of the bit and pocket hole drill bits have a stepped design. The part that really cuts the wood is about 1/2 inch from the tip of the bit. I dont think you could resharpen that way. Itd be more worth your time to just buy a good bit.

u/Venthorn · 1 pointr/harborfreight

There are items specifically for this purpose. This is the one I use:

There are cheaper ones out there, but those are made of plastic and the DataVac is made of steel.

u/itsrocketsurgery · 3 pointsr/harborfreight

This Astro one is what I bought and it fits.

u/texastoasty · 1 pointr/harborfreight

I think I found the kit they are, here's a link for reference: DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set, 21-Piece