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u/Freyja_Dragon · 4 pointsr/harrypotter

Hi Pendred!

Your idea is quite thoughtful, and man are there alot of elements to your plan!

While reading your post I wondered if this might work for the scavenger hunt:

Have seven professors write the letters for the hunt. (Dumbledore, McGonagal, Snape, Flitwick, Sprout, Firenze, and Lupin. There;s other professors that would work too, but these are just my personal top seven.)

Maybe have each item being found for each letter, be one of the Horcruxes. You could get a cool old gold thing for the Hufflepuff, a wicked ring, a diadem that your lady could actually wear, a black diary, etc. (Goodwill & other thrift stores are your friend,)

Personally, as a fan of the series since childhood, I always wanted to go on a horcrux hunting quest. That might be a fun thing for your lady too!

SNACKS! Great idea. There is an unofficial Harry Potter Cook Book to help you with that. Homemade butter bear is amazing!

Also what do you think about the theme park in Orlando?
Many Potter fans are dying to visit there, who knows maybe it would be a cool place to go?

Oh and I have one last idea. Based on the list you made, I see a format that might fit your event.

  1. Scavenger hunt
  2. Wizarding World Dinner!
  3. Super Awesome Proposal Time.

    Good luck with your planning!
    I took interest in your post, because its can be fun to plan such nerdy, personal surprises for your loved one. For example, I recently did a Mars/Constellations space theme thing for my boyfriend. Totally worth the effort! ^_^

u/Kira_x_ · 4 pointsr/harrypotter

That's the "adult" edition!

You can find it on Amazon (UK) here!

But bear in mind that it's pretty rare now - that set is selling for over £100 - I don't know about the conversion rate to your currency in Tunisia, but it's probably extremely expensive.

If I were you, I might look at some newer printings, like this one which is £47.99, so it's half the price! (Although they are paperback, whereas the other set is hardback.)

I can't really advise on where to purchase, although I'd probably go for Amazon France, or something like that - a country that's pretty close to you!

But if you have family/friends in Europe (Spain/France/Germany/Italy) that you could have the package sent to (and pick it up later) then you could order from the UK website, and there won't be any import charges to deal with! (You could have them sent to you in Tunisia, but I don't know how much import charges would come to, unfortunately!)

Good luck getting the English set! :)

u/DaftFunky · 3 pointsr/harrypotter

My wife loves Harry Potter.

She bought the Limited Edition boxset from Costco a few years back for $300.

Pretty sure it's well over $1000CAD used now. She says it was the best investment she ever made.

I hope to one day build her some shelves to display it properly and her other HP related stuff.

I will be sure to show her your collection and I am sure she will be super jealous. :)

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

I had the original British covers when the books first released individually but once the entire series was complete I decided to get the adult boxset and its beautiful! (cant find my original books although I'm pretty sure I let people borrow them) I'm considering a hardcover set.

u/tobebatman · 1 pointr/harrypotter

The text in the North American version is different (i.e. rubbish is trash), I think the choice depends really on whether the you value the authenticity of the content of the visuals of the book more. Personally I like the American version because I really love the art style, but at the same time I am a more visual person and the differences in text don't bother me as much as some other people.

If it helps you should also think about the type of box it will be in if that affects you. The American version boxed set looks like this (Amazon for more angles). While the signature version looks like this (Amazon for more angles)

There is also the question of whether you want paperback or hardback covers.

u/willow_phoenix · 3 pointsr/harrypotter

I agree with other comment- it depends on what she already has (also what she likes). But I recently was given the illustrated version of book 1 that came out last year and I love it more than anything! 1 and 2 are already out (with the 3rd being released in October) which means 6 more gift ideas for the future. ;)
It might seem silly to buy her books since she probably already owns them- but I find the illustrated ones so special! I love them so much and am happy to have them along with my original copies.

u/parityprat · 5 pointsr/harrypotter

I don't know where my used copies are, but I'd be happy to buy a paperback set for them. (

Can you set up a wishlist or something so that I can have it sent it directly there?

I'd also like some sort of verification that you actually do work with impoverished kids, if it wouldn't be too bothersome. :)

u/phire8 · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

Have you thought about the illustrated books? The third one was just released this past October. The illustrated versions are great for any fan, plus they’re great once your friends child is old enough because they can read to their child and show them the pictures as they follow along.

Amazon link to books

u/dianaparks27 · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

I have it and love it as well. As soon as I saw it had little trinkets in it (like the Map, Yuleball Invite, Letter, etc.) I knew I had to buy it immediately! It's been a real treat

But I have to say, I am also REALLY excited for this to come out in later October!>> Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey

u/InfiniteRainbow · 3 pointsr/harrypotter

I had this one on an Amazon list for Christmas a few years ago. I like it, watched all the movies and didn't notice anything missing. I'm pretty sure there was bonus content on the discs too, bonus scenes or outtakes.

I know it seems like it should cost more for 8 discs, but the cost of blu ray is coming down as digital becomes more popular.

u/30percentAlpaca · 1 pointr/harrypotter

Oh snap, those are nice.

What I really like about Harry Potter is the range of quality for their merchandise. There's stuff suitable for kids, and stuff suitable for adults. I was even saving up to buy the adult hardcover set. (But I found a standard hardcover set super cheap and I just couldn't pass up the price.)

You don't have to look like a kid to geek out. I appreciate that you can look classy while geeking out.

u/I_Photoshop_Movies · 52 pointsr/harrypotter

How Tom Felton was chosen for his role:

All appliers were asked a question of what was their best scene (or something, can't remember) in the books. Tom haven't read the books and he heard a girl before him say some part of the book. So when Tom's turn was, he said the exact same thing as the girl just before. All casters knew he was lying. So there you have sneaky, perfect Draco Malfoy.

I absolutely love that. He was perfect as Draco :D¨

Edit: I read it from this book:

u/sibellin · 1 pointr/harrypotter

Unfortunately nothing can be published that doesn't go through JKR. She owns the rights to everything basically. Also I guess the idea is that if you want to know about the sets you have to visit the tour in order to "buy" that knowledge.

Pretty much all of the general info is available by watching the special features on the films, going on Pottermore, and also there are a couple of good books which most Interactors work from, like From Page To Screen.

All the gossip and funny little stories come from original crew members though, by word of mouth, and that's the only stuff that isn't really published, along with the tiny details about props and costumes etc, so for that you'd have to visit the tour.

u/ABoringName_ · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I have this set. They’re pretty cool.

Harry Potter Complete Book Series Special Edition Boxed Set

Edit: Also a very good price right now.

u/OwlPostAgain · 1 pointr/harrypotter

You should be able to buy the books on Amazon UK here. It's $54 for the entire paperback set including the $10 shipping.

Which is honestly a pretty good deal...

u/Great_Zarquon · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I'm not sure about videos, but Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey is the most definitive source for behind-the-scenes information about the making of the series. I'd certainly recommend that book over online clips if you're actually interested in learning more about the filmmaking process.

u/estelalaland · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

Ok so on amazon theres a boxset with the hardcovers and i think its that design also, and on there it says the dimensions are 19 x 15 x 10 inches for the box, so i suppose it should be something similar to that? but i dont know about each individual book, sorry. Good luck!

u/Le_girlfriend11 · 2 pointsr/harrypotter There, you can get complete set of hardcover for about $70 and softcover for a little over $40. Waaay better than $200

Edit: Oh and alot of times on items over $25 there's free shipping. Yay to that

u/chandlerdoc · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

It is pretty awesome isn't it! It's actually a throw blanket/ tapestry however I purchase it off of Amazon. Here is the link!

u/wakandanvibranium · 1 pointr/harrypotter

Honestly I think they are cheaper on Amazon than they have been in a while. When I first started thinking about upgrading my old dvds to blurays, I couldn't find a set below $80. I bought them recently on Amazon UK for about $45. They are region-free, so they should work in any bluray player and shipping to the US was only a couple extra bucks. Took a couple weeks to get to me though. Good luck on your search!

u/kbiering · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I wish she would make an encyclopedia. I hate Pottermore. I want something like what Cassandra Clare did or (sorry!) Stephenie Meyer did. I think if she got a design team behind her it would be amazing. These books are amazing and the designers would kick ass at helping her. 1 2 3

u/amyosaurus · 3 pointsr/harrypotter

That seems like a pretty good price to me, actually, considering the cost of hardback books. The paperback collection comes in a much prettier box and is half the price.

Also, shame on you Amazon. Deathly Hollows. -_-

u/dipsta · 1 pointr/harrypotter

On Amazon you can get each one brand new for £3.85 each, or get them in a nice box set for £30. Really cheap, as buying 7 paperbacks is usually like £50 - 70.

Edit: Noticed you're in US. Here is a set for like £30 ($52).

If you want to own them that's probably the cheapest way if you want them brand new.

u/morsmordre92 · 2 pointsr/harrypotter I bought this set not too long ago in paperback. Just love the covers, the colours are amazing. They're British versions though so not sure which ones you're looking to buy.

u/buttsbuttsbutt · 8 pointsr/harrypotter

Here ya go:

If you make Butterbeer, avoid the complicated recipes that are floating around out there. The best tasting homemade Butterbeer IMO is just Smucker's Butterscotch syrup(in the squeeze bottle, not the jar) mixed into your favorite cream soda. Stir in butterscotch until the cream soda gets cloudy and changes color. More than that and it's too sweet and too butterscotchy.

u/mindsaremadeofclouds · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

There’s a really nice set that came out last year for the 20 Years - if you’re in UK it’s the new edition covers and the art is really good. Here’s a link - box set on amazon

Edit - which, incidentally, after looking at the post you linked to, is the set they have in the top left corner

u/potterarchy · 4 pointsr/harrypotter

You may enjoy this. ;)

Or this! Or this, or this, or this! :)

u/Cdogger715 · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

There is actually someone who makes cookbooks for the Wizarding World. I just bought one and have loved every recipe I've made from it so far.

Harry Potter:

Fantastic Beasts:

u/klay-stan · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

How old is she? What are her other interests? That might help people brainstorm a little bit. One of my favorite Harry Potter themed presents has been the unofficial Harry Potter cookbook, found here

u/MathGradStudent · 26 pointsr/harrypotter

They're celebrating HP's and JK Rowling's Bday's, apparently. New artist, though.

They're here on Amazon and here is an explanation on Mashable.

u/watermelonbob · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

At the moment, I believe this is the best (and cheapest!) collector's set. The American box set only has the movie disks, no bonus disks.

u/TonksWeasley · 1 pointr/harrypotter

Amazon is selling this and there are youtube clips such as this one that promote the boxed set too.

Before you get too excited though, read the reviews on Amazon. This boxed set might not be all it's cracked up to be.

u/mysteryislandgyal25 · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

I actually found an unofficial HP cookbook when the challenge was going on (not intentionally), but obviously couldn't posted it then. It was in my Amazon recommended (almost like they knew...), so I downloaded a sample. I don't know how to post pics on this so I can't, but here's the link for anyone who wants to try out a few recipes.

u/KidGorgeous69 · 1 pointr/harrypotter

Amazon had a deal on this on cyber Monday for $99, so I pounced. I had been waiting awhile to get a box set because I wanted a Blu-Ray one, but I didn't want that $700 one with all that other crap, and I didn't want the $39 one without any special features.
I almost missed this one because when I read the comments and reviews, they all said "No special editions" so I dismissed it. Then I found they had lumped the reviews for the $39 one in with this sale item, and then took the plunge.

You can still purchase this particular box for $150 on Amazon, but if you're curious what it looks like or includes, check the album. Enjoy!

u/Doombuggyman · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

Or... you could try

$66.15 Canadian ($69.20 US) with free shipping. And yes, those are the British editions.

u/dorxincandeland · 4 pointsr/harrypotter

Any thoughts on this product from Amazon?

Seems a little steep after shipping, but they have the option for a 12 and 24 pack as well.

Worth it?

u/ladyfenring · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

It's only rated a 2.6 on Amazon, and it doesn't look like you get much. It looks like the unofficial cookbook could be better. Unless you specifically wanted to make candy, in which case I would just study up on chocolate making and buy candy molds that relate to the books (frogs, owls, etc).

u/elbowsss · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

I came across this one the other day. I think it's pretty neat, and I plan to buy it in the future to replace my set that's currently falling to pieces.

u/DeathlyHallow · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I have the same set and I agree, bit disappointing. The dvds dont even look the same, it looks like some con artist just took the dvds out of their original packaging and placed them in a new holder, no second discs. However, I'm glad to have the collection all the same.

There is a complete box set + goodies TBR and you can preoder here on amazon:

Of course, it's just a mere $450 dollars.

u/purpleyarn · 1 pointr/harrypotter

You can get a boxed set on Amazon for $48. Buying all of the books new on Amazon would run you $51. I think $48 is a good price for 7 books.

u/chewy_cat · 1 pointr/harrypotter

Really? All I know of is the french set with the wand on top. That is only around $200, and I cant find any pictures/videos of it anywhere online. I want to see what is inside. If thats not the one you are talking about, can you show me?

OMG. While typing this response, I finally found the video for it!!!!

edit: even more info


This has to be a joke...

u/Tbhjr · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I currently own the 'Ultimate Edition' Blu Rays, each one has 2-4 discs and a bunch of extras. It's not a collection, each movie is separate and last I checked they're out of print. The Hogwarts Collection ( is probably the best one still on the market; any other boxset for the most part is out of print. I'm working on the 4K editions now.

u/Ignorer · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

It's beautiful, when Hagrid & Harry sets off to London to buy supplies for his upcoming semester at Hogwarts!

It's from Jim Kay's Adaptation found in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 1)"

u/SinsationalDoom · 4 pointsr/harrypotter

I suggest a few things:

  • ebay
  • used book stores near you
  • This set from Amazon
  • You can also search through Amazon and look in the Used section instead of new. You'll have more options there.

    I hope this helps!
u/mebizzle · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

Right here. is where I got them, took about 3 weeks to get to GA but it's an incredible set with a nice box to boot!

u/TheRealBuzzLightyear · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I absolutely adore the covers of the British Adult editions. I'm so tempted to order the set from

u/Zinn987 · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I downloaded the e-books and when I get the money, (unemployed high school student) I'm going to buy this or wait and get this and this
And thanks everyone for the tips and recommendations!

u/Poncie17 · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I have this one. It's got some bonus features and content and it's a decent price.

u/serenatx · 1 pointr/harrypotter

As someone who hates the original UK covers and is a teacher I really like the new Bloomsbury covers they have brought out because apart from the fact Harry doesn't age they are inviting for kids to read.

u/rayyychul · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I guess it depends what you consider to be reasonably priced, but there are lots of options on

7 books, boxed set, paperback £38.99

There are lots more options, too. It helps if you search by the specific book title.

u/thebody1403 · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

Alright so i have lot's of stuff. I obviously have all the books, not just the seven original. have the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection and lots of games. I also have 3 wands, Harry Potter's, Voldemort's and the Elder Wand. Along with that i have a collection of candy, horcruxes, Umbridges plates of cats, clothes, Ravenclaw merch, and much much more.

u/SecretSquirrel_ · 1 pointr/harrypotter

Like others said, Amazon, but if you don't want to pay full price, I suggest tracking it with CamelCamelCamel.

u/puta-por-favor · 1 pointr/harrypotter

This is the set I recently bought and would recommend it. If you live in the States, shipping is only like $15. Totally worth it though.

Edit: I also have this set, but I think it's only available in the States.

u/iamthehyrax · 1 pointr/harrypotter

Amazon still has them all for sale online. My BF just got the whole set (of the original US versions) from there for a really reasonable price. Here's the link for it.

u/zombiiee · 4 pointsr/harrypotter

There is actually an unofficial Harry Potter cookbook out there. It is available in most book stores and on Amazon :-)

Harry Potter Recipes

u/AlphaLima · 1 pointr/harrypotter

You can get the UK version here. Its a much better set, just preordered myself, reddit thread on it here

u/Velmeran · 1 pointr/harrypotter

The Creating the World of Harry Potter documentary was orginally exclusive to the Ultimate Editions, but it soon spread to other editions released after it (including the Wizard's Collection, Hogwart's Collection and most recently 8-Film Steelbook Collection.

Additionally the recently released Special Editions, which is what you've found, include the documentary as well. So the edition you stumbled upon while legit, won't contain any of the other physical extras that the Ultimate Editions have.

u/kylrm12 · 1 pointr/harrypotter

yep, amazon! I got it from the seller "myrockland" under the new tab. if you want to search around more its the 2013 adult versions in paperback

u/AnnieIWillKnow · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

I hope you're being accidently ignorant. Have a read of Harry Potter: Page to Screen; the amount of work and artistry that went into those films is unbelievable.

u/Lew12391 · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

For more food ideas, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. Amazon allows you to look inside, so you could just write down your own copies of the recipes if you don't want to purchase the book. However, it is really inexpensive and would likely be worth the money.

u/NiceShotCupcakee · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

whats so special about this edition over lets say the originals like this one? :

u/tortellini · 1 pointr/harrypotter

US release

I'm not sure that this has all the special features though.

u/jalapenotouchdown · 5 pointsr/harrypotter

I don't know of any version using simpler words. They do make these illustrated versions though. Maybe the pictures would help break up the text and keep his interest when he gets frustrated.

u/Origami612 · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I ordered this one. It was only about $43 and change.

The cat is priceless, tho. :-)

u/badchild11 · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I got it as a gift for christmas last year, but I found it here on Amazon!

u/Supershinyface · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

here is the store locator for Reed's (the company that makes this stuff!) so you can find out if a local store sells it.

here is where you can buy it directly from the brewer, if there's no local shop and/or you're ok waiting for shipping.

it's also available on Amazon, if you have gift cards lying around.

Accio Butterbeer!

u/voldemortlord · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I got these and they have held up well through rereads. Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed Set: Books #1-7

u/Testing123YouHearMe · 19 pointsr/harrypotter

Amazon has entire sets you can buy

$52 for all 7 in paperback. It's even a prime item

u/aelindsey2002 · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

Amazon has them listed right now for $58.50 (they were $50 to preorder when I bought them though)

u/Ravenswood10 · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

Here it is on Amazon (Unless the Wizarding World has another version). They're releasing the illustrated editions one at a time.

u/Roose1327 · 1 pointr/harrypotter

And Amazon has the first three in a bundle for cheap: Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection (Books 1-3 Boxed Set)

u/ZephyrLegend · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

You can purchase a paperback set on the UK version of Amazon.

u/cragglerock93 · 19 pointsr/harrypotter

It's also mentioned in this fantastic book. It's really pricey, but so worth it if you want a look into how the films were made but can't afford to go to Leavesden.

u/SystemFolder · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

If you want the exact set that is in the picture, you'll need to get the British versions.

u/royrules22 · 3 pointsr/harrypotter

This is from the book Harry Potter: Page To Screen.

I made a post about this about 5 months ago and included this gallery of images from the book. The image in the OP is in this gallery

u/Joolee · 6 pointsr/harrypotter

This is what I bought when the 7th book was finally released. I think it came with stickers too but can't remember.

u/canaki17 · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

Pottermore shopを見たところ、電子版ならKindle, kobo, Reader等で買えるようです。紙の本のほうが好きな場合はamazonでアメリカ版の取り扱いはあります。参考程度にどうぞ。

Seriously, I'd recommend reading the English version. I gave up reading the Japanese translations because of the terrible quality. I doubt Matsuoka (or Seizansha) would let go of the only successful book they released, so I wouldn't hope for re-translations if I were you.

u/hero-hadley · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

They're making illustrated editions right now. My daughter is 3, and when she's 7 I'm gonna start reading the illustrated versions to her. I'm so excited!!!

u/bisonburgers · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

Why the hell is this book selling for $1800 dollars???, much less $120?????

u/dabeddo12 · 1 pointr/harrypotter

I bought this a couple weeks ago and it was $17.99. I don't know why the price is up to $50 though.

u/piratepixie · 1 pointr/harrypotter

How 'bout this

I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered.

u/phatboy5289 · 1 pointr/harrypotter

Oh, if only there were some way to purchase these movies and keep them forever, without depending on Netflix to renew streaming rights.

u/Madonkadonk · 1 pointr/harrypotter

Hm, I wonder how much this costs...$350!?!?!

u/Prince-Cola · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

Yeah, but i read somewhere that the fonts are small, which is not very good for me...hmm


u/hollywoodbob · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

Do you mean this one?

They might have changed how the digital copy would be delivered, and it cancelled your specific version.

u/trekkie_becky · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

I have approved this comment multiple times, the spam filter just hates url shorteners.

Here's the direct link

u/ActvPlayer · 4 pointsr/harrypotter

Even more crazy deal:

31 Disk collection for $99.99 (Regular $249.99)

Visit /r/AmazonianDeals for daily deals on all kinds of products

u/DJ-Anakin · 2 pointsr/harrypotter

WTF is this?! Why can't I find this anywhere? Best I can find is this.

I see the Tesco link above, but is there a US version of this?

u/HungerGamesLady · 3 pointsr/harrypotter

I just ordered the whole set from a few days ago and am SO impatiently waiting for them to arrive! (I live in California, so I thought I would never be able to buy them!)

And I know this is coming, so here's the link:

u/EngineerBabe · 1 pointr/harrypotter

You could go pick up a Harry Potter Cookbook and work through some recipes there or else you could make some traditional English dishes such as Bangers and Mash or Fish and Chips!


Quaffle Caught!**

  • GAME B /u/kmcaleer1 of Gryffindor ~ 1 Point(s) to Gryffindor!


    CURRENT SCORES | GAME A - Hufflepuff: -1 Slytherin: 21 | GAME B - Gryffindor: 13 Ravenclaw: 9 | "
u/Beyondintodarkness · 21 pointsr/harrypotter

You really are a sad sad man. I still can't find anywhere where JK makes the rediculous claim that she invented everything. She may have stated it's an original story or that things like wizards, magic, etc are playing by different rules than they traditionally do but until you can find me a source of her claiming credit for something that predates her by 1000 years I'm calling bullshit.

So, your problems are with the cover art? Him wearing a Griffindor scarf as a spoiler is among the most rediculous things I've ever heard. Griffindor doesn't even get introduced until a handful of pages before. Also, just to prove you wrong I took out my own copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and you're going to hate it.

First of all I've scoured the internet trying to find a cover with both King's cross and Harry with a Griffindor scarf and I can't find it. In fact, this is the only cover I can find depicting the Hogwarts Express and it doesn't show Harry so you're full of shit there.

My album of my own copy of Sorcerer's Stone is here. This is the original cover artwork and it does not actually show Harry wearing a Griffindor scarf (I remembered it as a Griffindor scarf as well but it's just red). The only cover I've found him wearing a distinctly Griffindor scarf is the movie poster. If you want spoilers though then this cover has them all! There are unicorns, snitches, flying brooms, castles, a boy (spoiler since Harry himself doesn't appear until page 15 of the book), and a three headed dog. Also, it's a continuity error since Hogwarts wasn't built on top of Fluffy, in fact Fluffy was on the third floor! How dare she! Also, page one doesn't mention a date at all. Page 2 does mention a Tuesday but the precise date of the attack wasn't determined until much later in the series so either it's a continuity error (every fucking piece of media has those, that's not a problem) or perhaps, and hear me out on this, it takes place in a fictional universe WHERE THERE ARE FUCKING WIZARDS!

I sincerely hope I never met you in real life. I have no doubt I am better off not.