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u/Treb27 · 0 pointsr/hearthstone

Not knowing you or your gf or your price range, it will be kind of difficult to make perfect suggestions, but I'll give you a few that I have gotten mine, or she has gotten me that worked out to be really good:

Serious stuff:

Kindle - You say she is a genius, so maybe she likes to spend free time reading. I never thought I'd use a Kindle until I got one, and now I use it daily. It's portable, easy on the eyes, and gives her the chance to read anything she wants.

A Puzzle - I've always enjoyed doing puzzles in my free time but as I grew older I lost time to do them. My girlfriend got me one last Christmas, and we have been doing them together ever since. They are great when one of you want to watch a movie or TV that the other may not be as interested in. The other person can relax and do a puzzle, but you are still spending time together. We normally pick one out together that we really like, then glue it together when we finish it. Our plan is to eventually frame them and put them up in our office.

Less serious:

Body Pillow - I've had friends give this to their SO's and the reaction is always hilarious. For the girlfriend who "has to have you there" to sleep comfortably.

I'll leave it to those for now. I'm not much of a cook, outdoorsy person, or crafty so my suggestions for those would be lacking. Good luck, but just remember no matter what you get her, she'll love it. Just...make sure you actually get her something. It's not just the thought that counts.

u/Highfire · 8 pointsr/hearthstone

Uh... I'm kind of a decent resource?

I can certainly point you to a few different places. First, for "up-to-date" WoW-expansion related events, Nobbel's YouTube Channel is superb. I believe his longest video is the story of the Lich King -- following Ner'Zhul, Arthas and then the two put together. It's 3 hours and 15 minutes long.

For Lore of the Cards? SixGamers! Their two longest videos are for Rhonin and Vol'jin at 107 minutes and 113 minutes, respectively. He has also been working on Fandral Staghelm and we can expect that soon, which should be great.

For the gospel for what is and isn't canon in the Warcraft lore, alongside beautiful art and good reading? Warcraft Chronicle Volume I is great, and I really really look forward to the second volume. Note, that some of the lore has been changed through the Warcraft Chronicle, such as the lore presented in SixGamers' Medivh episode for Lore of the Cards. (47 minutes.

It's not too different, but the context in which Medivh's mother and father decided to have a child is different, and who Nielas Aran was is different as well. I'll give you the differences quickly here:

Pre Chronicle: Nielas Aran was the Court Conjurer for Stormwind. Aegwynn took a fancy to him as father of her child, seduced him and became pregnant, only using him. She left Medivh in his care before taking off.

In the Chronicle: Nielas Aran was a member of the Tirisgarde, a secret sect of the Council of Tirisfal, a secret sect of the ruling body of Dalaran, comprised of Elves and Humans that defended Azeroth from demonic incursions resulting from their use of the arcane. As member of the Tirisgarde, he was tasked with using artifacts and relics of great power that could be used to help subjugate the on-the-run Aegwynn, who refused to give in her Guardian powers back to the Council, partly due to the corruption of Sargeras, subtly whispering doubts.

In their chase, they bantered back and forth to find weaknesses. Nielas realised that Aegwynn wasn't oh-so bad, and eventually gave up, believing her innocence. The two fell in love, and Aegwynn wanted to make up for everything, and pass on her Guardianship. She wanted a child who could take up the mantle. Nielas saw a darkness in her and saw this as a way of helping her redeem herself, unaware of just how significant that darkness would become or who that darkness was.

Medivh was born, and Nielas then became Court Conjurer of Stormwind so he could raise his son alongside the best and brightest -- the King's son, Llane Wrynn and Anduin Lothar, who would eventually become the Lion of Azeroth. He also chose Stormwind due to its geographical distance from the other human kingdoms and consequently his ability to stay away from the Kirin Tor's powerful influence.

So, they ended up meeting, they ended up doing it, they ended up having Medivh with Nielas as more or less a single father and Medivh ended up befriending Llane/Anduin in Stormwind in both stories. The "key points" are the same. The main difference is how things were reflected on Aegwynn -- instead of a rather badass but callous woman who took everything into her own hands, she was a rather badass woman who eventually opened up to a capable and understanding man, working with him to take things into their own hands.


Sorry, that was a far longer explanation than I'd expected it to be. But hey, if you have any questions about anything (regardless of how silly it may sound), go for it!

u/Krunchtime · 12 pointsr/hearthstone

Warcraft 3 & Frozen Throne for sure.

WoW has some great lore, but most of it isn't totally related to Hearthstone. You could still run around and see loads of Hearthstoney things and see how they fit into the grand scheme of things.

Also, Warcraft: Chronicle is a great source of lore, but most of it is stuff from the beginning of the Warcraft universe that hasn't made its way into Hearthstone yet.

u/evilresident · 3 pointsr/hearthstone

To get addicted? I would say the War of the Ancients trilogy, it covers a period in Warcraft known as the sundering but from a different perspective from Warcraft 3 as it focuses on 3 characters 'created' by the author (technically you can say it was blizzard/knaak) which in turn heavily influence the current story and timeline in World of Warcraft (WoD excluded to a point).

If you aren't looking for a long read, as mentioned by /u/disaace, Arthas: Rise of the Lich King is fantastic and covers Arthas Menethils descent in to 'madness' as he takes up the mantle of 'The Lich King'. The internal struggle in that book was one of the best things in any of the Warcract/WoW series i've read.

If you enjoy either of those, you can go in a few directions but i'd recommend covering the history of/between Orcs and Humans which you can read in World of Warcraft: Chronicles of War which covers 4 books and gives you a really solid grounding.

Some people have issues with some of the writing styles but if you just take the story for what it is and you've grown up around the Warcraft games then it's hard to not geek out a bit!

u/dogmavskarma · 0 pointsr/hearthstone

> Here's a decks from the EU top 8 for Spring: Pretty good mix of combo, midrange, aggro, and control.

/u/bbrode not one priest deck. not one player even brought priest. but hey priest gets [[Power Word: Tentacles]] for 5 mana but i'm dead before I can put it on a minion. So Ben Brode that is bullshit. 5 mana we can buff they other guys 7/7 four mana [[Flamewreathed Faceless]] if i'm even alive cause bloodlust and 5 minions.

A pretty good mix is ALL players had SHAMAN, WARLOCK, WARRIOR. that's it. I think you come one here because you care and that laugh is infectious, but what you said is bullshit.

I can send you my copy:

Druid: 1/8 line-ups.
Builds: 1x C'Thun Druid

Hunter: 6/8 line-ups
Builds: 4x Camel Hunter, 2x Midrange Hunter

Mage: 3/8 line-ups
Builds: 3x Freeze Mage

Paladin: 3/8 line-ups
Builds: 2x N'Zoth Paladin, 1x Anyfin Combo

Priest: 0/8 line-ups

Rogue: 3/8 line-ups
Builds: 3x Miracle Rogue

Shaman: 8/8 line-ups
Builds: 5x Aggro Shaman, 3x Midrange Shaman

Warlock: 8/8 line-ups
Builds: 4x Zoo, 3x RenoLock, 1x CThun Reno

Warrior: 8/8 line-ups
Builds: 3x Tempo Warrior, 3x Control Warrior, 1x CThun Warrior, 1x Patrons

u/peroxidex · 1 pointr/hearthstone

Perhaps we all missed this last night, but Amazon has a link to the terms of the promotion on Hearthstones page.

There is one important one that can make everyone rest easier.

7. Limit one per customer per app, in-app item or other product subject to the promotion, other than for in-app items designed to be purchased multiple times (such as in-game currencies or extra lives).

As packs are designed to be purchased multiple times, it seems we are supposed to receive the bonus each time!

u/MyNameIsXal · 8 pointsr/hearthstone

There are 3 WoW history books that explain the story from the creation of the cosmos to the defeat of Deathwing (happened on 2011 year IRL).

They have a total of 552 pages (184 each), and mind you I DID say they are history books, as they are not literary books, they don't explore different subjects from different characters' point of view, they just state the events that happened in the order they happened, so they are pretty boring(like your average high school history book), but more interesting than history lessons since, for example the history of Europe doesn't include demons and giant dragons.

And it's not even the full story since a lot of things have happened in WoW since 2011 and are continuing to happen since it is an MMORPG with regular updates that continue the story forward.

TL;DR There is enough curriculum to teach MORE than a year of high school history

u/CapnCrunch10 · 3 pointsr/hearthstone

It was described in the book "War Crimes".

There is a video synopsis on the book by Nobbel. Contains spoilers (obviously).

The gist of it is that an attack happened before the trial concluded and Wrathion and Kairoz helped Garrosh escape by forming a portal to the past (basically think of it as an alternate reality). The story is pretty good and the book and video are definitely worth it if you enjoy the lore.

u/Nerkson · 2 pointsr/hearthstone

It's hard to say until someone bites the bullet and downloads it on a Tab 3 Lite.

Right now, I'd advise against it. The processor isn't stellar at all and I imagine the game may lag a bit, to say the least. Pure speculation of course, but I can't imagine it working so well.

If you're looking for a cheap tablet to play Hearthstone, one of the best may be the Kindle Fire HD6. It's 99 dollars and handily meets the minimum specifications in many ways.

If you're willing to spend a few more bucks, the HD7 would do even better than the HD6.

u/Okichah · 1 pointr/hearthstone

Heath brothers do good work as well. A bit more casual, makes for good commute reading.

u/KoboldCoterie · 1 pointr/hearthstone

$350 at the moment on Amazon, if that's in budget. It's a rather nice tablet for non-Hearthstone applications, too; I'd recommend it if you're looking for a larger Android model.

It runs flawlessly on the iPad Air, too, but I think that's about the same price. I work in QA on a lot of mobile products, so I have an assortment of tablets for working on; it's definitely unplayable on the Nexus 7, don't even bother with that.

u/wallysmith127 · 1 pointr/hearthstone

I see you edited your comment. Now we're talking about geopolitical systems of government now?

For the record, I agree with you on income inequality. I'm familiar (and agree) with Piketty's analysis of wealth accumulation. I've followed the Koch Brothers and their machinations against climate change for years now. I've worked in finance for well over 10 years, with CNBC on the TV next to me. I don't see how this is relevant to the business model of card games.

Don't assume I'm some uninformed schmuck.

u/VerticalEvent · 1 pointr/hearthstone

If she plats on Android, a google gift card will do (or Apple if she plays on the iOS).

If she plays on PC, you can buy a Battle.Net Balance card. I think it takes up to 3 days for the balance to be usable, once claimed.

u/frankerzfrankerz · 1 pointr/hearthstone

Something like this, a giftcard to battlenet or credit there may go over the same way.

u/Washbag · 2 pointsr/hearthstone

Higher res? This might be better:

Its in the new book blizzard is releasing

u/Ymir_from_Saturn · 1 pointr/hearthstone

Here's a link to the Arthas novel on amazon:

Here's a link to Arthas' wiki page for quick reference (spoilers):

u/ph3l0n · 2 pointsr/hearthstone
  1. Buy 5000 coins with this link (20% off)

  2. Download Hearthstone from Amazon App store (delete hearthstone from your phone if you already have it there)

  3. Buy expansion from Hearthstone Amazon App Version. It will prompt you to use coins if you are in the app.
u/DeusExMachinae · 0 pointsr/hearthstone

Can I get a link for that? I've only been able to find physical copies for sale

E: Nevermind, I found it for anyone else interested

u/afternoonview · 0 pointsr/hearthstone

I don't know your price ranged but she probably wouldn't mind a Kindle? It isn't even that expensive.

u/honj90 · 1 pointr/hearthstone

I noticed they announce the coinback promo on the Hearthstone page. Does anyone know if they do the same on the German page every time coinback is enabled for german accounts?

u/Ardailec · 2 pointsr/hearthstone

There was a book written by Christie Golden that covers his life up to Wrath of the Lich King.

Or you could look up the Warcraft 3 cutscenes on youtube. I imagine there is probably one that has all of them in order, you know, Video Game: The movie style.

u/Kariia · 9 pointsr/hearthstone

Just to chip in on this, the movie is currently on sale for $7 on Amazon.
Im not sure if the promotion still runs tho.

u/Shikor806 · 1 pointr/hearthstone

During the second war, when the order Paladins was created he was one of the first few to be one, he always was one of the best aswell. When he was older he tought Arthas (Prince of Lordearon, a pretty important kingdom) how to be a good person/paladin. Then Arthas got really angry/desperate (that is the reeeeeeaaaaallllly short version, if you wanna know more, check this out) and wanted to kill a whole town so they wouldn't risk becoming zombies, Uther said no, Arthas did it anyways, later it turns out it was a trap to turn Arthas evil, later he did turn evil, he killed Uther.

tl;dr: Uther was the first and best Paladin and got killed by his own pupil that turned evil.