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u/0x1CED50DA · 6 pointsr/hitmanimals

Sony Xperia XZ Premium SLOW MOTION CAMERA:-
While it is a very impressive feature, there are a few things to note. First off, the phone Can Not record continuously @ 960fps. You can, while taking a standard frame video, hit a button to record at that rate for about 0.15 seconds. When slowed down to 1/40th speed, this 0.15 seconds ends up being about 6 seconds of super slow motion. While it may sound extremely difficult to capture a moment with only a 0.15 second time frame, I believe you will be surprised with just how speedy your reactions are. I'd say I only miss the moment about 1 out of every 10 times. Another thing to note about the slow motion camera is that you need light, a lot of light. And by that I mean the sun. Unless you have studio lights, the sun is the only light that will be bright enough to have acceptable video quality while using the Super Slow Motion Function. If you want to record slow motion continuously, you can only do this at up to 120fps. This can only be slowed down to 1/5th speed, but the lighting quality is vastly superior.

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u/BcookieOmonsterB · 0 pointsr/hitmanimals

Prop rod support clamps are your best friend. (hit up a few parts stores and you'll find one sub $10 eventually.

u/JennySplotz · 4 pointsr/hitmanimals

OP Could use a litter catching mat:

Asobeage Premium Cat Litter...

u/iwontrememberanyway · 2 pointsr/hitmanimals

is the food outside unprotected? A metal locking can is good for storing pet food:

If it's stealing your food, I would make sure your doors and windows are closed at night.

u/mattmorrisart · 3 pointsr/hitmanimals

This book will change your life, and all nine of your cat's lives.

It's full of advice on how to talk to your cat about gun safety, the threat of homosexuality, how to identify immigrants, and more!