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u/hoodedhawks · 1 pointr/hockeyjerseys

Bit late to the party here, but you can get them on Amazon for close as dammit to NHL web store prices. Shipping is pretty good too. Hope that helps!

u/Det40oz · 2 pointsr/hockeyjerseys

Definitely white. and as /u/MensLeagueGretzky stated, that crest will fill up quick. And if the guys sign small to accommodate the full team, their signatures might look cramped and shittier than they would otherwise be if given the whole front of the jersey to sign.

And black sharpie wouldn't look that bad over blue, but white is just an ideal option for a signed jersey.

Personally I would also just leave the crest clean, but that's up to you. Maybe save it for the bigger names on the team or if you have the chance down the line for legends like Potvin, Trottier, etc.

Or just let Rick Dipietro slaughter it with the thickest sharpie available on the market

Unless you just wanted the current roster on it, which is understandable.

u/MasterOfPizzuh · 1 pointr/hockeyjerseys

I always start with a long soak in OxiClean. From there, I wash it in my washing machine on the delicates setting, in a delicates bag (a pillow case tied shut works just as well), with some dye-free, fragrance-free detergent. Let it hang to dry.

If there's some particularly tough stains, I'll use a tooth brush to gently scrub the area during the soak in OxiClean.

For ink stains, I've used some stuff called Amodex that I found in my local grocery store. It's worked pretty well for me.

Awesome Lemieux jerseys, by the way.

u/inapickle17 · 4 pointsr/hockeyjerseys

I got this frame from amazon. I framed it myself. It was a tight squeeze for a 56, but it’s doable with enough pins and patience. Hardest part was to get all the wrinkles out. Not sure how bad or good it looks but this was the outcome. Probably needs some work.

u/EOD_Dork · 1 pointr/hockeyjerseys

I bought this one works out pretty well, looks exactly like the pictures. I have a size 56 game worn in it.

u/OITD · 5 pointsr/hockeyjerseys

Use the first method. The second (like a sweater/fabric shaver) works best on pilling, not pulls in fabric.

u/DexterMorgan67 · 3 pointsr/hockeyjerseys

The regular "versatile" one is the way to go. They make a small tub and a big box of it, both are pretty reasonable at your local supermarket/walmart/target. Or on amazon

u/thatsong · 2 pointsr/hockeyjerseys

It depends on your frame. If you get a large normal paint/photo frame, a smaller jersey is better as large photo frames don't have a lot of give for thickness.

If you get a shadow box, size isn't as important, as you can fold the jersey underneath and around. I would go this method.

I would suggest getting a medium or large. Something you can wear normally (assuming average height and weight), and have enough space for autographs.

u/vivalexvegas · 3 pointsr/hockeyjerseys

Cat urine will stay even after a wash - you should soak it in Anti-Icky Poo enzyme cleaner. If you've already washed it, they have another product to pre-treat it and they sell the two bundled together.

Source: cat owner

u/ron_weezy · 2 pointsr/hockeyjerseys

I use this style of steamer as it allows precision application of the steam

u/Cody645 · 6 pointsr/hockeyjerseys

Anaheim: [Ondrej Kase Alt] (

Arizona: [O.E.L. Home w/ 20th patch] (

Boston: [Tuuka Rask Home w/ 90th patch] (

Buffalo: [EK9 Home] (

Calgary: [Owen Nolan Home] (

Carolina: Sebastian Aho Alt

Chicago: Johnathan Toews 2019 WC

Colorado: Long Beach native Matt Nieto Alt

Columbus: Zack Werenski Alt

Dallas: Joe Pavelski Home (;-;7)

Detroit: [Steve Yzerman Home] (

Edmonton: Connor McDavid Orange Crush Alt

Florida: [Bobby Lou Away] (

LA: Martin Jones Home (this is so weird)

Minnesota: Brent Burns Alt (even weirder)

Montréal: Can't skip this one?
Fiiiine. [Jesperi Kotkaniemi Away] (

Nashville: Viktor Arvidsson SCF Home

New Jersey: [Martin Brodeur Alt] (

NY Islanders: [Evgeni Nabokov Home (cursed image number 3)] (

NY Rangers: [Henrik Lundqvist 2018 WC] (

Ottawa: [Chris Neil SCF Away] (

Philadelphia: Claude Giroux 2012 WC

sigh*, another one I can't skip. [Greg McKegg Home] (

San Jose: [Evgeni Nabokov Alt] (

St. Louis: [Brayden Schenn Away] (

Tampa Bay: [Ben Bishop SCF Away] (

Toronto: [Patrick Marleau Home] (

Vancouver: [Brock Boeser Home] (

Vegas: Tomas Hyka Home

Washington: [Alex Ovechkin SCF Away] (

Winnipeg: [Dustin Byfuglien Home w/ Inaugural patch] (

u/justinsane15 · 1 pointr/hockeyjerseys


So Amazon is running a $8.62 off of orders $50+. This was the first listing that popped up for Stars jerseys. $90 (incl the shipping) for a Premier blank seems really low, but still high enough to be plausible. Unfortunately the images are stock so no clues there. Anyone have experience with buying from "NHL Jerseys" on Amazon?