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u/Psychwrite · 6 pointsr/holdmybeer

Well, like I said, they're literally always looking for adult volunteers. As long as you're not a creep, they'd be glad to have you. As far as best places in the UK, I can't really help you much. Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop are huge outdoor gear retailers in the US that would definitely carry tomahawks, there's probably a UK equivalent. Or you could try amazon. SOG make the best cheap throwing hawks, although my experience is mostly with traditional Native American tomahawks, I've thrown a few. After that you just need a tree with nothing important behind it.

u/randopoit · 12 pointsr/holdmybeer

> Yours truly, Jason Dorren, is talked into a game of Jane's 688(I) one night by Neal and a new passion is born. I begin helping with some news gathering duties.


> [I tried it 4 bags of this Lipton tea and 4 bags of my Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder (see link) and ...a new favorite is born. I love it like this...] (


> [(Meth) has taken almost everything I had from me. The old me died a while ago and a new me is born.] (

u/jazzomattaz · -4 pointsr/holdmybeer

Well, that was sarcasm

To be clear, I’m fine holding an unpopular opinion that I have confidence in. I know that would make you feel uncomfortable, but try it on for size some time. Individuality is fun!

u/Interwebernet · 1 pointr/holdmybeer

You should try the greatest invention known to man people who occasionally enjoy pizza. Legit Pizza Cooker

Also works for eggrolls, chicken nuggets, etc.

u/booyatrive · 25 pointsr/holdmybeer

Here's a book you might enjoy

There's one for the Grand Canyon as well. Probably a few other parks too.

u/fishbulbx · 6 pointsr/holdmybeer

He is using his foot, but usually people have a cheap 'cruise control' that holds the throttle at a certain position.

u/lizardking66354 · 1 pointr/holdmybeer

16$ Will save him from a broken Back/Head/Neck

u/leomarvin1976 · 1 pointr/holdmybeer

Here's the ant farm in question. Think I was just in awe of the pods and tubes...and there's that.Ant-o-Sphere

u/TheGrog · 5 pointsr/holdmybeer

Roof rack or they sell kits with foam pads and straps you can use on your roof. I did that for a few years.

Here is an exmaple, but not the ones I used:

u/Tuxis · 1 pointr/holdmybeer

Plus I just finished reading this book:

I feel a little drained and like the whole political system has gone through the process I described in the last 40 years and that the last stage has already started..

u/wolfgame · 6 pointsr/holdmybeer

>healthy weight for a 6" guy is around 160 pounds

I'm pretty sure that a 6" man wouldn't weigh more than a couple of pound.

this is a 12" man and he weighs less than a pound.

u/jstafford13 · 5 pointsr/holdmybeer

Cap Zappa Beer Bottle Opener Cap Launcher Shooter By Spinning Hat Fire Cap Shoot Over 5 Metersess-Color Random

Way cheaper on Amazon...

u/IonOtter · 4 pointsr/holdmybeer

I know what this is, from a book titled, "Mischief in Fez", by Eleanor Hoffmann.

Despite being Muslim, and Wahibbist Islam having very strong prohibitions against belief in spirits, Djinn or demons, such beliefs are still very powerful in these parts of the world.

Such beings can be friendly and helpful, mischievous and annoying, or downright lethal and murderous. They're often regarded as being very powerful, and best avoided as much as possible.

However, according to the author, all spirits in that part of the world consider the smell of gunpowder to be exceptionally offensive. They also hate the loud noise.

In the story, after young Prince Moussa achieved victory and saved the day, his father, the sultan, went through every room in the palace, firing a musket. It was the final "boot in the backside" to the evil spirits that had been infesting the palace, driving them out permanently. It's noteworthy that the Sultan originally caused all of this grief by neglecting to observe that very practice, when he married a Demon-in-Disguise.

"Mischief in Fez" was written in 1943, and was based on the author's extensive knowledge and experience from living in Morocco and the Middle East between 1924 to 1932. And here we are, seeing the same practice, being performed today.

So there you go. A very old tradition of driving out evil spirits after celebrating a wedding, using black powder blanks.