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u/Sono-Gomorrha · 2 pointsr/homeoffice

I used to use a KVM only back in the days when you used VGA + PS2. It was a great thing but time passed on.

These days I use a single monitor with 2+ entries for video and a USB switcher (so KM-switcher you could say).

My workflow basically is that when I want to switch computers I press a small button which switches USB from station 1 to station 2. The switch of the video input is done directly on the monitor. Yes this is two steps.


Why did I go this route: For me personal it is more flexible as I used to have two monitors hooked up for both computers, which would have been troublesome with a KVM switch as they usually only support one out signal. I just checked my local amazon page and the cheapest KVM switch with dual HDMI out that I could find was 130 Euro. Compared the USB switch I mentioned is only 20 Euro. So it mostly is a question whether you plan to add a second (ore more) screen in the future. Hope this helps.


Bonus: I got a Dell Monitor (was 200 Euro at the time I got it) which has an auto select option. So if only one of the two computers is on at a given time I don't need to switch video signals manually, but only USB.


EDIT: The one I found is this, also 130 USD.

u/EKomadori · 1 pointr/homeoffice

I bought one of these HON desks and added a return (the little "leg" of the L), but I can't seem to find the return on Amazon now. All together, I think it cost me about $250, and I could add drawers underneath. The desk itself has a nice little lip in the back I could add nice VIVO movable mounts for the monitors, which has helped a lot with desk space.

u/Deflagratio1 · 1 pointr/homeoffice

My monitor allows for multiple inputs and I bought a usb hub/switch I'm running a personal laptop and a work laptop, both Windows. I make sure all needed programs are on my personal laptop screen and then switch monitor input and usb input to the work laptop. If I need to do something on the personal laptop I just push the button. I like this model from a cable management perspective. I have the button mounted under the bottom edge of my desk so it's out of sight and easy to switch inputs. If i need to do something needed the larger screen real estate then I switch the monitor input as well.

u/agentworm · 2 pointsr/homeoffice

Along with the KVM switch for the monitor there are also USB switches for sharing some other hardware. Until I switched to a large monitor I had a monitor KVM switch and the USB switch to go between my work and personal computer. I then got an Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse which let me switch between three machines with a push of a button. Definitely helped clean up the desk a bit.

u/hansolo72 · 1 pointr/homeoffice

I bought one of these haedsets and use this with it. You may also need to get an extension cable for the light as the cable length is really meant to be on a cubicle. I bought this one. Works like a charm.

u/TheGhostRedditor · 2 pointsr/homeoffice

My wife and I own a bar trivia company, so we're constantly printing full color sheets. We bought the HP Laserjet Pro M452dw about 3 months ago. The speed is awesome, and we really liked the fact that you can put the X cartridges in it, which have like 3x capacity in toner. We went from a rack of cartridges per month to 4x year. Cents per page printed is almost exactly the same but buying and recycling cartridges went way down.

u/Praxis8 · 1 pointr/homeoffice

Something like this would probably be easy:


Obviously, you don't need a pack of them, but the remote is simple. It's an avenue you might try looking down.

u/Moonrak3r · 1 pointr/homeoffice

Can you get a couple of these and mount em to the wall? I’m using em with to different monitors, I used a thin board to attach the monitors to and mounted the board to studs, and I think it worked reasonably well. Here’s my current setup, just finished making my desk this weekend.

u/sean_the_head · 1 pointr/homeoffice

Try searching for “computer cart”

I have one of these in our office: VIVO Black TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Stand w/Wheels Mobile fits 32" to 65" (STAND-TV03E)

u/vbf · 1 pointr/homeoffice

this is one of the overlooked pieces of equipment in any office. Quality chair, quality monitor.. enough pc to get the job done.

Keyboards and mice are worth investing in as well... but they are in the price range where you can experiment without breaking the bank.

Get the most expensive chair you can afford. Skip the race car seats, go to an office supplier (not office depot) Racing seats are designed to not have you moving around. YOu want to be constantly changing position in an office chair.

Look for steelcase or herman miller. Even their simple task chairs are going to last you much longer than the most expensive thing you can find at office depot.

I'm sitting on a 20 year old task chair and while dirty, its rock solid.

There should be used office furniture dealers in your area. Go try some quality furniture out and see what you can haggle down.