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u/Tinytox · 2 pointsr/hookah

I like to consider myself a Hookah enthusiast at this point, I love the gadgets that improve my experience, and I'll list you a few. I'd also like to point out that I get my supplies from two places:

If you haven't invested yet, there are some things that are basically a bare minimum in the hookah world(my opinion).. Coconut coals (I always recommend Coco nara, but Never X hale worked pretty well also. I've had some other ones that were.. well, bad... Avoid anything with paint on the outside, splurge and just get the coco nara.)

It's also worth noting that The Mystique ice tips are probably the #1 largest improvement for your hookah-smoking experience. I'd recommend getting them off of amazon, if you smoke hookah for over 2 hours at a time, it's probably worth getting 3 of them:

You'll also need a hose that can fit the Mystique tips. I repeatedly have been satisfied with Nammor hookah hoses, but never really bothered to look for another hose that can house a Mystique tip.

In my experience, the hookah doesn't really matter too much, the key thing is usually the ash tray, the basin hole size (cleaning), and optionally, if you pass it a lot, swivel bases.

The hookah I've been using for the last year has been very good to me, the only real downside is cleaning it is a pain. See here:

My favorite Tobacco has been for quite some time, Starbuzz, I also like Fantasia, I enjoyed Tangiers, but the majority of my friends don't, and you are pretty likely to get sick off of it if you're smoking with less than 3 people. You probably will anyways. These I'll pick up at local retailers, or hookah-shisha, my previous experience on Amazon has been pretty bad with tobacco quality, unfortunately.

I've been very satisfied with my (two) lotuses. I got an extra one for free thanks to Amazons carrier, I called them and they sent me an extra one, two days later a neighbor delivered my package saying it was left at their door.

Sorry if I rambled here, it's my first post and I wanted to (hopefully) be regarded as helpful. Best of luck!

u/FourZoko · 1 pointr/hookah

I'm not sure about where to buy stuff online that will ship to Canada, but I can weigh in on the best way to light your coals.

I'm pretty sure you guys use the same power outlets as we do in the US. Is that right? If so, get yourself something like this. It gets natural coals going in about 10 minutes. Even if I'm out of nats and have to resort to quick lights, I still use my coil burner. I find that it helps to get rid of the nasty lighter fluid/gunpowder taste that improperly lit QLs can have.

That thread about lighting coals in a microwave did link to a YouTube video of someone doing it. I guess it's possible. I still wouldn't try. Especially with quick lights (the guy was using natural coals which aren't impregnated with gunpowder to assist with lighting), and especially when single coil burners are so cheap.

What kind of coals are you using, by the way?

u/Bossman1086 · 4 pointsr/hookah

Do yourself a favor and buy a box of coco nara coals. You'll never go back to quick lights. You'll need something to light them with, but you can get something fairly cheap at a drug store on here on Amazon. Just make sure they're fully lit (no dark/black spots) and flip them halfway through lighting. I promise you the difference is amazing.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

u/PvtWanker · 2 pointsr/hookah

While what others have said is true, I would recommend getting a Mya QT instead of the one you linked. I've used one similar to the one you linked and personally I don't like them. The QT however is probly the best tiny hookah I've used, especially for the price. Not quite as nice as a full size KM IMO but a great experience, and the build quality is way better and less prone to rust than the one you linked.

u/DaveWheeltalk · 2 pointsr/hookah

I keep my hookah in a hookah stand while it's set up.

It works really well, and as an added bonus it turns any hookah into a rotator for when you have friends over. Sadly, I managed to break my base yesterday while I was cleaning it and it was obviously not in the stand, but it's always been super duper safe while still on the stand.

EDIT: also lighter or more flexible hoses.

u/momo88852 · 1 pointr/hookah

You need either to use your stove, or buy burner like the guys above mentioned. Plus where you live at? If USA that's expensive for coals xD but your name is Abd guessing middle eastern (or Arab)

Anyway look here on Amazon this burner is pretty sweet and I use it my self IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner 1100-Watts, Black

u/shawnyh3 · 1 pointr/hookah

Nice! You can get same one off amazon

Haha save your fingers! I hope you were at least lighting quick lights with the lighter!

u/Jayc171 · 7 pointsr/hookah

For 5$ more you could get a MYA QT which is a decent starter hookah, change the hose to a washable one and you’ll be good till you can upgrade to something pricier.

14" 1 Hose MYA QT Sky Blue Hookah with Carrying cage and Free Charcoal

u/borbosha · 1 pointr/hookah

You could get something like this. Easy to store and you can get the tanks for pretty cheap. Just make sure you get a strong mesh that won't melt from the heat to rest the coals on.

u/reznik_ · 1 pointr/hookah

Are they natural coals or quicklights? If they're natural, a coil burner like this would work perfectly well.

If they're quicklights, all you need is a lighter.

u/chucksosa · 7 pointsr/hookah

This one seems to be almost exactly the same one that we sell (just a lot cheaper). The slightly tighter coil works well to hold coals. Interestingly, Amazon suggested that I purchase Coco Nara coals and foil along with the burner, so I guess it is popular amongst hookah smokers. Or Amazon is just that great at recommending products that are appropriate for me, heh.

u/Justintime4hookah · 1 pointr/hookah

You could use the campfire, or you can use one of these too:

As for best quicklights, most people will tend to agree that 3 Kings are the best Ql's

u/FidgetyRat · 5 pointsr/hookah

Pretty much ONLY an electric coil burner. I use this one from amazon for $20. It works perfect and doesn't have an automatic shut-off like most.

u/sweetbeans2 · 1 pointr/hookah

Personally, i would recommend upgrading to coco naras. They're inexpensive ($8 for 108 of them) and most of /r/hookah seems to love them. I have personally used insta-lights and coco naras in the same night and there is a notable difference in the quality of the smoke, not just in the flavor but in the clouds as well. (Bonus: buying off instead of the normal sends a portion of your purchase to a charity of your choosing).

Other than that, possibly a phunnel bowl and some tangiers, fumari or argelini shisha.

Also, there is a fairly detailed buyers guide here on /r/ hookah.

u/mimo92 · 3 pointsr/hookah

i would get something like this. Doesnt need to be exactly this one but with the open heat element it will work way better. At least i noticed this for myself. I use one like that for now 3 years and never had a problem since.

u/Niggafromparis · 1 pointr/hookah

Little late to the party but if youre thinking of getting another one, i totally recommend this one from amazon!
We use a couple of these bad boys at our lounge and these things COOK. The longevity is amazing!

u/c_wr3ck · 2 pointsr/hookah

I believe this is the hookah stand he is referring to:

just need a long hose or connect multiple silicon hoses so that the delicious smoke can reach everyone

edit: also, you could make your own stand either from scratch or do some work on an end table or something of the sorts. just make a cutout for the hookah and some insert to hold it in place a little better if desired

u/GlakeBriffin · 5 pointsr/hookah

Coiled hot plate, bought from Amazon. I smoke w/ friends and this has been one of the best investments ever.

u/Jzing29 · 1 pointr/hookah

I have two of these, one for my brothers apartment and one for my house. Had em for like 7 months, work perfectly! and cheap+free shipping if you have prime!

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/hookah

This is the one I have and I love it. Heats up red hot and works quicker than the ones my friend's have. I highly recommend it.

u/anaqvi93 · 1 pointr/hookah

Adding on to what was already said, I got myself an electric burner off amazon for 12 bucks. It makes lighting coals much more easier. Here's the link to the one i got:

Hope this helps!

u/Poopmin · 1 pointr/hookah

I got and it is amazing. I used to have an electric plug in hot plate and it took forever to get those things lit. The coils are much, much more efficient.

u/rhythmguy · 2 pointsr/hookah

Are you saying these are fake? Seems to be by the company, free shipping, great reviews.

u/apacifico3 · 1 pointr/hookah

I use Coco Nara flats, so this coil works very well. Heats up fast, and within five minutes, both sides of the coal are red hot after one "flip". The cord is a bit short and since it heats up so hot so fast, I set the burner outside when my friends and I sit inside and smoke.

u/format120 · 1 pointr/hookah

Good idea, I like the way they look.

EDIT: So it can be found for $30 on amazon

u/IR0NFIRE · 1 pointr/hookah

If youre doing it for the fun of the project, then this wont help much but they sell stems made to fit into bottles.

u/Edo526 · 2 pointsr/hookah

Maybe you got a cheap burner?

I use this one
Have had it since october and works like a charm
Lights 3 sometimes 4 Coco Mazaya's in ~15 minutes

u/Drama_Derp · 1 pointr/hookah

Bucket+Hot Water+Brew Rite

Works great on CrownHookah bowls

u/DullMan · 1 pointr/hookah

I have one of these:

Perfect for cleaning any base, scrub every little spot with ease.

Sometimes if I'm at a friend's house and their base is nasty, I'll put a few small pebbles in there with some hot soapy water and shake, cleans it up real nice! Though I think I'm gonna give the salt a try next time.

u/PinoyViet · 1 pointr/hookah

I actually got it on Amazon. It was $107 so tbh not bad at all lol

u/andrewsemm · 4 pointsr/hookah

This one is fantastic. It at most takes at most 10 minutes to heat up so you can prep everything while they're heating up.

u/LokixeD · 1 pointr/hookah

If I am at home I use the electric range (Coco coals of course) but when We go camping I take alone a Coleman single burner such as...(

Works great with some chicken wire around a square wood frame. I like it because I don't have to mind the coal constantly. Without the frame the coal can fall down by the burner and get it all dirty. Plus when your done, just remove the frame and you have a cooking stove.

u/PandaReich · 2 pointsr/hookah

I have one of these, it works really well. The one you linked should work as well.

u/VirgilWoods · 1 pointr/hookah

I just recently bought a 1000W coil burner from Amazon because I was tired of my natural coconut coals taking so damn long on the stove. Lo and behold I was skeptical because I know those electric stoves can suck so I wasn't expecting much. Honestly, if you group these coals up close to each other, this coil gets so hot that that the coals sort of form a flame between each other that boosts its lighting time. All in all, the coil is fantastic and lights my coals up in no time. I set them up and in the time it lights I barely have time to clean my hookah and pack a bowl before the coals are done and ready to go.

Here is a link to the coil burner I bought:

u/Smoyf · 1 pointr/hookah

This is the one I use. It's cheap and very effective for coco naras.

u/WastedYears11 · 3 pointsr/hookah

I'd imagine this would help a lot. I use it to clean the inside of my boho after use. Never did me wrong yet.

u/ardilly · 1 pointr/hookah

Any old thing like this is fine.

This one is a lot cheaper, though.

u/Kes255 · 2 pointsr/hookah

I smoke in my office, pretty standard 10x10 room. I heat the coals out in the garage with a coil heater and blow on them outside before bringing in.

I also have one of these that I put in the window and set on exhaust. (both fans blow out) - And just to finish it out, I have this amazing thing that scrubs the air for whatever doesn't get pushed out the window. I close the door and let the air gap bring in fresh air from the house.

If I have to blow on the coals, I pull off the HMD, walk to the door, and blow the ash outside. I still have to wipe down my desk and vacuum every now and then but at least the house doesn't smell like smoke.

u/FlaccidUnic0rn · 1 pointr/hookah

Something like this one?
Also I'm not too upset, I'm moving to a new apartment with an electric range stove VS the gas one I have right now. But I might consider an extra for parties/mobile.

u/AgentFlynn · 3 pointsr/hookah

I would personally rather use a single coil hotplate. It get's the job done quickly and is a hell of a lot cheaper to replace than a glass stove top, haha.

Sidenote: The "Frequently bought together" items for that hotplate makes me happy.

u/Winston-Wolfe · 8 pointsr/hookah

The thing is, are those things really at all healthier? The shisha I smoke doesn't come out burned, most of it is "baked" or vaporized = very little to no tar going into your lungs. I'd argue that the majority of the negative health effects from hookah come from inhaling whatever toxins and carcinogens which are realeased from the burning coal.

So aside from the addictive properties of tobacco, I can't imagine those rocks are any healtier since you're still inhaling burning coal.

I think if you want to make hookah healthier, replacing the coal as a heat source is where the technology should be evolving, rather than what's inside the bowl. Right now you can buy an "electric coal", but apperently it's a piece of shit. But I love the idea, it definately has potential if improved upon. Eg. some kind of drag sensor which determines when you're pulling and then it heats up like a normal coal would, or a manual heat control dial where you can quickly add more heat or less. If something like that heated just like a real coal, damn that would be revolutionary.

u/jimPTKFGS · 1 pointr/hookah

I have found them to be a lot better than the quick light coals. They last longer and can control the heat better. You don't have to worry about the nasty crap from the quick lights either. However you should invest in a single stove burner because they take awhile to light. [Something like this] (

u/gayhomophob3 · 1 pointr/hookah

They make something like this also for sale here

u/talldrseuss · 3 pointsr/hookah

To answer your question about natural coals (fellow apartment dweller here), i bought one of these guys and use it only for lighting natural coals. I just set it on top of the hot plate, and flip it after 5 minutes or so. Definitely takes a while, but, it's worth the longer lasting heat and the lack of chemical taste. Would highly advise you get one, usually very cheap in hardware stores and other places.

u/Duckielu · 1 pointr/hookah

This is the one I use, I've never had any problem with it it lights up my coals just fine. It's the same one they sell on Hookah-shisha but at a discounted price.

u/ceased · 2 pointsr/hookah

What country are you in? If you're in the US, the plug-in coil burner units cost around $10-15 shipped:

Amazon has same-day and next-day shipping for a few extra dollars if you can't wait a few days...

u/Doctor_or_FullOfCrap · 3 pointsr/hookah

I accidentally bought one of these a while back as well. You need one with an actaul coil top. That one won't get near hot enough.

This is the one that I use and it works fine.

u/rubsitinyourface · 1 pointr/hookah

I use a scientific hot plate I got off amazon. Here. It will take longer than a blow torch but it gets the job done.

u/CeeDiddy82 · 2 pointsr/hookah

Just make one yourself.

Here is the link on Amazon for the kit and go to your local bar/pub and ask for them to hold back a particular empty bottle of whatever alcohol you want.

u/jkingaround · 1 pointr/hookah

it's a proctor silex 1000w single coil burner. if you can't find one locally:

u/nitrofan111 · 1 pointr/hookah

I also purchased 100 3 kings QL's

Heba diffuser

108 coco naras

and now im trying to decide on what hose I want/works.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/hookah

Non-mobile: small grommet

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/not_vulva · 1 pointr/hookah

Don't know about that one in particular, but I have this baby, and it's a fucking beast

u/threenoms · 4 pointsr/hookah

boil in 1/2 vinegar & 1/2 water for 20min or use this

u/Not_Plugged_In · 5 pointsr/hookah

I purchased this hot plate and its been doing me well. Plus its not breaking the bank at all.
Only fault is sides get hot so you cant move it bare hands midway through cooking but not an issue if you think about placement beforehand.

u/kiribatSu · 2 pointsr/hookah

I bought this in 2012 and it's still chugging along:

There's no auto-off. After five years it's barely starting to give me some trouble heating up, but for $15 and five years, I can't complain.

u/zeshtorm · 2 pointsr/hookah

Here is the link.
I was wrong though, I thought it was $12 for 108, it's $14, putting them at about 1 cent more per coal.

u/diddled · 1 pointr/hookah

When our new "refurbished" hookah had a leak were the main stem screws into the base, we used a small grommet to seal it. Haven't had an issue since.

To answer your initial question though, use the leaking tire method, cover suspected areas with a mix of dawn soap and water, blow through the hose and see if bubbles appear.

Edit: Fixed Link

u/AirAdmiral · 2 pointsr/hookah

This is the one I use. I use Titanium cubes and it lights the coal in about 10 mins. It probably has an auto shutoff as others have but I have never had it shut off on me as the coal were lit before then. I had one from walmart that wouldn't shut off but would take over 30 mins to light the coal and it was awful so I feel your pain. I will also mention that Fumari (I believe) makes an "official" coal lighter but I found this one by googling the same wattage as it had and this is about half the price and identical save for the logo on the front.