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u/northraxredux · 1 pointr/houseplants

My Monstera perked up even more throughout the day today, so I remain hopeful for both of our battered plants!

I'm still figuring out grow lights myself so I don't think I'm the best person to ask for recommendations. I've tried to "research" it on YouTube but the best videos on grow lights don't focus on household/LED use, the videos are definitely more for folks growing pot (which is cool, no hate, but they're talking about different types of lights, different scale production etc.). So I can show you what I bought that's been working but I'm far from an expert.

If you have a spare lamp, you can use this guy, this is what I have right now that I screwed into an old cheapo adjustable-neck desk lamp from Target:
It is not an attractive setup but my crown of thorns, Euphorbia trigona, Albuca spiralis, and my succulent bowl are all doing well under it. My succulent bowl has calico hearts, an elephant food plant, an Echeveria elegans, a blue barrel cactus, and a goat's horn cactus. So yeah they're all doing pretty well at the moment despite the average temperature in my house dropping 10 degrees over the past 6 weeks.

I just bought this and it arrives tomorrow. There are options that have built-in timers but I already had a couple of Ikea light timers floating around so I'm using those (and I 1000% recommend a timer so you don't even have to think about it--my light turns on before I get up and turns off before I get home from work, shit's mad convenient):

I tried to find a clip-on grow light like that made in USA (or at least not in China) but I wasn't able to find one. (I've been trying to reduce the number of products I buy made in China in support of the protests in HK/in protest of the Uighur imprisonments.. not that anyone will notice though!) Turns out American-made grow lights are out of my price range at the moment, and mainly of such a size they're clearly for commercial operations. When I'm earning more and buy a house in the next couple of years I'd like to treat myself to a couple shop-style lights though. That would be cool

u/megankmartin · 12 pointsr/houseplants

TL;DR: see links below.

Beyond the actual science of which light is best, it really depends for many casual plant owners whether they want the light to look "decor friendly" or they want it to do a bang-up job of growing their plants. Honestly, there aren't many effective lights that look like they belong in a residence. No matter what anyone says, when it comes to grow lights, you do get what you pay for.

Below are 5 well-recommended options. I own all these (and others), having tried many entry-level grow lights. They're ordered by price, low to high, from $15 bulbs that go in ordinary lamps to an excellent entry-level grow light for about $175. The lower end work best as a supplement for natural light. The higher end will let you grow almost anything, even without a window.

Hope this helps you. Any questions, just ask. And yes, there are detailed, technical, scientific explanations for why these are better options than others; you can dive in there if you choose. Let's get to those 5 lights:

Miracle LED Almost Free Energy 100W Spectrum Grow Lite - Daylight White Full Spectrum LED Indoor Plant Growing Light Bulb for DIY Horticulture, Hydroponics, and Indoor Gardens Single Pack

ACKE LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants,Plant Light for Grow Light Stand,DIY Indoor Growing Light Panel for Germination,Seedling,Vegetative Growth and Flowering

Three Heads Grow Lamp, Bevice Full Spectrum LED Plant Light Auto ON&Off with 3/6/12H Timer and Memory Function, Light Intensity Adjustable, for House Plants Seedling Growing Blooming Fruiting

Roleadro LED Grow Light 1000W Full Spectrum 3500k Sunlike Plant Light Dual-Chip with ON/Off Switch and Daisy Chain for Indoor Plants for Seedling,Succulents,Growing,Blooming and Fruiting

Spider Farmer SF 1000 LED Grow Light,with Samsung Chips LM301B & Dimmable Mean Well Driver, Sunlike Full Spectrum 3000K 5000K 660nm 760nm IR for Indoor Plants Veg Flower

u/traciglenn · 3 pointsr/houseplants

Thanks so much! It's these ones: GE Lighting 93101230 9-Watt BR30 LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants, Balanced Full Spectrum
It looks like they are sold out at the moment but I got mine from Target at the same price (:

They have a more powerful one called PAR38, but the ones I got are already pretty bright so I think they are best so smaller spaces. Although it is worth mentioning that I got three of the BR30's because I put them in my existing fixture in the bathroom (:

u/Ron_Fuckin_Swanson · 2 pointsr/houseplants

If you are just going to use a clamp light...I highly recommend this style of clamp grow light on Amazon

In terms of bang for your buck, these are fantastic. They throw a lot of light, and its a nice warm white as opposed to the pink/purple that a lot of grow lights put off. They do get a little warm to the touch (like a dimmed down incandescent light bulb) on the back when they are if kids or pets may be an issue, you might want to go with the long slender tube style grow lights you can find on Amazon as those don't get warm at all. They aren't as bright, but they don't get hot.

The one caveat with this particular light is it doesn't have a timer built in. But I actually prefer that. You can use a simple appliance timer that you can get at any big box home improvement can use WIFI outlet plugs that are app controlled from your phone. These have built in timer functionality.

I prefer using the wifi plugs because it gives me more control. Like..say its the summer time, and you don't have your lights running all that much or at all. But, a big day of thunderstorms runs through. You can open the app, turn on the light, and set a countdown timer and the light will turn off after say 6 hours.

There are a lot of grow lights with built in timers on Amazon...but the way those work is turn the light on at 10AM and set it to 8 hours. Well, every day its going to come on at 10AM and run for 8 hours now. That might be all well and good, but what if you stay home sick? Or it's the weekend and you want to use the room without a grow light blaring in your face. Or what if it's a holiday and you don't want the bright light bugging you?

Also...If you are ever in the market for an LED bulb style grow light, SANSI makes the best. This 24 watt grow light is bright as can be. I have one mounted on a tripod speaker stand that I can move around the house to add supplemental light should it be required.

Currently I have one pointed down at some oxalis bulbs that I have growing so that they get a steady 8 hours of direct light per day to help speed up the starting process.

u/nillah · 1 pointr/houseplants

I’m on mobile so sorry if the link doesn’t work:
Got these off of another post here a week or two ago, unfortunately they’re sold out at the moment but when they come back in stock I highly recommend them. Super easy to install and they’re ultra bright. So far my plants love them, one of my African violets actually started blooming a few days after I put these up. I especially love how they can all connect to each other, so I’ve got all 6 set up and connected between two different shelves and only have to use one plug in my outlet for them all.

u/Euqah · 1 pointr/houseplants

Hey there! Thank you so much for the compliments! I actually have this set: link

Its flat on one side with a hole in the glass to let you mount it easily. It comes with little command strip hooks too! This is just one set but I have another set that I don't know what to do with, lmao.

I'd love to see how your room looks, I bet its so cute too!

And thank you! I got the stands off of! I LOVE buying plants from here and their stands are so nice but they said that their stands are on backorder until they get more from the supplier. :( I put in an order for 10 more and they called to tell me that, lmao.

u/Popcorn_n_Jellyfish · 3 pointsr/houseplants

I don't know if you're in the US or not, but I've been really wanting one as well. I can't get out to the nurseries myself (migraines), so just ordered this one off Amazon:

Monstera Deliciosa I haven't received it yet, but I've received other plants from them and had great success.

Good luck! :)

u/madtoebeans · 3 pointsr/houseplants

Yes! They pretty much all fit any lamp that could feasibly fit a flood light, so most desk lamps will do the trick. I use IKEA Ranarp lamps because aesthetic and they aren’t too expensive and come in different sizes and colors. I also troll Facebook Marketplace for vintage lamps of a similar style, because again, aesthetic

As far as bulbs go, I’ve been using the standard GE grow lights that you can get just about anywhere that sells lightbulbs ( They’re a little too pink hued for my liking even though they claim to be full spectrum, so I’m trying out a Phillips bulb (, but I just got it so I can’t attest to whether or not it’s worth the extra ~$10. So far it looks way brighter and way whiter (no color hue that I can tell), so I’ve got it on a croton that hasn’t had new growth for a while so I think that will be a fair test, lol.

I hope this helps!

u/BettyBloodfart · 2 pointsr/houseplants

I’ve read that a lot of the pre-mixed, store-bought neem oil spray treatments are low in neem oil (or have neem oil extract instead of actual neem oil). I’d take a look at the label, but I think that the best way to use neem oil would be to make your own spray using something that is 100% neem oil like this one, mixed with warm water and a gentle soap/detergent like Dr Bronner’s in the recommended ratio (iirc, it’s something like 2 cups water to 3/4 teaspoons neem oil and 1/4 teaspoon soap, but follow the label).

The stuff stinks, but it seems to do the job.

u/Cataractarum · 2 pointsr/houseplants

Always happy to share knowledge. :) All my lights are diy pendant lights so I don't have personal suggestions for clamp hood setups but here are a few suggestions:

Clamp light fixture - No personal experience with this one but it's a broader clamp hood to accomodate larger LED lights but they may poke out of the bottom of the hood. Ymmv

LED Light suggestions:

  • Sansi - This is the light I use and I really like it. I have no useable windows in my apartment so all my plants are under 4 of these lights and they're all pushing out new leaves all the time. The monstera uses 2 bulbs as its become quite large. Sansi also makes this bulb in a couple lower watts if this one is too intense but you'll have to move your plants closer to the bulbs.

  • GE - No personal experience with this one but the specs are really similar to the Sansi above. Btw/fyi, PPF/PPFD is a more accurate measurement of how much light is available for photosynthesis.

  • iledlight - Again no personal experience but this looks like a super bright light, brighter than the Sansi or GE. I might consider buying this one to try on my monstera... 🤔

    Hope this helps and good luck! 🌱☘🍀
u/Maofish · 2 pointsr/houseplants

Currently in the midst of dealing with a gnat problem. Here's what's worked for me so far:

  1. Can't have fungus gnats if you don't grow your plants in soil (uprooted my English Ivy and am now growing the damned fool in water because gnats kept going back to it).

  2. Mosquito bits. I honestly don't know the ratio of bits:water that should be used so please correct me if I'm wrong, but I soak about 4oz (this was probably overkill) of bits into a gallon of warm water for about an hour (or let it sit overnight in room temp water), and then water your plants with it like normal until your gnats are gone. I try to strain the bits from the water with some mesh because I've seen others have molding issues if they let the bits sit on top of the soil.

  3. Catch the adult gnats with sticky traps before they can breed even more. I cut traps into 4ths or 8ths depending on the size of the plant and attach a disposable chopstick or skewer to stick it into the soil.

  4. To prevent your other plants that currently don't have gnat issues from getting gnats, water from the bottom. It's advised to not let your plants soak in water for more than 30 min at a time. A moisture meter also helps with this. This also discourages gnats from coming back since the top layer of soil is dry.

  5. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a temporary solution for preventing adult gnats from penetrating the soil to lay larva, but once it gets wet, it's pretty much useless. Sometimes I sprinkle on DE between waterings once the soil is dry. Not a long term solution and also annoying.

    There are lots of other redditors on this subreddit, /r/IndoorGarden , and /r/plantclinic who have faced the same issues, so have a look at their posts too to see what works for them (I see hydrogen peroxide is a common solution). Best of luck!
u/tacoeagle · 1 pointr/houseplants

Your hydrogen peroxide solution should work. But if it for some reason doesn't, just buy some neem oil. I use this kind which I got off of Amazon, but any neem oil will work. Just mix it with water and mild dish soap per the directions on the bottle, and put it in a spray bottle. You should spray the soil once a day with this mixture until a week after the gnats all appear to be gone. This worked like a charm for me when I had an infestation, and it was also a super easy way to handle gnats.

u/IDoMindTheDudeMinds · 1 pointr/houseplants

I always recommend that houseplant and cannabis gardeners keep spinosad (Saccharopolyspora spinosa) on hand as it is non-toxic, safe for consumable plants, and effective against aphids, caterpillars, leaf hoppers, leaf miners, mites, soft-bodied scale, thrips, etc. I also recommend an 8 week systemic to prevent most of the pests listed from coming back (spider mites excluded.) The systemic is only rated for non-consumable plants and will need to be reapplied every eight weeks.

PS: r/plantclinic is where you want to post for help.

u/BigFuturology · 2 pointsr/houseplants

I’m using this one. It was super easy to set up, but the thing is on the flimsy side and as you can see in the pictures, it’s really the bare minimum. No casing or anything. But it doesn’t get too hot and because it’s so minimal, it fits flat on the underside of the shelf so you don’t see it unless you’re sitting on the ground. Like I said in another comment, all this gear is super new so I can’t give any solid recommendation other than that I’ve had a good experience so far!

u/bugkiss · 4 pointsr/houseplants

Mine has been doing quite well and here’s what I do:

  • bright indirect light

  • water thoroughly every 10 days (could be more or less depending on the heat of your climate)

  • I try to keep the humidity over 40% at all times. This is probably not super necessary but helps the plant thrive.

  • you’re also gonna need to maybe get a mosspole to help it climb. Without one of these the plant will tend to get super wide/take up a lot of space.
u/Lookatthatsass · 4 pointsr/houseplants

lol I linked them above :

Monios-L T8 LED Grow Light 2FT, 144W(6×24W) High Output Plant Grow Light Strip, Full Spectrum Sunlight Replacement with High PAR for Indoor Plant, 6-Pack

These ones are the best ones I’ve found. Doesn’t make your space look like you’re obviously growing weed since it’s white light lol and doesn’t give off a ton of heat which burns my plants. Also I like that the bulbs are curved and have 3 led strips per light so I have more versatility in my set up.

u/Claudius-Artanis · 2 pointsr/houseplants


I’m using these off amazon: Grow Light Strip Kit 45W Including Power Supply, 4 pcs 16 Inches LED Grow Light Strips with Extension Cables, Mounting Accessories for Greenhouse,Grow Shelf; Easy Installation-(4-Strip-Kit)

They’re awesome totally recommend them. You can break them up since they come in 4 pieces and you connect them view cables, I have them on a timer.

I was able to rig them up under that three tiered stand with zip ties. The lights don’t get too hot and my orchids have been loving them.

u/rooorooorawr · 2 pointsr/houseplants

For a very wide palm, I'd use 2 grow lights, each angled at it from above. However, if you hang a strong enough light up to 24" directly above, it should still benefit. The lower fronds would naturally receive dappled light anyway. I'd monitor it for etiolation, then maybe decide if I want 2 lights instead.

It's true that the bulbs must be quite close to the plants. 24" is as far as I would go. LED lights can be a bit farther away than fluorescent. I use 40 watt LED grow lights to supplement sunlight. Even my plants that sit over 24" away appear to benefit. The closest plants grow the best, though. My lights are in a clamp light and a normal lamp.

I use this one, as I prefer white light:

Edited to add: light reflection makes a huge difference. A silver or white reflector would reduce wasted light. My clamp light reflects the light with its aluminum shade. My lamp has a white shade interior.

u/aerofiki · 1 pointr/houseplants

My apartment has pretty terrible lighting and with fall/winter coming on strong in the Boston area, I decided to put together a little home gardening station to help with lighting and movement of the plants for watering. I went into this with the goal of having my setup accommodate most of my small collection of plants and to allow for easy movement without having to mess with the grow lights. In the end, I decided on a cart-based design composed of the following items:

Bror Utility Cart 33 ½” X 21 ⅝” X 34 ⅝” ($99)

Bror Add-on Shelf 21 ⅝” X 6 ¼” X 5 ½” ($10)

Koppla 3 Outlet Power Strip 19 ¾” ($4.99 for two pack)

2x Hemma Cord Set, Black 15’ 5” ($7.00 each)

(IKEA site only has white showing up now, black was available in-store)

2x Luftmassa Lamp Shade 10” ($17.99 each)

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Mini HS105 ($21.75)

Relassy 20 Watt Dual Head, Gooseneck, Full Spectrum Grow Lamp ($27.39)

2x GE 9 Watt BR30 Balanced Full Spectrum Bulbs ($9.98 each)

4x 3M Command Utility Hooks 3 lbs ($8.99 for nine)

2x Velcro Thin Ties 8” X ½” ($9.70 for 100)

Total Cost (pre-tax): $234.76

u/MackyMackk · 2 pointsr/houseplants

I got a great Monstera from Hirt's Garden on Amazon! It was well packed, everything was in tact, and bigger than I had anticipated (I ordered a 6" pot). Ive had it since February and it has at least doubled in size...there are like 5 new stems popping out right now. Highly reccomend if you can't find them locally like myself!!

Split Leaf Philodendron 6" Pot - Monstera -

u/asmidler · 3 pointsr/houseplants

Oh I've got you covered!

I made a detailed comment a few months ago summarizing and reviewing all the LED grow lights I have used - many of which are white and won't mess with your decor (I too don't like the prospect of living in a Disco).

To summarize the post in case it is TLDR, here are my two favorite white-colored grow lights. Both of which I think could work well in your space.


Here is my favorite bulb type light

And here is my favorite goose-neck style lamp(It could work well for your plants on the shelf)

u/oilxxx · 2 pointsr/houseplants

True full spectrum. So a nice daylight color, not blurple.

More expensive. Same bright daylight color. More powerful.

u/ks0nggg · 1 pointr/houseplants

Summit 116-12 Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, 8-Ounce

That’s what I use and a little goes a long way. So worth the $$. Another thing that helps is I always have a ceiling fan on for air flow. Seems to keep the gnats away too. My house is a jungle and I rarely ever see a gnat! Best of luck :)

u/whitstap · 2 pointsr/houseplants

I bought one maybe a month after I got mine. I did a lot of research about what to do to attach it and encourage it. The moss pole I got is available on Amazon but I found it at a local garden shop for about $6. It came with 5 garden staples that you can stab into the pole around a stalk. I kinda did that when it had some height growing, and it stayed for a while. It got really big last year so it pulled away from the pole, but some of the aerial roots use it. It leans toward the window now, and bc the main stalk and 4 or 5 leaf stalks are so thick, I’m going to get some of these rubber ties and another moss extension to get it centered when I report it. I would wait to pole it until you get some body to the plant, and until it’s ready to be in a bit of a bigger pot. When it seems to be growing it’s first couple of aerial roots (you’ll see little brown nubs on the bigger stalks) then you can think about getting a pole and training it to climb. Good luck!!

u/CackyMacBlacky · 6 pointsr/houseplants

Moss stick. Many houseplants will thrive on moss sticks (e.g., pothos, philodendrons, wandering jew, etc.). They're cheap, but if you can't find the size you need they're super easy to DIY.

u/MorallyConfused · 2 pointsr/houseplants

Monios-L T8 LED Grow Light 2FT, 144W(6×24W) High Output Plant Grow Light Strip, Full Spectrum Sunlight Replacement with High PAR for Indoor Plant, 6-Pack

It’s these! I absolutely love them. I’ve only been using them for about a week and I’ve had new growth in my Hindu rope, crotons, Zebra plant and my peace lily is blooming. I swear it’s because of these lights. I have them on during the day in a room that has a north facing window, my monstera soaks up that sun but my others get these lights :)

u/Monios-L · 3 pointsr/houseplants

Not expensive, they are light weigh, ultra bright and electric bill friendly! Browse this link to learn more about it. Thanks!

u/BigRedTX50261 · 2 pointsr/houseplants

I got a beautiful young plant back in April from Amazon of all places. It came in a 6" pot and was so big I split it into two and have 2 happy plants. Check the seller JM Bamboo.

u/anxietykilledthe_cat · 2 pointsr/houseplants

I’ve only seen it for plants too and I can never find it on Amazon. 😭

Edit: I just searched with VERY SPECIFIC descriptions and found it!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Edit 2: Your wish is my command

u/shangiewangie · 1 pointr/houseplants

ACKE LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants,Plant Light for Grow Light Stand,DIY Indoor Growing Light Panel for Germination,Seedling,Vegetative Growth and Flowering

These would work great with your table!!

u/TysonCampbell · 2 pointsr/houseplants

I don’t have a fungus gnat problem but I don’t think that they are an effective solution to fungus gnats because I’ve heard that it takes away from their energy. I would try this: Bonide Product 951 Systemic House Plant Insect Control 8 Oz.

u/abanzhoff · 3 pointsr/houseplants

Exactly. I got them from Amazon. They are bigger than I expected but they are pretty cool.

I also bought some cubicle wall hooks to use with them as the ones it comes with are for walls.

u/Havingaverybadtime · 2 pointsr/houseplants

I bought that one. Make sure to clean it in between tests if you go that route. When you're testing to see what the moisture level is also lift the pot. You will get used to the weight difference and soon be able to just pick up the pot and know. That meter helped me so much, some pots are so hard to tell even with a finger poke because they hide water in the bottom. I check the first inch then push deeper and to the bottom to see what's going on. It's like having a secret laser and being able to know what's up! Could even chart it if you wanted to and come up with a loose watering schedule that way! Good luck!!!!

u/annieanonymouse · 2 pointsr/houseplants

Monstera plant!

This is the guy I got it from but it looks like there are a lot of other sellers too :)

u/Yoshiomygoshi · 3 pointsr/houseplants

Got them on amazon a few months ago. They’ve been great for low maintenance houseplants with consistent light schedules.
They look fine and are easy to stick to surfaces.
They’re relatively cheap and LED low energy cost.

u/meggledore · 1 pointr/houseplants

I have a fungus gnat issue too. I’ve been using sticky stakes to catch them but I’ve noticed it doesn’t actually solve the problem in the soil. A lot of people have been recommending mosquito bits to me so I’ll be trying these out. Good luck!

u/_ChildishGrahambino · 1 pointr/houseplants

Yeah, I know they do best outside 😥 there's just nowhere for me to place it and my apartment doesn't have great windows for sunlight. I did buy a grow light, about 45 W. I'll link it below. Is this a good light? And thank you for the suggestion, I'll trim it tonight!

u/mundanecatlady · 1 pointr/houseplants

I got 2 sets of these:

LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant

In my honest opinion, I feel like they're just enough to get by since most of my plants are so big, this light would do really well for smaller plants, like my aloes hidden away on the left side of the after pic.

I plan on getting a bigger light in the future to install in the middle, then I'll place the 2 I have off to the sides.

That being said, I really like the company and the type of light they give off, have no complaints aside from my being foolish enough to buy lights this small for the jungle!

u/aredua · 2 pointsr/houseplants

I use a 30W SANSI Grow Light for my succulents and a 15W bulb for tropical plants on a different shelf. They fit into a standard lamp socket. The light is very bright and white, which I prefer. It was pricey but my plants are doing a lot better since I started using these bulbs a month ago.

u/BeefcatSnax · 2 pointsr/houseplants


Thanks! This might be what I've been looking for! I have a few lamps without shades, so this may work. Thank You!

u/ohmyplanty · 3 pointsr/houseplants

The one on the right is this GE bulb which is super heavy and expensive-ish but it’s doing its job. I have like ten of these ones that are cheaper for the rest of my apartment.

u/shayynana · 1 pointr/houseplants

I’ve been using Sansi grow lights off amazon and I’ve been really happy with them. I’ve only had one burnt leaf, and that leaf literally grew into and was touching the light for an entire day before I noticed, so that was my fault lol. I’ve had them as close as three inches without any burning!

SANSI 24W LED Plant Light Bulb Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Plant Lights for Indoor Plants, E26 Grow Light Bulb for Hydroponics Greenhouse Houseplants Vegetable Tobacco, Sunlight White UV IR, 90 132V

u/sapphire_beach · 0 pointsr/houseplants

I’d unpot it asap and take a look at the roots, get it in some quality soil, and a good spray down in good neem oil and see if that helps!

u/Jessegirl602 · 1 pointr/houseplants

GE is the best! I have so many.

GE Lighting 93101230 9-Watt BR30 LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants, Full, Balanced Spectrum

GE Lighting 93101232 32-Watt PAR38 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Full, Balanced Spectrum

u/tequilasoda · 3 pointsr/houseplants

This is the one I’m using now. It’s softer and more natural than the other grow lights I’ve tried. My house looks less like a club/grow house now, and it was only around $30.

u/arielleassault · 3 pointsr/houseplants

The one I have I got from Amazon

It's around 40usd, but it has 4 light strips so it covers a lot of space :)

u/mosugs · 1 pointr/houseplants

Reddit seems to have a particular hangup with calathea but so far mine have been behaving.
I get fairly good light in my apartment but being in the Northeast I wanted to supplement for winter. I actually just use a balanced spectrum grow bulb in a hanging lamp I built with parts from Amazon. I didn't like the look of anything so made my own.
Rustic State Industrial Retro Style Mesh Wire Cage for Pendant Ceiling Lamp (White)

GE Lighting 93101230 9-Watt BR30...

u/angelface_kermit · 1 pointr/houseplants

Okay, thank you! May I ask where you purchased yours? Local nursery? I was looking at this one from Amazon

u/MRS2007 · 2 pointsr/houseplants

Amazon... it's always Amazon, haha!

u/ladyoftheenglish · 2 pointsr/houseplants

Here’s the link:

It comes with a hook so that you can hang it over your plants, but I liked the flat look against my shelves. I just used heavy duty command strips as it’s very lightweight, but we’ll see how they hold up!

u/heydoughnuts · 3 pointsr/houseplants

Thank you! My mom got it for me on Amazon. Here’s a link!

u/sinewavesurf · 2 pointsr/houseplants

Another tip for you, I buy this stuff from Amazon and mix into my soil, it definitely works! Bonide systemic house plant insect control

u/oppytom · 10 pointsr/houseplants

Bought it from Amazon!

Mosser Lee ML1010H Totem Pole Plant Support, 24"

u/lynxeyedkat · 2 pointsr/houseplants

It looks like this one from Amazon:

IRIS Metal Garment Rack with Wood Shelves, White and Light Brown

u/catsandwichfibers · 3 pointsr/houseplants

I have these light bulbs that are white and are full spectrum. I have it in a pretty hanging plug in pendant. SANSI 30W LED Plant Light Bulb Full...

u/crushsyndrome · 3 pointsr/houseplants

When you’re ready to give up and want something that actually works:

u/witch_life · 7 pointsr/houseplants

I have these little guys from Amazon

They do the trick nicely for smaller shelves or set ups. There’s several different versions on there. They run around $15-19.

u/ingothwetrust · 4 pointsr/houseplants

A lot of people get something like this.

u/B-Bugs · 1 pointr/houseplants

Yeah, it's a garment rack! It's one I saw reccomended here quite a lot.

u/PoopyPandaPants · 1 pointr/houseplants

You can buy a moss pole similar to this one:
They also sell the same one at Home Depot. It comes with some metal fastening pins to pin the plant to the pole (you can eventually remove them once it's trained). You can also make your own out of a stick and sphagnum moss (there are plenty of YouTube videos) and secure with plant tape.

u/Mophandlemomma · 2 pointsr/houseplants

They're from Amazon, they've been showcased on here a few times! IRIS Metal Garment Rack with Wood Shelves, Black and Dark Brown

u/yoonamaniac · 6 pointsr/houseplants

They lay eggs in the soil, so they multiply rapidly. I used mosquito dunks when watering the plants, and then when the top layer of soil is dry after a couple of days, I sprayed diatomaceous earth - food grade on the soil liberally. The yellow stickies all around the plants caught the ones which somehow miraculously managed to survive. It took about three weeks to not see any flying around.

u/ladi3luck · 2 pointsr/houseplants

There’s a couple online that you can stake directly into an existing moss pole. Here’s the one I have. No issues yet!
Mosser Lee ML1010H 24" Totem Pole Plant Support, 24 Inch

u/Ozemba · 2 pointsr/houseplants

This is the one I got. Has a regular lightbulb end so you can just put it in any regular lamp as long as it has plenty of room around the bulb. The bulb gets a little warm.

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Also, the one I listed may be a bit pricey so I found this slightly cheaper option if you are only looking for the moisture levels and not the Ph or light!

Dr.Meter S10 Soil Moisture Sensor Meter, Hygrometer Moisture Sensor for Garden, Farm, Lawn Plants Indoor & Outdoor(No Battery needed)

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OP said in another comment that it was this one

Metal Garment Rack with Wood Shelves, Black/Dark Brown

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IRIS Metal Garment Rack with Wood Shelves, White and Light Brown

Target also has a lot of garment racks!

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Not OP but this looks like it - IRIS Metal Garment Rack with Wood Shelves, White and Light Brown

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Going to second this! I grow my monstera exclusively with grow lights and it currently has 6 new leafs coming in.

I use this one because it can go in any lamp but there's many options

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I use the Monios T-8 grow lights. They're led strips and i use about 6 of them for all of my plants(75+) . I think 2 strips would be enough, maybe 3 depending on how dark your new place is. These are the ones i use but i think theyre currently sold out: . However I'll reccomend these ones too as I did use these prior and they worked amazingly, I only really upgraded because my husband wasnt into the purple as much:

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The purple/red and blue lights hurt your eyes so bad after awhile. I would def recommend getting the lights that appear white so your eyes don’t burn off your face. I have the GE grow lights. They have it available on Amazon, but I actually found mine at my local Target.

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I was eyeing this rack for a long time and I finally bit the bullet after seeing this post!

(Please forgive the mess in the kitchen; I was going to crop it out but I had to include my doggo for scale 🐺.)

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I got this shelf and these lights. I used the zip ties to attach them to the shelves, and put the top one on the ceiling above the shelf with the sticky pads, it also comes with screws.

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I might get some hate for using an insecticide on my plants but [this stuff] ( has worked miracles for getting rid of fungus gnats for me. You can also get fly paper to get rid of the adults

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no problem! Here is the one I currently have. It’s $10. However, if that is too expensive, you can always do the stick your finger about 1-2 inches into the soil trick and you should be able to feel it out that way :)

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I had the same problem as you and had tried everything. I finally had to resort to pesticide. I used bonide systemic granules . It’s for use on only inside plants and can’t be used on any plant you’ll eat. You sprinkle the granules into the dirt and mix into the first few inches of soil and water normally. It took 2 applications to knock out my infestation but was the only thing to work and keep them away. Whenever I buy a new plant, I preventatively mix in some granules into the soil and haven’t had any gnats come back.

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Grow Light, Ankace [2019 Upgraded Version] 40W Dual Head Timing 36 LED 5 Dimmable Levels Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants with Red/Blue Spectrum, Adjustable Gooseneck, 3/6/12H Timer, 3 Switch Modes

Sorry. worst internet stranger ever. finally remembered to get you the link.

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Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits - Quick Kill, 30 Ounce

I would recommend this in combination with the yellow sticky paper. The granules inoculate the soil with bacteria that will kill the eggs/larva.