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u/ZeroMercuri · 2 pointsr/humansvszombies

Oh man, the Rotofury! As much as I would love to joke about its lack of mirrors (I mean, c'mon Hasbro, would it kill you to put just ONE mirror on there?!) the RotoFury is an amazing blaster and in my opinion the only primary-worthy MEGA Blaster for HvZ. It sports a pump-action that feels solid, a generous (for MEGA blasters) 10-round cylinder with plenty of room for tactical reloads, and slam-fire for when the horde comes a-knock'n.

The biggest downside to the RotoFury is the main reason you'd want to carry this blaster in the first place: it fires MEGA darts. MEGA darts are generally inferior to normal elite-style darts in terms of accuracy, range, and capacity (but not awesomeness). Additionally it becomes much more difficult (if not impossible) to ammo scavenge and you can't just take magazines from your human companions like you can with other blasters. However many HvZ games have special rules for MEGA darts that make them worth running such as having MEGA darts do more damage to tanks or even having some special infected immune to anything but MEGA darts. In those games you're going to want someone carrying a MEGA blaster like the RotoFury for support but don't forget about MEGA dart weaknesses! Hit-and-run style tactics where you dash out, tag the special infected, then retreat back to the safety of your human comrades are particularly effective. Just don't get caught alone; it won't end well.

But what if you find yourself in an HvZ game that doesn't have special rules for MEGA darts? Well the RotoFury still has its use! You can mod the cylinder to accept elite darts and now you have a blaster with a massive plunger tube flinging foam incredible distances! And like pretty much all springers, you can get even more distance with a spring swap. Fun times!

If you decide to run a RotoFury pair it with a dump pouch full of MEGA darts. I would also recommend you run an elite dart secondary for ammo compatibility with your fellow humans. In fact this is one of the few times it makes sense to run a Stryfe or other mag-fed blaster as a secondary as your primary doesn't need mags. Then pick up these bad boys to make up for the lack of mirrors. And remember you're support for your fellow humans. It's your primary job to deal with special infected. Let the others take care of the riff-raff. Stay alive.

u/sunnydaisy · 2 pointsr/humansvszombies

My school has unstunnable zombies in a variety of missions but they are always played by a mod and likewise always kept in check to not break the game.

I think the most memorable was a quirky escort where we had a super zombie, who couldn't be stunned, only 'calmed' (wouldn't chase players, would continue walking) by hitting him with socks. We had to bring him to the "scientist's lab" on the other end of campus. He was a long-time mod and made sure that even though he made an effort, and tagged a number of people, he never went beast mode.

We've also done supers that could only be stunned by previous rewards like the ultra ridiculous Blazin Bow

I should add as a note that one of the core reasons we have great mission attendance is that we have a dead soldier rule- getting killed in the mission counts for zombie reward but doesn't kill you in day-to-day. We've never had supers in day to day.

u/GearsLGLF · 3 pointsr/humansvszombies

It's super cool that you are looking to start a group while you are young. The group you that are looking to start can only grow, and who knows what could happen into high school and college!

As for cheap methods of maintaining gear, I found a lot of great ways to carry ammo and magazines on the cheap while playing during my undrgrad at Penn State. Your local Walmart most likely carries paintball gear, and standard paintball pod pouches can hold an 18rd magazine with ease. My local store carried these:

For about the same price. Also take a look at a tactical brand called Condor. For less than $40, you can build a chest rig using 7.62/AK mag pouches for your 12rd magazines, provided you have any.

You don't need to cash out for Limey Tactical and Narrowbase LLC gear until you're fully invested in the hobby, but as someone who has dumped upwards of $200 into his current loadout, I can assure you that Nerf-spec gear is unlike anything else.

Whereabouts are you located? I am also part of an HvZ-alumni group on Facebook that is used for bringing awareness to Invitationals and daylong games to players who are no longer college students. I may be able to help you out :)

u/interflop · 1 pointr/humansvszombies

I've always used this vest for HvZ. The mag pouches can fit 6 and 12 round straight mags, as well as 18 round drum mags. The other pouches are nice for random darts or other tactical gear like flashlights and whatnot.

u/rommel9 · 1 pointr/humansvszombies

A lot of people at GSU are running with this vest:

I do believe it's the same one that's sold in the link you posted, except it's much cheaper.

I bought one, but use it for my actual AK74 magazines, though people easily fit 18 round Nerf mags into the pouches.

u/high_meme_lord · 2 pointsr/humansvszombies

Here is a cheap paintball pod pouch that I use for magazine storage. It holds two 18-rnds per pocket, four total. It just has simple belt loops, and it comes with its own belt with a plastic buckle. Simple, but it works well enough for me. The pouches are a little tight, you might have to practice reloading quickly with them, because if you're not careful they can get snagged.

Here's a 3-pocket variant, I don't have this one but I assume it would hold 6 mags just fine

u/Peoples_Bropublic · 1 pointr/humansvszombies

I don't own one yet myself, so I don't have a specific recommendation. Keep an eye out on the /r/humansvszombies and /r/Nerf, though. People post stuff like that all the time.

Edit: I checked amazon, and cheap chest rigs run between $20-$30, and cheap tactical vests run $30-$40.

u/SpiderCoat · 1 pointr/humansvszombies

Or get a Nerf bandolier. It works as a sturdy strap and has bands to hold clips and individual darts.

u/aclarkc · 6 pointsr/humansvszombies

That would explain the fairly intense argument I saw Erin and Darin having at one point. Darin was great when ever I spoke with him btw! It was frustrating when Eric was an npc and didn't even know his own role/rules. He got tagged and was suppose to be stunned but kept moving, that doesn't inspire much confidence. I can understand the frustration by MSU players, now that you point that out, still some scary anger out there. I'll also not be attending NvZ Athens unless there is some changes coming.

I hate bitching without offering suggestions so here are some improvements I'd like to see be made next year.

  1. Get a megaphone. I want to hear you talk and you probably have no voice at this point.

  2. Get an air horn everyone can hear First mission had a limp start when team can't hear the start.

  3. Mods need walkie talkies. The struggle was obvious to may, and players already pooped payed the price get marched around unnecessarily because no one was on the same page.

  4. Made it actually HARD for humans, more open world, more risk. Seriously humans will have the easiest last stand tomorrow, it's going to be 100% lame unless the mods do something crazy.

  5. Prep more! Seemed a lot of work had to be rushed the week of, if not the night before. Like rewriting the side mission cards, they had people freaking out trying the write them this morning! Get that shit done weeks before, you're setting yourself up to fail if that's the kind of stuff getting done the day of.

    Raise money, maybe charge $5 (I know people will freak about that). It's obvious cash could help in parts, better management in others.