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u/motown89 · 3 pointsr/hygge

I love The Little Book of Hygge - it's a fun read!

You might also like The Cozy Life. It is very similar.

I also enjoyed The Nordic Theory of Everything. It's not about hygge particularly. It's more about relationships and Danish culture/lifestyles, but it's a nice read.

And this might be an odd recommendation, but I love to read children's books like [The Christmas Wish] (, The Polar Express, and The Snowman - and not just at Christmastime! They're a great way to spend 15 minutes relaxing by the window on a cool, rainy evening.

Happy reading!

u/boxobees · 2 pointsr/hygge

I have How to Hygge! It's a breath of soft, fresh air. Lots of yummy recipes.

u/CarolOlson2 · 2 pointsr/hygge

Just read this one last night:

Hygge: Discovering The Danish Art Of Happiness

I really enjoyed it if anyone wants to check it out too.