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u/AntiquePangolin · 1 pointr/hypertension

Congratulations on your upcoming baby!!


There's a very easy way to handle the hypertension problem! What your wife needs is the DASH diet---Dietary Approaches to Stopping Hypertension. It's a really balanced diet that emphasizes fresh foods, so it's good for you, too. You can go on Amazon and order a slew of books that will give you the particulars and recipes. My favorite starting point is here:





Obviously your wife doesn't want to lose too much weight while pregnant, but that's okay. She should just eat enough calories of DASH friendly foods to maintain her weight.


You can also download an app like LoseIt! or My Fitness Pal, and start counting grams of sodium. For hypertension, you should stay under 1500 grams per day. These apps will also count calories and keep food logs, so very helpful to show the doctor.


Good luck! I wish you a happy, healthy baby and many years of fun parenting!


u/madstephanimal · 1 pointr/hypertension

I have the same exact problem. I agree with everyone else who suggested buying an at home blood pressure kit. I got this one on Amazon and it’s great. It’s not a wrist cuff and it even came batteries. It wasn’t expensive and the device saves your readings which is helpful!

My doctor recommended I check my blood pressure every other week. (It’s currently under control with weight loss and a diuretic which is why he only recommends every other week) he recommended going to a pharmacy or grocery store to check my blood pressure but I even get nervous there. All I can think about is times in the past when I’ve gone there and it’s been high and it stresses me out.

So I ordered the at home one, and my routine is this: every time I go to take it, I make sure I’ve had a lot of water that day, haven’t eaten anything crazy high in sodium (well that’s the goal every day now!) and I’m taking it before I’ve had my coffee. I sit on my couch for about five minutes, chill and scroll on my phone on mindless stuff. Then after that, I do a quick, five minute meditation to clear my brain from stressing about my blood pressure. I sit with my arm on the arm of my couch, nice and relaxed, arm facing up and I have my blood pressure taken with calming music playing. Over the top? Yup 😆 but it works! It’s significantly higher at doctors offices, and my heart rate isn’t crazy high like it is when they’re taking it at the doctors. Good luck!

u/Cadyus · 1 pointr/hypertension

Wrist cuffs are typically less accurate than upper arm cuffs because it is measuring a smaller artery. I'd recommend getting a reliable home BP monitor, like this one, so you can measure your BP without the doctor's office anxiety. It really gave me peace of mind!

u/cubicleninja · 2 pointsr/hypertension

I like traditional medicinals organic hibiscus.

At Kroger, I found a decent hibiscus/cinnamon tea (Private Selection Brand)