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u/nyquill81 · 2 pointsr/iguanas And the book Iguanas for Dummies Iguanas For Dummies are both really good resources as well.

They are strictly herbivores, so no insects. Here is the basic recipe I used for my baby until he got older and I could vary his diet more (he got less picky).

1 cup shredded green beans, 1 cup shredded butternut squash OR sweet potato, 1 shredded parsnip, and about 1/2 cup shredded fruit (grapes or mangos are my guy's favorites.). Mix together and refrigerate.

Also offer leafy greens, NOT lettuce. Collards, mustard and turnip greens are best.

Feel free to message me with questions.

u/XxChompahxX · 1 pointr/iguanas

I had a baby iguana stop eating and bought some feeding supplement from petsmart, fed him that for a week or two, mixed in some vegetable flavored baby food, after a week or so he was healthy again! Good luck!

This was the supplement I started with

u/zeande · 1 pointr/iguanas

Something like this might work for your needs. This is what I have, and it seems to work fine. These are the bulbs I use with it.

u/napoleon85 · 1 pointr/iguanas

Thanks, the visual aid helped confirm I was understanding this right. It's also good to hear there's not much different prices in brands, since some are much more expensive than others.

Zoo Med - $64

Exo Terra - $28

Fluker's - $28

SunForce - $30

[Blue Spotted - $36] (

I chose the 100w bulb prices for comparison, with the exception of the Blue Spotted which I only found in 160W. The Exo Terra is 125W, but also available in 160W.